Sunday, December 19, 2010

Give back

If they take care of you, take care of them. 

They know who you are. They know you're going to a gig and making a ton of money for a couple of hours of work. They also know you've asked them to get you there, and in some cases, back home safely.

So take care of them.

They know you've come to their restaurant to experience a good meal and drinks with friends and family. You even gave them your card.

So take care of them.

We're also in the service business. Anyone could be listening -- or monitoring -- at any time. So serve them. No matter who they are. And watch how they return the favor.

A jock gives a cabbie a $20 tip for a $60 buck cab ride.

Guess who will always be on in that cab. You never know 'who' might have 'what' on them when they ride in that cab.

Think about it.

That's right.

Is that a win? You bet.

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