Friday, December 30, 2011


Ya know, it was a lot of fun back in the day at FM97... 

Makes me wonder what it would be like to do it all over again.

Ponderous. Maybe I'm just daydreaming. Or it could be the booze.

Ya know the old saying, "if I knew then what I know now..."

What if?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A word about things in DC today...

While I don't know him personally, I have met him on a couple of occasions... and I can say that he is an example of what happens when you have a dream, and you work hard... really really hard... to make that dream come true. He's an example to his peers, to his community and his tireless passion should be the kindle to the fire in all of us as people... that passion can move mountains, make the impossible possible, and can drive an intern from the bottom... to the very top of the entertainment industry.

He's a class act. And I wish him a happy Birthday and much continued success in his career, life and more in 2012.

If you stop to think about it, you know who HE is.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Football Jesus Podcast (12/10)

Here's the podcast for the week!

Having some trouble with the editor on the other site so I'm parking this week's here for you! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp: Toby Knapp's blog post shows that SNOOP and WIZ can really - er - wrap. Check it!

Wait, what did they hand him?

Barack Obama's got his swagger back...

From BUZZFEED... and this just about sums it up.

A Presidential STFU to Mitt the Flip Romney and all others who, well, talk out of their arse about the POTUS!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Tell the truth. And if necessary, use words.

The video speaks for itself. This kid told Michelle Bachmann the truth about his mom and she was left speechless.

May we all be so bold. Gay, straight or neither.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


FOOTBALL JESUS: NFL Week TEN! | Toby Knapp: It's time for a new FOOTBALL JESUS podcast!

Good news: American radio presenter Toby Knapp is 1-0 already going into this weekend's football games!

Tommy Chuck

Tommy Chuck became a daddy this week.

This is a great thing, and it's the next step for him in a great journey... and with it, he's got a new name:


Congrats from one Dad to another, and lots of love to the new Mommy, too!

PS: Get as much sleep as you can when you can. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Remember The Titans...

Tonight, here are some words which should really resonate:

"A team is defined as a unit. There is no team strength or weakness without 11 pulling together. Our strength is as a team and our weakness is as a team." 

Herman Boone said this. If you don't know, he was the coach played by Denzel Washington in the movie "Remember The Titans."

Titans, indeed.

Here's to your team. Here's to being the best teammates we can be.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The List (10/27)

Don Coddington, Darrin Marshall, Samantha Brenner, Stacks, Mick Lee, Louis Gossett, Jr, Ralph Macchio

This is not a post about today's 'events' in our industry...

This is not a motivational piece. 

This isn't a beautiful rhetorical flourish designed to make you feel okay about life and things which may have happened to you, and it's not a piece designed to invoke optimism. 

It's not a piece designed to say, "hey, shit happens and this happened for a reason."

It's a piece about life. 

YOUR life. 

As it is right now, this existence that you're living in. Your world, such as it is, right now. 

If you're working, do you live to work? Or, are you working to live? 

If you recently found yourself fired, RIF'fed, eliminated, blown out, downsized, laid off,  "involuntarily making a life change" when it comes to the job, are you using this opportunity to evaluate the life you've been living, now that in some ways you've got your life back? 

Too often, we've been held hostage to this idea that we can't control our destiny, that we can't control our fate. That our future is in someone else's hands someplace up the corporate totem pole or in the hierarchy. 

It's not. It's in yours. It - your life - has always been in your hands. The control you choose to exercise over it... now, that's a different story, and that's what this post is really all about.

Take control of your life. Take control of your right now.

No matter what happens, take hold of your life. In doing so, you'll design your destiny. Refuse to be defined by "things" and don't let, as my boss would say, "anyone put you in a box..." 

Take back your life. Do it now. Working, not working, you've got the time. Choose to get it done. 

Thanks for reading. You're in my thoughts and prayers. 


The List (10/26)

So this is going live at Midnight-ish. Who cares. It's 9p on the West Coast, and we're global, right?

The List: 

Melissa Hawes "Mother of this Child" Daddio, John McMann, Lora Helstrom, Laurie LaMartina, Toby Russell, Bob Burke, Joel Klaiman, Stan "The Man" Priest, Showbiz Shelly, Mike "Avi the HIT Man" Klein, JT BOSCH, Brad Hardin, Hartley Adkins, Jordan Walsh, Brian Bridgman, Bobbi Silver, Chris Lopes, Brenda Romano, Don Coddington, Donald O'Brien. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's all the same...

One of the great things that comes with experience is that you get to see a few things. 

And after a while, you get to see a few things which get done different ways.

But funny, the more things seem different, the more you realize they're actually the same.

Some call sweepers imagers and positioners. Others call 'em drops and stabs. Still others prefer jingles or breakers.

They're all the same.

The category names may be different,  but the end result is the same. And almost remarkably - but maybe not so much - the most successful ways of doing things always seem to be the same. As if they share the same DNA. The language may change, the methods might be slightly different, but in the end, it's all the same.


Thanks for reading.

PS: I was kinda inspired to start blogging here a bit more on certain 'things' by a couple of people. I guess it did just kinda stop, didn't it. Ken Lucek.

And Joe Riccitelli has nothing to do with this post.


The List (10/25)

Thanks to Ken Lucek, and Joe Daddio... the LIST... is back. 

Mick Lee, Joe Riccitelli, Mark Medina, Tony Coles, Jonathan Reed, Tommy Chuck, Joel "PFS" Denver, Alex Tear, Rick Vaughn, Joey Brooks,  Bob Weil, Don King, Stan Priest, Jeff Kapugi. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've been thinking a lot this week about this whole strategy thing. 

Or, as former President Bush would have called it, "Strategery." 

The thing about strategy is that you have to have one.

When you have one, the things which make you say "What the F****" just somehow happen to make sense.

But it all starts with strategy. What's yours?

Yee-haw, and get-a-long-little doggies... 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This week's TIME Magazine...

Steve Jobs is on the cover and it's a fascinating magazine - with some pretty amazing coverage of the Apple icon. 

I know that some say that magazines and the "print media" are dead, but, this was some powerful content, and to me, that's what it's all about, regardless of where it comes from. 

You should pick it up if you're a revolutionary, considered a crazy individual, or someone who believes they really can change the world interested in a great read about a remarkable person. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

About Steve Jobs...

Kruz, this post is for you. It's based on our quick conversation on your balcony the other night.

I've been pretty quiet when it comes to my feelings about the passing of Steve Jobs. Mainly because I've been introspective about it, letting the lessons I've learned from living my life and pursuing my career in a Jobsian sort of way stew for a minute while thinking about how he lived, how he innovated, and about how he made a "ding in the universe..."

So lets bring that to an end.... that silence.

The main reason I've been drawn to Steve Jobs for as long as I am starts in elementary school, when being introduced to an Apple II computer fascinated me. When the ease of use of a Macintosh and Aldus Pagemaker at the time was so fascinating to me - even in High School when it seemed that nothing else captivated me or my attention. I cut classes, skipped lunch and more to use it. In fact, I remember a library aide being worried about my use of the Mac in high school because, well, "that can be an addiction, you know..."

It was rekindled when I met Eric Chase and specifically Nick Daley who reminded me of what was imprinted in my DNA... and in that rekindled fire, I realized why I was the way I was. Why I'm the way I am:

Crazy. Misunderstood. Passionate. In love with the liberal arts and design more than the science. In love with things that just effing worked and were magical as opposed to those things which worked but were just clunky and considered the so-called 'best...' It made me realize why I was at times considered above average yet at the same time somehow perceived as less than adequate.

