Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Then, now, next

-kyla, from over the weekend at Smithsonian Air and Space at Dulles, visibly unhappy at a warning sign telling me that I can't carry her on my shoulders. LOL. 

Peets' holiday blend is amazingly flavorful this morning.

Maybe it's the blend, or the time of the year motivating me this morning, or the white noise of the morning rainfall, but I'm a bit nostalgic today. It could be the coffee mug from the "then" incarnation of a station I worked at after a "revolution" but which is still from a "then" time in my life.

Then. Now. Next.

The 'then' and all of it's successes and even what some might call failures in life, love, and experiences, have been the best lessons I've ever had. They influence my now and guide me - even if I choose at times not to pay attention to lessons learned then. And, they're guiding what's next for me, those closest to me, and more.

On to the next.

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