Monday, December 13, 2010

"So and so" from the "such and such" show and ego

B.O.B performing for President Obama's GEN44 rally before the November midterm elections. 

Here's a funny yet teachable moment type of story for this morning.

A ranking executive of a regional marketing firm and regional manager of a national promotions firm were having a drink at a bar before a show recently. They came across a group of people who worked for a local business which worked with the venue hosting a show that evening. One of the people in the group was overtly bitching about receiving "bad" seats to a show from their business.

The seats were free, but ultimately someone had to pay for them. And, funny enough, the "bad" seats were given to this business as part of a promotional partnership for the show, meaning, they were for a register to win type of contest.

When they realized they were sharing the same bar space with the promotions and marketing people responsible for the show, one of the people doing the complaining introduced themselves as "so-and-so" from "such-and-such business."

You can guess whose boss got a phone call the next morning.

Retired General and former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has this saying: 

"Never keep your ego so close to your position, that if your position goes, your ego goes with it." 

Who are you? Who would you be if you don't do what you do now?

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