I also realized that I wasn't the only one thoroughly hellbent on changing the world.

I'm the first to admit that I'm the beneficiary of some pretty amazing skills and talents. What comes easy for me, doesn't come so easy for others. Conversely, what comes easy for others, takes some work when it comes to me.  All in all, I've found what I love - in a field which plays to my strengths and talents and passion. When Nick reminded me of the "Crazy Ones" commercial which launched the Macintosh, and specifically, the words used to describe the people who were - and are the "crazy" ones, well, it unleashed something inside me. It changed the way I wanted to lead people. It changed the way I wanted to be led. It changed the idea of what we were in radio to do.  It changed my idea of what I was in radio to do.

It reminded me that I was at a station which existed to change the world... to be so much more than just some passing noise on a dial in a world full of noise which was increasingly present on air and online.

And it let me know that I wasn't alone. I was a person with certain talents and skills that not that many other people were blessed with, and with that came a degree of responsibility... to myself, my coworkers and to my worldview.

And so, I adjusted my internal compass and dedicated myself to the embrace of the crazy. I accepted myself and my failings and instead focused on my strengths and the strengths of others around me. I let it alter - fundamentally - the way I would lead - and way I wanted to be led by people. And it unleashed in me - and in my career - some of the most creative and personally amazing - times of my career up until this point.

"Where some may see them as the crazy ones... we see genius..."

See, I think that in all things, we've each, if we examine ourselves on some intimate level, felt inadequate. We've felt rejected. We've been laughed at for dreams. We've had our ideas scoffed at or dismissed by those who don't see the world through our prism of creativity - not because they can't - but because they're not fundamentally "wired" to do so.

In Steve, we found someone like us. Who believed less in the science and more in the art - and in this case, the Liberal Arts. He knew he needed the art and science to facilitate things - so he surrounded himself with the best, who could free him up to focus the vision while they created - scientifically at times, but mostly artistically - the very things which would bring amazing change to a world starving for it.

Scientists created the glass of ice water for those in hell. Jobs delivered it. Simply in an easy to understand and use glass. And, damn, did it quench the world's thirst.

He was an unlikely champion.  Given up at birth. Adopted. A college dropout. Fired by the very company he founded... and ultimately returned to save. But through it all, his passion - his drive - his fire - persevered. He changed the world through the simplicity of design, through the complexity of his person, and through the raw fire of his drive and passion.

In a time when leaders of many a major enterprise talk a good game, filled with the rhetoric found in the the latest and greatest book on leadership, Steve Jobs is one of the very few - in fact, one of a handful - who actually f****ing did it. He embraced misfits. He sought out failures. He brought in the ones the world cast out, who were called unmanageable, who were deemed to risky to gamble on. He brought in the risky, and brought out the best. He created companies which destroyed the status quo which - as is in the case of Pixar and NeXt, were purchased to save Disney... and the company he founded.

You want to innovate? Embrace the crazy. You want to change the world? Stop preaching about ideation and innovation and inclusion and such, and embrace the chaotic, yet infinitely powerful spark found in the human equation. At the risk of sounding like some current leader-types, to lead like Steve, AFDI. Stop talking about it, and ACTUALLY F****ING institute a culture which makes it possible to DO IT. Do it and watch the magic unleash in a way which will make the world take notice, will make poets put pen to paper... and will make hearts sing.

Steve did. And the world is forever -- FOREVER -- better for it.

When I got my job at FLZ, someone said once, "I don't understand how people like Toby Knapp keep getting these awesome jobs at stations like this..."

Study the life and career of Steve Jobs and you'll figure it out.

Stay hungry, stay foolish... and rest well, Steve. Well done.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cue to call...

"Listen for the cue to call... when you hear the cue to call, grab the phone and call..."

Normal, non-radio type people don't use words like, "cue," do they?

I don't think I've ever heard someone say, "So I was driving to Victoria's Secret for some of that cute NFL stuff they have, when I heard the cue to call on Hot 99-5...."

I have heard, however, "I was listening to Kane for War of the Roses when they told us to call in for tickets...

Aren't we striving to sound "real" and "natural" when we do what we do?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

NFL Sunday thoughts...

Here are some impressions from Week One: 

The Lanham Wigwams aka the Washington DC Area Redskin
s can win 10 games this year if Rex Grossman continues to play like he played in week one.

The Houston Texans are the real deal. They found a defense.

The New York Jets will go back to the playoffs this year and are one of the best teams in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys need to get their stuff together offensively. They need some more targets for Tony Romo to throw too.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Detroit Lions. That's all I'm going to say about that.

The EAGLES of Philadelphia are awesome, but that won't get them to the Grande Bowl.

Chicago has a real team this year and I think they can keep the momentum... Scrappy. Love 'em.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Football Jesus: KICKOFF WEEKEND (9/10)

Breastfeeding and C sections...

I was talking to a mom this morning about the pettiness of parenting and how women can be vicious to other women when it comes to choices made about parenting. 

To some, if you have C section, it's selfish because you're trying not to screw up your, ahem, girl parts. 

To some, if you don't breastfeed it's selfish because you're trying to, ahem, maintain the bosoms. 

And of course, there are those who feel completely opposite to the comments above. 

Anyway, I said I'd pose this comment to you for reaction...

Children who were not breastfed as children should be able to sue their parents later on in life if it can be  proven that they suffered health-related issues due to not being breastfed. 

How does this make you feel?

Friday, September 09, 2011

Ron Cerrito and Ed Pinka

Ron - Thank you for hits and tasty wine.

Ed - Thank you for a relationship spanning over a decade which is just as important to me as the first day I met you in Lancaster. Or was it Wilkes-Barre/Scranton?

You will both be back in the game soon. I have no doubt.

Ken Lucek, Bob Weil, Mike Rittberg

Shoutout to some great people. Passionate people. Amazing individuals.

And while we're at it, for all the times I never said it... thank you.

I didn't get his permission to reuse this note, but Mike Rittberg is someone I was acquainted with in this game we play called radio and records, and I'm thinking he might not mind if I share it with you.

Today was his last day on the job at a place he'd called home for quite some time.

He sent this to his team as he left the building.

Passion. He's got it. As do the others who caught the winds of life's change today in Burbank.

I'm looking forward to what they do next.

"Rittberg, Mike" <> wrote:

Here's a note I just sent my staff.  Looking forward to talking with everyone.

Before my first job at a record store I had dreamed to work at Warner Bros. Records.  Coming from A&M Records - Warner Bros. was the giant version of a boutique label that believed in artists and were committed to the future.

To this day - I've always viewed myself as the kid living a dream.  I was hired by Phil Q., Stu Cohen and Russ Thyret at the urging of Van Halen and their manager Ray Daniels. Pretty cool to for a band and manager to dictate that - I'm forever grateful.  It was a life changing decision for me - to work at a place that I had wanted to be PLUS -  I met my the love of my life, Tami, here at WB as well. It's been an amazing place for me.

I've been fortunate to work with amazing music folks who helped to shape this buildings culture (and our industry) - in Phil Q, Russ Thyret, Rich Fitzgerald (RIP), Andy Schoun, Tom Biery, Diarmuid Quinn and Tom Whalley.

