Saturday, November 20, 2010

Football Jesus (11/20)

Week ELEVEN is here... here's the week's FBJ podcast!
Will the EAGLES have the same sort of week they had against the Washington Wigwams last week? Will the Wigwams be slightly better than the Lanham, Maryland Land Sharks Flag Football Team at the YMCA?

What about DALLAS?! Is Jason Garrett, the former QB for the 'Boys in the Post-Aikman era, and the man who made the team wear ties at Valley Ranch, be the man who will return the 'Boys to some sort of glory this year?! The sportswriters are sounding like it... but what will the week bring?

And WHY did the DOLPHINS blow it at home causing me to be 0-1 going into this week's picks??!?!?!

Click here to get this week's podcast!

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