Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So there was this email exchange between a jock and programmers recently where the jock asked these programming types "who the best people are to listen too if one is to be the best" at rock personality radio. 

The programmers recommended that aspiring jocks listen to some personalities and offered air checks of these people. The names of who they are --or were -- really doesn't matter.

Listening to air checks -- does.

Jock. Personality. It doesn't matter. We can all find inspiration - or something to make us each better - in the work of some of the best doing what we do at the pinnacle of our game - regardless of format or market.

"If you want to sweep streets, sweep streets like Michaelangelo painted paintings," the preacher said.

Once upon a time, this one programmer, Brian Bridgman, encouraged this one personality to listen to the work of this jock named "Stryker" at KROQ in Los Angeles.

It changed his entire world when it came to presentation and delivery. And unlocked the keys to a career in this industry.

When is the last time you lost yourself in a few air checks from some amazing jocks and personalities?

Study those who are the best. You'll find how to be the best hidden there in plain site, right there among the inspiration.

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