Plus - You can't forget the folks inside this building who give their heart and soul daily to the lives of our artists.  There are so many of you who have helped my department as well as myself to make this job easier - for that I will always be grateful.  Thank you.

I'd be remiss not to mention the field staffs.  I've been the lucky one to work with both (Warners and Reprise) and lead the Reprise staff.  You guys are on the front lines.

For the Reprise staff in particular - I'm very proud of you for working your asses off!  You do a thankless job and folks sometimes forget to say good job.  To the folks who I've hired - thank you for believing in me, the system we created and giving it your all.

I will always remember my lunch with Mo Ostin when I got the job "down the hall" to run Reprise.  He told me stories about Sinatra starting Reprise and how the first rock signings were Jimi Hendrix and The Kinks.  Its that sprit - of trying to forge new ground - that I will always carry with me in my next endeavor.

I was reminded again of the Warner culture at Rich Fitzgerald's funeral. It was amazing to see a lot of faces that I hadn't seen in years.  The common thread among everyone a lot of folks was there worked here and they were proud of what they accomplished and no matter what always looked after each other.  Do your best to carry that tradition on.  When folks ask about the culture at Warner Bros. - that is the culture. Don't let that get away.

I've tried to show up to work daily giving it my best and acting in the best interest of our artists - make sure you do the same.  If you learn one thing about working at a label remember that this job isn't about you - its about the artists.  I've always believed that when numerous folks can tell a story of what they did to break an artist we have a hit.

Stay in touch as I know our paths will cross again. 


Mike Rittberg

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church preaches more hate

I'm just saying... 

Jesus was Jewish. And GOD doesn't teach hate. No matter what you call God, HATE is not part of God's doctrine.

Maybe it's just me. But for whatever reason I don't think Jesus loves the message these children are sending through these twisted people at this church.

Click here for more. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

What the F**** did Michelle Bachman just say???

"Who likes white people?"

How this video hasn't ended Michelle Bachmann's bid for the presidency is beyond me.


Click here for more. 

Update: She apparently said WET people...  

Click here for more. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rick Perry can't explain abstinence education failures... at all.


Well this is gonna be fun.

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) will most likely be haunted by this video through the primaries.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Fuzzy photos

Some people would be all poopypants that, for whatever reason, a photo of a "big moment" or whatnot came out a bit fuzzy. 

Funny. The photograph in my memory of this moment is crystal clear.

I'm pretty sure it's crystal clear in Kyla's memory, too.

And to me, that's the most important photo of all.

Happy Monday, friends!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Professional conversations...

In the last few days, I've had a few of those "professional conversations." 

You know, the ones where you are called by people who want to hire the people who once interned for you, or worked for you in some shape for form.

I'm pretty proud that the HOT family line is now sprouting some leaves and branches from the FLZ tree Kane and I - and Jeff - came from.

And while I don't want to say anything yet, I have to tell you, I'm pretty proud of some of the people we've taught here. One call I got was from one of the most prolific content providers on the planet today for news, and the other was about someone who I think is one of the most promising talent I've seen since... well...

... Tampa.

The seeds we've planted, and the ways we've cultivated might not have always been planted in the most traditional of ways, but I'll be damned if they've not grown to bear some amazing fruit.

Congrats to the people who know who they are. And congrats to those who have been able to add to that which is their family tree in this life.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pro Leadership Tip: Do you know why you do what you do?

"The goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what you have, the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe..." 

I thought this was pretty insightful... and there might be some amazing information in here some radio and record communicators might want to learn from.

I hope you're challenging the status quo in some way today...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Debt, politics and pizza...

In the office of the Speaker of the House of the US House of Representatives, they're ordering pizza. 

In Peoria, Illinois, someone is sitting in their living room wondering when the sheriff is coming to post the eviction notice on the door.

While the politicians in DC play chicken with the American economy, very real people are struggling... and even hurting.

I have no idea how our clearly clueless elected leaders in Congress came to this point, but I have to tell you that  - for anyone - it's reckless to taunt debtors, including banks and other financial entities, that we "may just say screw you and not pay our bills."

No one questions debt being the problem. Clinton balanced the budget. Bush the Younger broke it and borrowed us to the edge of the cliff we're at now. That's fact. There's nothing that you can say that will discredit that. It's history.

The problem now is that simply because one side doesn't want to "appear to help the President," they're willing to wreck the car... hoping we'll be able to get a new one. 

This recklessness is a threat to the National Security of the United States, and the stuff on the Hill right now is setting up the ultimate Presidential checkmate: The constitutional option in which the President, through an executive order, defends and protects the "full faith and credit" of the United States by a unilateral extension of the debt limit. 

Watch. It will happen.

Congress will look like it's broken, and the President will emerge as the one person who can get something... anything... done.

The end game of an amazing chess match is happening right now... but are the players making their final moves... that someone already saw before?

We're about to see just how good Obama is.

Buckle up. And pour another one. It's gonna be a long night in DC.

Spike over at Good Stuff might want to stay open 'til 2 this evening...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Radio Station: We support Casey Anthony!

Now that's piggariffic. 


A local radio station in Tampa Bay has aligned themselves with acquitted murderer Casey Anthony, who was just recently found not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, and who is literally the most vilified woman in the United States today.

"I just can't believe any radio station in Florida, let alone in Pinellas or Hillsborough Counties,  would openly support Casey Anthony as such," said American radio presenter Toby Knapp. "It's just not very well thought out, and it's certainly not in touch with the people of the bay," Knapp added.

Click here for more.

It's a strange move for a new radio station in a highly competitive marketplace to align itself so closely with a person so hated. Taxpayers in the new radio station's market just found out that they'll be footing the $150,000 bill for Anthony's legal defense, which essentially means that the taxpayers of the market - and the state of Florida - have paid to get a woman whom many think to be a convicted murder - off scott free.

"This isn't the work of a radio genus, it's the work of an assclown," Knapp said of the apparent "axis of disgust" alliance in Tampa Bay. "This makes anyone who loves justice stomach turn."


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kyla the rockhound

On field trip this week, during camp, Kyla went to the National History Museum and picked up a love for rocks.

See, Mrs. Toni told her that she could dig for rocks, or search around creeks for rocks, and some could be very precious, with crystals and more in them. 

And, in our neck of the world, some of those rocks might even have gold in the crystal, since gold is a byproduct of crystal formation. 

So, when I picked her up, I see Kyla standing over a hole she had dug, with several rocks she'd plucked out of Mrs. Sharon's flowerbed. 

And now, we're going to someplace along the Potomac to see what we can find. 

Funny. My dad would be proud. He's a geologist, and has shelves full of rocks at the family house in Corpus Christi. 

I guess some things do skip a generation, after all. I got the passion for photography from his parents, Kyla's got a passion for rocks from my dad. 

More later... gotta review what the laws are on finding rocks in a National Park and what you can and can't do with them. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

You live, you learn.

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned. It's been almost a month since my last blog confession. 

I'll just jump right in. And it's going to be a bunch of random spew as these thoughts just stream from my head, so bare with me.

Side note. I've been hearing so much blah blah about the rise of the "mommy blog" lately that I guess tonight, Blogtobia becomes a daddy blog. A single working daddy blog from a daddy who busts his ass to spoil and take care of his little one.

Remember that word "spoil..."

I'm not a perfect father. I try pretty hard. I fail pretty hard, too, sometimes.

And I admit that I'm a pushover for my daughter.

