Thursday, December 02, 2010

About that noise you're making

Premiere/Mediabase VP Alyssa Pollack and Joel Denver from All Access Music Group at a small dinner gathering a couple of months ago in New York City at the famed Shun Lee Chinese Restaurant. 

I have a friend who was, once upon a time, hooked on industry trades and the industry press.

I mean, all the time this friend of mine would pour through FMQB and All Access for whatever reason. To learn. To overdose on passion, maybe, I don't know but he was addicted to them. And, for a time, this friend felt he had to try to be "in print" every time he turned on the microphone. And so, he sent photos, and press releases, and blurbs to Joel Denver and Bob Burke and Fred Deane and even Gerry DeFranchesco at the now defunct Network 40 all the time. Even Dave Hoeffel, too. For whatever reason, he wanted to be in print - talked about - for any reason at all.

That friend - was me.

Since then, and since I've grown up in this game a bit more, I've learned a valuable lesson:

When you make your own noise repeatedly for whatever reason - it's just noise.

We tune out noise.

But, when you're truly finding success, it will speak for itself, and everyone will know it.

It won't need a press release or news conference.

Think about your noise catalyst. What's at it's core? Is it noise you've made yourself?

Or, is it a noise you - and the world - can't ignore?

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