Tuesday, December 14, 2010

State of the union...

Here comes some straight opinion for your consideration. 

Does anyone think that the predominant radio union - AFTRA - could be more proactive on helping our colleagues to evolve into what we're becoming as providers and artists of content? 

Don't you think they could be holding seminars, teaching those who want to learn, things like Photoshop, or how to do online web design, or the ins-and-outs of blogging, social media, etc? 

In the last post, it was mentioned that AFTRA could be more proactive in education on things like finances, money, home ownership, and the like so that members can start building a nest egg with the money they're earning. 

Novel idea right? A union which is proactive about making sure it's dues paying members have the opportunity at some education so they can keep earning money and as a result, paying dues. 

This is an interesting time for the union in so many areas. 

Voicetracking, and pre-recorded non-local content is now a norm and not an exception. Union members are making great money doing this work, and as a result, there's a dichotomy present as some unions fight to contain tracking while the very people fighting are making significant money as content exporters. 

And, of course, content isn't just through a microphone over the transmitter anymore. Streaming, social media, online presence, each of these things are expected from union talent, but the conversations being had haven't caught up to reality have they? Why? Reality is moving too fast for the protracted deliberations and the excessive lamenting about the 'way things used to be or ought to be.' 

If the union, AFTRA, can be proactive, and work to shape and embrace a future where the artists are artists of content, who use technology to an advantage, and to equip members to use technology to control their destiny, then the union will continue to be strong and dynamic. 

If the union stays mired in the quagmire of trying to preserve the past, it will join the past... in history. 

Comment away if you feel like joining the fray. At least we're having a discussion, and there's nothing wrong with a good discussion.