I generally try very hard not to yell at her, a trait I think I get from my dad who only yelled when pushed or when we - the kids - pushed him to the point of yelling. I tend to believe my little one, and, yes, I know they can stretch the reality, and yes, I know they can say certain things which are designed to get "daddy" to do certain things.

In fact, Kyla's mom and I have discussed that we've probably spoiled her and that we need to get that in check pretty quickly before it starts to spiral out of control, and so we're working on that.

I'm not a disciplinarian, but I do expect the respect that I should get as a father. Generally I do get it. But there are times when Kyla moves at her own speed. She doesn't necessarily jump when I say to jump. She doesn't ask "how high..." I'm somewhat okay with that as long as what I've asked her to do gets done.

Tonight, the tussle was over the shower. She did a half-ass job washing her hair and she was called out on it. Kyla got defensive, I stepped in and said, let's go wash the hair, Kyla, and we did.

I love my daughter unconditionally. I think she loves me the same way.

Its hard to hear that someone you really like won't be coming back around, but I guess that's part of life.

It's even harder to see your little one tear up when they sorta realize the reality of the situation.

I wish life were perfect. I wish it came with an instruction manual. I wish parenting as a single dad was easier. I wish other people could have the patience which just comes as part of being a parent. But not everyone can. Nor should they. Not everyone is called to be a parent. And not everyone parents as liberally as I do.

I don't mind that she stays up a little late from time to time. Daddy gets home late from work anyway, so it's not really her fault, is it?

I guess I take the blame for all of it. Hopefully I'll learn for next time.

My boss would say to me to "keep it moving..."

And that's what I'm going to do.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Darrin Marshall is a good dad...

I just wanted to take a second to say that Darrin Marshall, my co-worker, is a great dad.

It's not easy to do anything alone. It's not easy to parent alone. Trust me.

I spent some time over the weekend with DM and his daughter and Kyla, and I can say that DM's a good father. In fact, he's a great father.

Sometimes parenting can seem like a thankless job. But it's not. It's far more rewarding than I think most people without kids realize. But it's hard work.

This weekend DM made it look easy.

Attaboy, DM.


North Korea is in shambles

You watch this and wish that there was something more you could do...

Sometimes, even when you think you've got it bad, you see something like this and realize that it can - and is - so much better than it could be.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The US Economy explained in two minutes...

It doesn't really belong on my other blog, but for some reason, it just makes sense.

Watch it and take action where you can.

Monday, June 13, 2011

"There are few things more liberating in this life than having your worst fear realized..."

Probably one of the most amazing talks of all time for anyone who attempts to create content... and entertain.

"If you accept your misfortune, and handle it right... your perceived failure can become the catalyst for reinvention..."

Well said, Conan. Well said. And well done.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Sarah Palin: Please STFU...

I swear there are some things you just can't make up.

Sarah Palin's entire "tour" of "history" has included more fables about American History - from the MOUTH OF PALIN - than Aesop could possibly have fathomed.


Go on ahead an nominate her for POTUS, GOP. Go on ahead.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pirate Radio.... LA

... whenever I come back from a week in LA... I think about this station which kinda guided me in my early "development" along with FLZ...

... you can't get this stuff no' more. But damn. What if you could...

Best line: "Spleen come clean..." 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blind Item: What Southern programmer dedicated this video to a jock earlier today...

... after a reported phone call with his/her senior corporate managers over some hubub or whatnot?

Back to DC after Idol week....

... and this is the song in my head for some reason.... :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Changing the world...

Tonight, an old friend had an astute observation and comment on the world.

And specifically, on why radio is - and will always be - important.

We were chatting over dinner about what we do and the comment came up that in some businesses, people teach. Others save lives. Others heal. And an observation was made that in "radio, it's not like you're saving the world."

That's when my friend said something so powerful: 

"No. You are saving the world. Here's why. Radio takes music and plays songs from our artists for 16, 17, 18 year old boys who were made fun of, who were picked on in High School, and gives them an escape... it gives them hope that one day, they can do the same thing... have a song on the radio..." 

Tommy Page - who works as a VP for Warner Brothers now, and who had a pop hit back in the day as an artist in the NKOTB era - was talking about himself. 

His words - which I might have paraphrased a bit here - should remind us all of the amazing power we all have... and that radio still commands. 

We can change the world. And do. One life at a time. 

That's the power of radio, folks. And it's alive and well. It's waves are all around you right now. And somewhere, something we're broadcasting - on the air, or online - is changing someone's life.

And that - is changing the world.

Well said, Tommy. Well said.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who deserves credit...

The thing about any market, regardless of where it is, is that you have to understand that no two people are the same.

One is poor, working four jobs, trying just to stay above water - and in some cases, alive. While another is obscenely rich, with more than we could ever imagine, and without a care for anyone who can't help to benefit his or her so-called "station" in life.

One has a disdain for the other. The other... has a disdain for those "beneath them..."

Which side do you want to be "stationed" with?

Before you decide, know this: there are far fewer of one than the other.

Good luck with your choice.

In this game, our "station" is never set. It's always just "ahead..." 

Today, DM had a sign up in his studio which summed up a feeling in which I believe. You can ask him about it, and why it's important, but long story short, you can know this:

Every day, it's necessary to re-apply for the "station" this life has afforded you. Because the post you have isn't yours. It's temporary. And it doesn't - nor will it ever - belong to you.

So re-apply. And prove again that you're worthy of the position.

Show that you deserve the "station" in which they've placed you. And the heights to which they've afforded you.

Here's to filling out an application every time we turn on the mic.


And, DC, thank you once again. I re-apply daily. And I thank you for allowing me the blessing -- and privilege -- to do what I do for you every day.

Please know that I thank you. And I'm aware that it's because of you... that I'm allowed to be.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Confucious say...

It's fun to read things about things saying things when your friends are the ones making decisions about... things.

This is the part where Kid Kelly would say something about whistling while Rome burns back in the day.

Now, it's more like we whistle while we work...

Truth: radio is a much smaller place than it's ever been.

More truth: the best noise is the noise others make about you, not the anonymous noise you make about yourself.

One last truth: Just try to do the best you can do and control your destiny.

Wake me up when September ends.

Back to more of today's hottest music faster... for Gaithersburg, Charlotte and the world via!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Radio fascinators wanted...

Just read a really great post about what radio - as an industry - needs more of today. It's from Harker Research associates, and All Access sent it around to the industry a bit ago.

Read it.
Be fascinating. Don't be egotistical.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The List (4/27)

Jeff Kapugi
Stan "The Man" Priest
Cadillac Jack of WOGL/KQLZ/WLAN/WEGX et al
Brian Bridgman
Bryan Jordan
Darrin Marshall
Eric Chase (imaging)
Nick Daley
Katie Sommers of 93-3FLZ

Spring Break...

Sometimes, I wish I could turn my brain off.
I'm on "vacation" which is actually Spring Break, spending the week with Kyla, while she's here. We're doing a bunch of stuff, from learning how to ride a two wheeler, to swimming at the indoor municipal pool which is open - since, of course, other pools aren't open til later, but that's for a different blog post.

One of the things that is a blessing is that my mind is always churning. Some ideas suck, others don't suck, bit it's always working, and sometimes, that makes it restless to live this life.

Sometimes I wish I could turn it off...

... but then I remember that I am who I am because it's always on.

Here's a toast to the noises, the voices, and the ideas in your head that just seem to find a way to keep on keeping on.

