Monday, January 17, 2011

Kannon with a K and now a PD, too...

Here's a salute to Kannon with a K, AKA Mike Kannon, the radio geek from the Carolinas' who holds down afternoons on Wired in Philadelphia.

Today, the radio geek who, well, like most of us, is a misfit of some sort or another, was handed the PD stripes for his station in Philly.

Anytime a misfit gets a promotion, or hits a home run, it should serve as a reminder that passionate people can do amazing things when given the chance by people who believe that passion is the reason for the magic behind the medium called radio.

Congrats, Kannon...

... don't let the reports and spreadsheets and sales meetings consume too much time and hold you down!

Stay foolish!

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