Friday, December 03, 2010

On the train...

Am on the train homeward after an industry thing last night. Got teary-eyed at a couple of instances:

Seeing Stan Priest for first time since Tampa rendezvous at Shulas a few years ago.

Sharing a fatherhood moment with Orlando, from WLLD in TPA.

Having Thea basically throw down the gauntlet and say she has the best team in radio to rousing applause.

Seeing Samantha Brenner win an award she busted her ass to win.

Spending time with Rob Wagman, who pretty much saved my arse in Columbia and who taught me that you can do things, learn things, and be successful with things when you're open to trying 'em.

Seeing mentors and mentees celebrate mutual successes.

When you love what you do, the people you "do your thing with" become family.

I'm going to snore some more on this train now.

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