Embrace 'em.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Content warning...

... put this into place on the female brand blogs...

The List (4/13)

JB Wilde
Jonathan Reed
Kelly Nash
Jonathon Rush
Jay Stevens
Jeff Hurley
JT Bosch
Big Johnson the Big PD
Tommy Chuck's Baby

It's all in how you ask...

Got a great lesson from the boss this week on management, and it's especially potent for people who are in programming, and who are also talent.

When you ask someone to do something, there should be no question. So don't ask them in a way where you leave it open for discussion.

For example, don't ask "hey could you please do such and such for me?"

Instead, say "need you to do such and such."

Don't ask the question when there's no question about it. And, if you get pushback for whatever reason, don't be afraid to remind them that it's not a request, it's an order from a member of the management team.

Sometimes, in trying to "be liked" it's easy to get soft.

Was a good lesson. Looking forward to putting it into practice.

Baby wants to be born

Baby wants to be born! Great video!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Talk to the fish.

Back in Columbia, when I wanted to find peace, I'd talk to the fish. 

We traded for saltwater aquariums and some FINDING NEMO style fish in our office. Apparently it made the place more professional. The GM had some in his office. The Lobby had some for visitors. The OM had some. We ran some spots, they came and fed 'em, changed the water, etc.

So when things got tough at times, or lonely, I went to the lobby and talked to the fish about ideas, imaging, web stuff, content, decisions I had to make, whatever.

I think they listened. And in that still small voice, I found my way.

Talk to the fish. They listen. You learn.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mitt Romney: Pro choice!

Me thinks the Republican Party of Tea aka Lipton Party won't be too happy about this one.

Kruz... in Texas and the one in Washington...

... top tonight's list.

Kruz (DC)
Kruz (Dallas)
Bo Matthews
Randy Michaels
Marc Chase
James "Doubledown" Howard
Stan 'The Man' Priest
Brad Hardin

Poke the box. Make things happen which are new, and have never been done before. And don't be afraid to make your own content happen... anyone can regurgitate someone else's stuff.

Dare to be you.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

An open letter to the President and Members of Congress...

Dear Honorables,

Do you realize the real harm your political posturing and pandering is causing people? 

Right now, all across the country, thousands of families who work for the American people - from the National Parks to the IRS - who do tireless work which is, frankly, something you can't quite comprehend, will be out of work, and out of pay.
Your staffers - will be out of work - and out of pay. 

Paychecks for the troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan - will be delayed.

And people living with an economy already on shaky footing - will be cast carelessly into the abyss of uncertain. 

The stress level of ordinary Americans is through the roof right now, and people are scared and nervous. People are anxious. They want answers and this stuff is just scaring folks.

Because you are pandering, political and playing chicken with people's lives. 

Frankly, let me tell you on behalf of the American people what they're thinking. 
STFU and get this fixed.

GOP - you guys broke the balanced budget. Your administrations lied to us and went to an unjust and unnecessary war, spent trillions and spent us into oblivion over Iraq and whatnot. If we're being honest, you are the ones who blew it. Your party jacked this economy up so badly it's taken us years just to get back to this point. And we're living with the long term pain of your bailouts of Wall Street and Banks who screwed people and we're living with the hangover of your unbridled military-related spending. Shut up and get things fixed. And cut the amnesia act. It's just not becoming.

Dems - Don't fight stupid ideological fights. Get this done. Hold the line on what you were sent there to do and get it done. 

POTUS - show some balls. Get in there and mix it up with these fools. Enough is enough. It's not time to be cerebral and wishy washy. Get in there, take a stand and challenge these fools to a fight on behalf of the American people. Use that bully pulpit and rhetorically kick they're ass. We need a leader, and a hero. You were elected to be both. Get in the mothereffing ring. 

Threatening a shutdown of the Government is just weak. We're better than this. Get to work. 

And stop listening to the lobbyists and special interests who don't give a flying eff about the American people. They helped cause these problems, too. Be better than this.

Thank you.


Noah Sheer....

.... tops the list:

Mike Killabrew
Jesse Kage
Lauren O'Neill
Big Rig
Brad Hardin
Scratch N Sniff
Tommy Chuck (again, he's gonna be a dad)
Mrs. Tommy Chuck (she's gotta carry that seed)
Katie Sommers
Rat N Puff

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For Kyla... on your seventh birthday...

For Kyla... on your 7th birthday.

Thank you, my daughter, for making me realize what it takes...

... to be a man.

I love you,


PS - Since you can really read now, this is for you from last year... :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Howard Stern's lessons to radio...

I just read Howard Stern's story in Rolling Stone.

That's a magazine.

You know, the things we used to read for show prep?

Yeah, they're still here.

And what I read was worth the cost of a subscription for a lifetime.

Howard Stern has some amazing insights - about now, about where we've been, about where we're going as an industry...

... but more importantly, he's got some personal observations about life in this game we all need to read.

I found myself agreeing more often than not.

I'm a Stern fan. I'm not ashamed to say it. Those who are - in radio - are liars. How can you not support a man who did it his way, better the rest, and in a way where he made a difference?

This story in Rolling Stone, written by Neil Strauss (of the GAME fame)  is a doctorate level course in personality radio. Read it and learn about yourself, about what we do and about how to survive...

... and about how to find your life - outside of radio - as a result.

Anyone in radio can crack jokes and play the biggest songs on the radio. Howard knew to be remembered, you'd have to do -- and say -- something else. And you'd have to do it in a way where you weren't afraid of getting fired, getting lectured... or afraid of fear. What a lesson was this read. If you don't read it - and learn from it - well, there's not much anyone can do for your or your career.

It was - and is - amazing.

Well done, Howard. And thank you.

From Washington DC,


The List (3/21)

After a break of too long, here's your list: 

Howard Stern
Gary Dell'Abate
Robin Quivers
Fred Norris
Artie Lange
Bob Pittman
Shelby Case
Meghan McKenna
Ron "Big Rig' Michaels

Honorable Mention: 

The artist formerly known as Doubledown
Jack Daniels
Damian Sabitello

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Seth Godin's got a quick read, called Graceful. 

It's 88 pages on iTunes Bookstore.

It's a power read. A quick read, too.

You can get it for cheap on Amazon. 

You should. You'll finish it in less than 30 minutes if you read it straight through.

If you think you're leading in, say, radio, or where you think radio is going, and you are anxious, or afraid, I'd get the book.


Because if you're anxious or afraid, you're losing.


Read the book.

Off to poke the box now... thanks for reading!

Tuesday and Wednesday Lists...

The list. Tuesday (3/15)

Alissa Pollack
Patrick Davis
Billy the Kidd
Spyder Harrison
Kid Kelly
Showbiz Shelly
Jordan (Chicago)
Ross Grierson
Denny Bleh
Michael Bryan

The list. Wednesday (3/16) 

Jay Stevens
Andrea Ganis
Tony Coles
Jaqueline Saturn
Joe Riccitelli
Laurie DiMartina
David Ravikoff
Ron Cerrito
Ken Lucek
Bryan Jordan

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday's list...

Alyssa Pollack
Kid Kelly
Infant Sorrow
Steve Jobs
Sid Kelly
Sergio from Pinnacle Records
The Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood
Katie Summers
Laurie DeMartina
Ron Cerrito

Honorable Mention:

Theresa Wiltshire formerly of 98 Rock Baltimore. How you like her now?

