Saturday, December 04, 2010

With a K

This is an old school board.
Looks like the one at HOT before Matt Howell trashed it when we remodeled.

The radio business doesn't have enough good 'conventions' anymore.

So when you get a chance to get a bunch of radio personalities, programmers and record industry people in the room for whatever reason, great times and even better stories are the result. What else would you expect from a room full of personalities, fueled by booze and fed by Vince from the Street Information Network in New York City?

Last night, while in the City for my first visit to Vinny's annual SIN Radio and Record industry awards, I ran into Kannon with a K. He's one of my favorite people. He's cut from a cloth from which not too many radio people are cut from anymore. At times, we'll talk about how there aren't too many of the 'crazy' ones in radio left anymore. He's right. It's not so easy to be crazy and chaotic nowadays when you have so many hats to wear and responsibilities during the day. 

It's important for us to discover the harmony between crazy, chaos and order. When you can balance on that edge, in whatever you do, you become lethal. 

Good to see you, Kannon. With a K. And thanks for your very kind words. I don't think I'm deserving of them, but thank you for always being you, and for your passion. I'm glad I know you. 

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