Wednesday, January 05, 2011

On the frontier

We should always remember that people who aren't afraid to take great risks, and who ride out to the edge and say, "let's go," are the reason why we do what we do today.

Today, one of those people - someone known for not being afraid to take risks - did just that... again.

Sure, it's scary to ride where no one else has before. To do what some people say is crazy. To leave the confines and comforts of what you've known, or what people say you should be doing in search of something more.

Nothing which has ever been worth it has come without risk, and the rewards which come with success are always amazing.

May we all have the cojones - or ovaries - do be willing to do the same.

Saddle up and good luck! Here's to the great adventure and to controlling your own destiny!

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