Memo to real radio gangstas... others are paying attention to what others say... not what you spew...

Real gangsta a$$ ____ don't flex nuts... cuz real gangsta s$$ _____ know they got em.

Ponder and apply to your current radio situation. Then go feed the poor and help the poor out with their bills. Or realize that Japan is in crisis and the world is a far more important place than you you realize while looking inside at your own worldview...

How you like that gimmick. Houston represent.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Battles, wars, conflict.

I'm reminded more and more when I look at the world that we fight battles every day. Some we choose to fight. Others we have to fight. Some we fight because we're working to live a certain lifestyle. Some we live to fight because that is our lifestyle.

Every battle is won before it's fought. And most battles are won in the mind before they're fought.

So, if you live knowing you've already won the fight in advance, you live victoriously, right?

Live your life today... and work so you can live it!

The List....

... for Wednesday.

The other Brody in Orlando
Showbiz Shelly
Bobbi Silver
Don Coddington
Andrea Ganis
Lora Helstrom
Rob Wagman
Jonathan Reed

Honorable Mention: Vinny the SIN and Stan "The Man" Priest.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Monday and Tuesday LISTS...

Here's Monday... 

Mick Lee
Jackson Blue
Kevin Weatherly
Michelle Boros
Bob Weil
Tommy Page
Ed Pinka
John Bolous
Phil Kaso


Samantha Brenner
Lora Helstrom
David Ravikoff
Jeff Hurley
Tommy Nappi
Joe Daddio
Chris "Hollywood" Mann
Eric Chase (FLZ)
Kelly Kelly Kelly

"A" List - Tommy Chuck

Let he or she who has ears to hear.... let them hear!

Friday, March 04, 2011

The list... (3/4)

Rick Vaughn
Joe Daddio
Joel Denver
Bob Burke
Wendy Wild
Tony Coles
Samantha Brenner
Jim Payne
Jonathan Reed
Michael Bryan

Mad dubstep props to: Josh Cunningham

The Art of War....

Sun-Tzu says, to wit...

... the warrior who wins, doesn't need to pound the chest in front of the world.

In fact, people who do that - generally fail epically.

Look at Charlie Sheen.

Rather, the lesson taught here today is this:

Winning happens. It worries about what is happening, and doesn't look at what might be happening.

It just keeps winning.

Here's to the spoils which come ; )

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The list... (3/2)

Sid Kelly
Billy Hammond
Rod Hendrix
Danny Ocean
Kelly K.
Kid Kelly
Mark McCarthy
TJ Foxx
Tony Coles
Brian Bridgman

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The list (3/1)

Bob Pittman
Tommy Chuck
Mark "Tik Tak" Allen
Rob Wagman
Bob Burke
Joel Denver
Brotha Fred
Lee Leipsner

Special recognition for:

David Ravikoff

The "List" was inspired by Capitol File Magazine's "List" that I made for some reason.

Hey, Jerry...

Dear Jerry,

Nanny nanny boo boo!

Maybe there's a bias here, but did Bob Pittman just make you his beotch?

Clear Channel + Thumbplay + Renegotiated note til 2024 = WINNER

We're an F-18 bro. We've got Tiger blood. Gnarly. 

The list...

In the spirit of Capitol File Magazine's DC list, here's a list...

Lee Leipsner
Jason Prinzo
John McMann
Lora Helstrom
Tony Smith
David Perl
Joe Riccitelli
Joe Daddio
Sherry Alagheband
Chris "Hollywood" Mann

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You're still here? Good for you!

How different were things 10 years ago. 20 years ago. 

The only constant is change.

People who were your boss - are now part time at some places, working to get back in. Other people who might have been your colleagues are now working to find happiness in other industries.

If you're still 'here' for whatever reason, take a look at some of the reasons why.

You had skills.

You had some people skills.

You were good at bullshit.

You 'got' it.

For whatever reason, you're still here. And, if, as is the case with my company, they're gonna be here into 2020 or whatever thanks to debt refinancing, well, congratulations to you... 

... that is, if you're proving you're 'worth' keeping around.

It's hard work, to ride out on the frontier, build a camp and live so far past where it's 'easy.'

But it's so worth it.

Here's to our continued adventure, friends. Saddle up. We're still blazing trails!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The great thing about Libya, Egypt, Wisconsin...

... is that those in power, IE: corporations, lobbyists, elected officials who listen to lobbyists more than constituents, governments who are morally bankrupt around the world and others, are seeing just who exactly holds the power now that the world is a wide open conversation forum thanks to the Internet and social media.

A tweet can change a regime. A facebook post with video can outrage and expose violence. A worker in Wisconsin in a union can tell the truth about what's really going on.

If a government or a boss is screwing you over - go "Egypt" on 'em and spark a movement... if something in your town stinks to high heaven, go "Libya" on 'em and make the world aware of what's wrong.
It's awesome. The balance of power is now back in the hands of the people armed with an iPad and wi-fi.

Today, or tomorrow after the President's Day holiday, corporations and governments will probably meet at some point to try to figure out how to deal with "we, the people" using this once-again new found power at the root of our democracy. It's awesome to watch. It's going to be even more amazing to see how it stops some shenanigans right in their tracks.

Who knew? The most powerful tool of democracy to be deployed on the world by America would be the Internet... and who knew this virus of Freedom would go so viral so fast!

We live in amazing times. It's so amazing to be alive!

RIAA: A few more thoughts...

Everyone gets the need for artists to get paid on what they do, but, really, should radio, after all this time, be the one to have to do it? Let's take a look at a few things...

Radio is provided music for free by labels to play. Artists want this airplay. They know that this exposure is priceless, and it can move the sales of a song, and album, exponentially. This has always been the nature of a symbiotic relationship between radio and records. It's not been 'broken' before and it's not 'broken' now. So why the need to change it?

Should radio groups submit invoices to labels for 3-4 minute 'commercials' which is essentially what we're doing by playing these songs?

More immediately - how much would Interscope owe for 5000 spins at 3 minutes each to radio stations for Lady Gaga, should radio and records destroy the existing model of success?

This senseless tax on radio - the performance tax - is just loony. It's a desperate measure thought up to remedy a much larger problem: the buying habits of consumers.

When Apple and Steve Jobs brokered the deal for iTunes with the labels back in the day, the labels, incorrectly, thought the model and the platform would never work. They were wrong. Now, it's the norm, and no one else seems to be able to compete. Sure, Apple is getting the lion's share of the profit. It's the deal the labels made with Apple. If you don't like the deal, renegotiate it with Apple, but don't punish the medium which exposes your artists for FREE because you made what you see as a bad deal. Fix the deal.

Day in and day out, people show overwhelmingly they want radio, and they want to hear the labels artists on radio. It just makes no sense to destroy a relationship which works.

Finally - radio is on the side of the artists. We want our artists to do well. That's why we pick 'em like we do  - selectively - so we expose the best of the best in the limited slots we have - to our audiences. It's why we have multi formated stations - from country to rock to latino to pop. We know that our exposure sells singles, moves concert tickets and more. There are no shenanigans with airplay - we just do what we do with what the artists and labels give us to play. The results speak for themselves.

Soapbox off.

There is something to remembering who allows you to do what you do...

Remember the people who are responsible for you being you.

Sometimes, we don't thank them enough.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Labor, organizing and Wisconsin...

Those of you reading know that there have been a few things said here about unions in the past.

