Friday, December 10, 2010

Prompting thoughts

Kyla, at Doukenie Winery, looking through the fence at a horse.
 I often wonder what it is she's thinking about... 

A comment on a previous post asks the question, "What prompted your thoughts in the first place?"

Several things.

First, we don't hear enough encouragement or teaching in what we all do day to day anymore, and if we can share our experiences which have made each of us successful, then aren't we leaving a 'mark' on the universe?

Experiences are teachers, mistakes are teachable moments, and for any industry - let alone radio - to continue to be viable, and grow, we should all endeavor to teach something we've learned, because someone young and hungry, like Brent Flick, or Kruz, or someone reading in a small market somewhere just trying to make some noise might be able to learn from it.

For the Claire Scattergoods, Clint Beales and Elizabethanys and the NexGen of Content Artists so that they might one day be able to get to a place like Z100 and turn on the mic as a personality, where as some others only made it to the mountaintop, but didn't get to cross to the other side.

Second, we hear too much negative from so-called 'media' pundits anymore, and someone has to counter it, because there is some amazing stuff happening in radio and content creation.

Just this morning, one blowhard called Howard Stern's renewal at Sirius a "mistake". Bold words from someone who was cast out of the industry long ago because, well, truth be told, it passed him by. It's easy to sit on the sidelines and bitch, and armchair quarterback things you think you know. It's quite another to lace up and play the game every day. I salute Howard for getting paid to do what he loves to do every day, and for making a noise that no one wants to ignore.

Finally, we owe it to ourselves and to those who come after us to do all we can to reinforce the base of our industry - the talent - who make radio - or any industry - what it is. 

The people who make it an "Apple-like" experience between songs for our fans. Who realize that the game and metrics have evolved and that we can evolve too without compromising personality.

So, that's pretty much it, BB. Thanks for the comment. Please feel free to leave as many as you want, about whatever, because every comment, good, bad, ugly or nasty, is a teachable moment for anyone who reads, and absorbs.