Monday, February 21, 2011

The great thing about Libya, Egypt, Wisconsin...

... is that those in power, IE: corporations, lobbyists, elected officials who listen to lobbyists more than constituents, governments who are morally bankrupt around the world and others, are seeing just who exactly holds the power now that the world is a wide open conversation forum thanks to the Internet and social media.

A tweet can change a regime. A facebook post with video can outrage and expose violence. A worker in Wisconsin in a union can tell the truth about what's really going on.

If a government or a boss is screwing you over - go "Egypt" on 'em and spark a movement... if something in your town stinks to high heaven, go "Libya" on 'em and make the world aware of what's wrong.
It's awesome. The balance of power is now back in the hands of the people armed with an iPad and wi-fi.

Today, or tomorrow after the President's Day holiday, corporations and governments will probably meet at some point to try to figure out how to deal with "we, the people" using this once-again new found power at the root of our democracy. It's awesome to watch. It's going to be even more amazing to see how it stops some shenanigans right in their tracks.

Who knew? The most powerful tool of democracy to be deployed on the world by America would be the Internet... and who knew this virus of Freedom would go so viral so fast!

We live in amazing times. It's so amazing to be alive!

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