Thursday, December 09, 2010


You want to know the biggest obstacle to your success in this game? 

Look in the mirror. 

Yup. That looking back at you... you know, you, yeah, that's your biggest obstacle. 

Keep that in check. 

It's not about you. It's not about the "you" show and it's certainly not about what you can do when "you're listening to the 'you' show..."

It's about the people you hope are listening to you. 

The best shows - named after a central host - which have found massive success for their teams - Like Kane here in DC, Bert in Atlanta or Kidd Kraddick in Dallas - have already mastered this. They already know that the reason they've found success is because they've shelved themselves and made themselves - and their shows - into exactly what their audiences want and expect. 

They're clearly not what we can call "shows of one" and they're clearly in touch with the fact that without their fans, they're nothing. 

When you learn and master this,  you will become noise worth not ignoring on the radio.
Until then, they - you know, your listeners, yeah, they think you're just some noise. 

It's the Toby show, I'm Toby, and I'm going to sign off the Toby show featuring me, Toby, right now. 

How ridiculous do you think it sounds to your listeners? 


You're better than noise. 

Say something - and be someone - who transcends. 

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  1. Great point, Toby. I always wonder when I read what you have to say.... What prompted your thoughts in the first place? :)