Monday, December 13, 2010

Intros and posts

Sony/Columbia SVP of Promotion Lee Leipsner, a friend and a Kid Kelly fan,
photographed at the Lucky Strike in New York City following the SIN Awards

Kid Kelly had the best memos. 

He had page after page of them, and studying them was how he would put a new 'baby deejay' in the right mindset for working at the station then known as Hot 97, WBHT Mountaintop, Ninety Seven Point One, your Hot 97.

All of his morsels of wisdom still ring true almost 15 years later.

Here's one:

Intros -  Remember you're talking over the beginning of someones favorite song, so whatever you're saying better be important. If it's not, don't say it. 

So, how important was that phoner or topic content you ran back over the beginning of that song with :21 seconds on the intro? Was it so important that you had to step on the post?

PS - for radio geeks, yes, it is true that the following phrases were banned on WBHT: 

"Dial Carefully and Good Luck"
"I'm ( your name ) doin' it with ya"
"It's 27 degrees outside right now..."
and "anything you heard on KRZ in the last decade and thought was cool"

It was an amazing place to get a radio education.

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