So let's just get to the point: What is happening in Wisconsin - the oppression of organized labor and the government-led union busting which is happening there is Un-American, and it must be stopped. 

If you're not aware of what's going on, click here. 

The actions of the Governor in this state which are aimed squarely at organized labor, are not just, right, acceptable, nor are they what should be accepted in a free society.

We can debate whether or not unions have a place, or whether or not unions are evolving all day long, but I'll say this - the right of people to unionize, and to organize to address grievances - is as American as the original American union which said to the King of England back in the day, "hey, we don't like how things are going, and we're not going to take it anymore."

With the way the world is changing, with fewer and fewer companies, etc, controlling things, now is the time - more than ever - for us as a free people to embrace the right we have to organize, and to demand responsibility.

People have died for this right worldwide in recent weeks. Their memories should not be disgraced by ignoring what is happening in one state just because it happens to be located in this "shining city on a hill..."

Wisconsin is about to become Egypt. And, the world is watching.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IPhone and iPad and iPod touch to have radio and satellite chips soon...

Don't tell Chicken Little the self-pic poster in Arizona this, but patents don't lie. 

Apple has filed patents to put chips and software into iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads which receive terrestrial radio and satellite radio signals

Hey, if it's free -- it's for me. And for Sirius/XM, who wouldn't pay for Howard Stern's content along with the other stuff offered?

I'm sure the self tanning failed former radio guy who loves to post photos of himself on his site will post a photo and start to scream like Chicken Little, but he'll be screaming in vein.

Free content wins. Better content trumps.

And you're still nobody in a desert with no real future, and a mediocre past, at best.

Go ahead and post another self-pic now. Arrogant tool.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Artie Lange...

There's a gaping hole in the world of Radio.

Artie Lange.

He's still fixing himself following some tragic circumstances which happened, but the world of radio - and the world of entertainment - needs him back.

There's a gaping hole that only Artie can fill. Here's to hoping he's well, and that he comes back stronger, faster, better, and funnier than ever before.

Life is worth living. Especially when you can live it BIG.

Godspeed, Artie. Please come back soon.

Just a thought...

Radio is theater of the mind. No one discounts that. 

But, if you're gonna voicetrack a show, and you thank listeners who just "hit you with a text" to "thank you for tickets to a show" they "were at last night" and "had an awesome time..."

... and the show was cancelled because the lead singer is sick, well, that's not theater of the mind... 

that's lying. 

And the audience doesn't take too kindly to that. 

Not an aircheck, just a thought. 

This post inspired by Mick Lee at Z1043 in Baltimore, who knows when shows are cancelled, and who doesn't take his audience for granted. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

RIAA: Portnow must go.

Dear RIAA,

Neil Portnow must go.

His reckless, irresponsible jab at the very medium which exposes your members' work to millions of people across the country and around the world - for free - was poorly thought out and was recklessly delivered last night on your awards show. 

Aware that his comments were more than likely made without your okay or clearance, It's hoped you will take this chance to show your good partners - the thousands of radio stations across the country and the thousands of radio presenters who play your artists - that the Academy doesn't endorse this reckless position, and remove this man from your CEO position.

Radio's free exposure of your artists work to an audience of millions has been part of a symbiotic bond - a relationship which has trancended time. Here's to continuing this great relationship as technology and content continue to evolve.

With respect,


Friday, February 11, 2011

The passion...

Did you ever talk up a song in the shower? 

Did you ever drive for a few hours just because you wanted to hear a radio station, or a personality who moved you?

Are you still a fan of someone who inspired you one upon a time?

We're doing so much, going so fast, blogging so much, voicetracking so many, producing like crazy... and moving so - ahem - nimbly - that at times we need to take a second to remember where we came from, and what we did to become who we are.

Pull up an aircheck of someone who inspired you for a minute and let it take you back to a place where distance didn't matter, pay wasn't the reason, and when you worked on holidays just because you could.

Passion. Pass it on.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Planned obsolescence

Today, the pulse-Burner in our building stopped by the studio for a quick chat. While it was more related to photographic gear, he mentioned a phrase which is fascinating:

Planned obsolescence. 

It's the intentional plan that says what is new now, will not be so new in a year, and basically says that you'll want what's next. And so goes the cycle.

While talking, it occurred that we've been living planned obsolescence since we were born. We were an idea, that became an action, which became a human after gestation, which, after further review, is added too in the form of a new sibling, or is allowed to continue to gestate through life until the ultimate obsolescence.

Cest la vie, right?

While that might be life, it doesn't have to be how we live our lives, does it?

Defy planned obsolescence. Don't let some so-called engineer tell you that you're done -- or when you're done. Rather, make yourself someone who will never be irrelevant.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The grandiose wailings of failed former radio people are annoying wailings...

Well here we go again.

Let's say you run a website. A blog. And you want people to subscribe to your blog, but nobody does. What do you do?

You bash people who are more successful than you, that's what you do.

Will someone please overnight a binky to radio's crybaby? He's whining about Clear Channel again.

The loud clanging of industry zombies is fun to watch, and then, it becomes sad when you realize it's like watching a funeral dirge of folks who don't realize they're dead yet.

In the real world, the world most of us live and work in now, we know that people want what they want, the way that they want it. They want it on their mobile devices. They download apps by the thousands. Then, they sit at the pool sunning themselves listening to a local top 40 station while they tan, enjoying their local station on demand from their Blackberries or iPhones.

Some haters hate to hear it, but it's quite true.

Some people, like Bob Pittman, are busy riding out to the frontier and blazing a trail...

... while some others are sitting in Arizona, posting photos of themselves, sipping on Slurpees.

Now back to defining - and redefining - the future of content.

Are you in tune, out of tune, or deaf?

When the world is wondering where they're going to get groceries at for the next week of meals, is it smart to brag about being at a swank dinner at some posh hotel where the ticket costs the same amount that could feed a family of four in Leesburg, Virginia, for a week and a half?


Now, back to more of Today's Hottest Music... for Old Forge... Swingle out.


Monday, February 07, 2011

Merge-oh-rama and a prophecy...

The fireworks in media came after the big game earlier tonight.


AOL buys Huffington Post, renames itself HUFFINGTON POST MEDIA GROUP, Arianna Huffington, the liberal darling, assumes control of ALL AOL editorial.

Welcome. You've got... content!

This is big, because AOL knows to survive, it's gotta be a conduit for original content, and not a regurgitation site of "right click, save as, post" content.

Here's one to ponder... 

Which major radio group will purchase AOL... or a similar service... soon? Remember, this might also include Sirius/XM... 


Which major radio group will merge with Sirius/XM soon? 


We're not deejays anymore. We're not just presenters.

We're content artists. Our platforms is global, and our output is written... and spoken. Seen... and heard.

Buckle up, homies... that next wave just crashed... and the next one... is coming.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Big game. Big bets. Big Football Jesus Podcast for the Super Weekend!

It's here!

The final weekend of American Football... AKA the BIG GAME or the CHAMPIONSHIP... whatever you call it, it's a bowl, it's super in size, it involves football, and here's this week's FOOTBALL JESUS PODCAST!

Prop bets abound, money lines versus over unders are interesting.

Click here to hear it!

The President... is a good man...

Say what you want about his politics, or about what he stands for, but the President of the United States... is a great man. A great human being.

That's why they call him Mr. President.

Not a sermon. Just a thought.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Radio people and friends: I would like to ask for a favor...

Hi guys.

Check out this link. 

Tonight, I'd like for you to please do something for me. And, it's not for me that I'm asking it for.

It's for the radio person in each of us who has ever had the guts to say, "ya know what, eff this, I'm going to try something new..."

It's for the radio geek in each of us who loves what we do, but knows that there's nothing better in this life to strike out with an idea which can change the world.

It's for the radio rebel in each of us which hopefully guides us. 

West Wing Report is a twitter feed I started following when I came to HOT in DC. 


Because daily, I knew what our city's most famous resident - and important person - was doing. In almost real time. Without any political hub-drudgery or bull.

It's powered by a radio guy.

Paul Brandus.

You can read his dossier here.

His work is read by the most powerful people on the planet now. His objectivity is legendary. Take his comments and present them out of context and see how fast he personally asks you to correct them so he can protect the most powerful thing any of us have: our objectivity.

You can see him on Twitter here. 

At any rate, West Wing Report has been nominated for an important honor to people in social media, and on Twitter.

It's a 'Shorty' award, and I'd like to ask you to vote for West Wing Report. 

You can do so here. 


Because he had the stuff in him to say, "hey, I can do something no one has ever done before, something completely unique, and I can make a real impact on the world..."

We've all dreamed of doing it. He's doing it.

I hope you'll consider giving him your vote. Because voting for West Wing Report is voting for that passion - that something you can't teach in all of us - which caused us to pick up some headphones or to turn on a microphone for the first time ever. 

Please vote here. You can vote for him as a #journalist. You can also vote for him in the  #news, and #socialmedia categories.

When you do, please make sure to put a reason in so the votes count. You could copy and paste this if you want:

I nominate @WestWingReport for a Shorty Award in #journalist because he's earned it and deserves it. Period. 

Every radio person is doing what we're doing because we had this dream that it might become something more. Something cultural. Something that will be followed by the most intriguing people on the planet - from politicians to movie stars... to musicians and sports figures to other journalists to every day people like me.

The very idea of democracy is rooted in the idea that unbiased news, delivered by personalities who care more about an idea than about some personal fortune or gain, is so American... it's so what radio is all about. Take a read at this man's coverage of our President and the White House. I think you can see that hype means nothing when it comes to reporting the honest, accurate, and at times amazing facts which happen in the most powerful house on the planet.

West Wing Report - and Paul - have done that. And for that, I think he deserves our support. Please consider a few clicks to help this man win.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Branson on success

Sir Richard Branson is the >expletive deleted<.

Well, you know. He's pretty amazing. Here's a guy who is a radical, rebel, heretic, change agent, pioneer, knight, and gentleman.

He shouldn't be. He had everything going against him.
He's dyslexic.

He was a high school drop out.

But, his grandmother, at 100, said to him to remember that you "only get one go at life, so make the most of it."

$3 billion dollars later, he's making the most of it.

It's amazing how people can come from less than nothing to change the world. Yet, it's equally amazing that peoople can have it all and bitch about why the world is the way it is.
Branson didn't really have time to bitch, as the story is told. Sure, some ventures weren't successful. But some other ones, like his airlines, his space endeavours, his microfinance endeavours and more, have been massive successes.

And his Virgin Freefest doesn't blow, either.

Study Richard Branson.

If you want to change the world, get busy. What's stopping you?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Radio isn't dead. It doesn't suck.

There's a blog which is written by a radio guy who basically says that radio is "dead." 

That 'radio sucks.' 

Yeah, he's gonna be on someone's 'short list' for a great gig soon. Who wouldn't want such powerful optimism on their team. What an asset, right?


What a joke.

As you can imagine, the blog basically pines away for a time when business wasn't business, profit margins weren't profit margins, and before consolidation did what, well, it did to radio.

You know, it's easy to look back and say, "what if it was the way it was."

But, then isn't now. It can't be. It's the past.

The past, is gone.

Rather than looking back at a time which can't come again, why not take a look at the future and ask what can be done to make sure you stay valuable, to make sure your content stays compelling, and to ensure that you've always got a voice and place at the table of change and evolution which is the new medium of content delivery today?

Rather than using a negative connotation to describe a viable industry, why don't you figure out what you can do to stay viable?

Rather than bitching about studio naming rights, and commercial free hours which are brought to you by Jack-In-The-Box, why not find new ways to entertain on air and online?

Cut. Paste. Comment. Hope you don't get caught for using someone else's photo.

Weak. Just weak. Whimpering from the peanut gallery. Weak.

The business of business... is business.

Radio - is a business. We're in the content business, so that people can expose their messages to our audience.

The compelling will win.

The chronic complainers - are on the sidelines - or are already out of the game.

Let's keep writing our future as masters of our own destiny.

Radio isn't dead. The shows on our stations - and the talent delivering these shows - don't suck.

Rather, our talent and our industry are evolving. They're just getting warmed up.
Make sure what you're doing will make it impossible for your bosses - and for the industry - to live without you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For Avi Michael Klein...

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”  - Steve Jobs.


It's with a strange feeling of irony - and an amazement at life's irony - that I'm writing you this right now. Who knew over a decade ago at FM97WLAN, in the days that we let JJ Kinkaid have his farewell show he never got to have, and in those that followed, that you and I would be going through what we're going through... at the same time.

Life is not without a sense of irony, or a sense of humor, I suppose.

I want you to know that I know what you’re feeling. I know what you’re going through. I feel your sense of loss.

Nothing I can say will make what you feel any easier, but I wanted to remind you that the greatest legacy we can be for our grandmothers who have gone on to life's next chapter, is to keep on living our lives with passion, with abandon, and with all the love that we have for what we do.

I've no doubt you will continue to do so. And I know she will continue to be proud of all that you continue to accomplish.

As we say our respective goodbyes to loved ones lost this week, I wanted you to know you and your family are in my thoughts. Thank you for being my friend for all these years. For motivating me, and for being that radio geek who reminds us of the radio geek which lives inside of us all.

God bless you and your family, my friend. I'll see you here in DC soon and we'll toast those who have shaped us...


PS - OMG what if they're hanging out sharing stories about us as kids over drinks in Heaven... oh boy. Or, Oy Vey. LOL.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Grandmother...

Early this morning, my Grandmother passed away after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer's. She would have been 93 this year.

And as such, the greatest generation has lost another stalwart of that time.

But, and perhaps most importantly, my Granddad has his best friend and golf partner back.

I won't get into a long diatribe about her life, how she lived, and who she was. She was an amazing person who was the linchpin of my family. A true matriarch. And I'll leave it at that.

What I will say is that we must take aim at Alzheimer's. And eliminate it.

This disease - and what it robs from people who have lived full lives - can not be allowed to continue to do what it is doing. We must not be afraid to take the research steps necessary to eradicate this disease. We must take aim at what causes it, and find ways to prevent it.

Stem cell research, and other experimental forms of science and medicine must be allowed to seek the solutions to the question they're asked. There's no debate about spirituality here. It's about life and death. As it stands right now, this disease is a prolonged, painful and confusing path which ultimately leads to where it does. And I'm sure we can fight back against it.

I intend to honor my grandmother's life by working to raise awareness of this disease and to help those who are far smarter than I am to find the cure they're seeking.

Life... is worth it.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 24, 2011


... for taking the time to come here and read things. For those seconds of time that you spend, know that there is someone who is eternally grateful.