Monday, November 15, 2010

Can you do me a favor, friends?


So there have been some pretty interesting changes happening over at the HOT and KISS blogs. I've been experimenting with something totally new, and different for how most radio types do things...

... and rather than just cutting and pasting other people's stories, like say, from Perez, or TMZ or Defamer or Fark, I've decided to, well, tell the stories I see.

Some stuff is based on the gossip headlines of the day, but with a twist. Other stuff, like say the Veteran's Day coverage, the Nats coverage and more, well, that's all from my life, things which I experience which you might find either interesting, or not so interesting. A lot of it is from my life, as well.

Bottom line, and I think you and I have a relationship where I can say this: I think - in a world so full of noise - I want to make noises, and create content, which connects. And that's why I'm trying new things. And I think that so much of what you read on sites like ours, well, is just regurgitated BS. It's interesting, sure, but it's all a repackage of something someone else made.

And, to me, that's not original.  But it's not about me...

I want to know what you think.

Can you please take a moment to give the site a read. Let me know what you think... is it what you think I should be doing? Is there something you'd rather see from me? Or, no? I'd really like you to be honest... and I'll try to adapt my content appropriately!

If you're in Dallas, click here.

Feel free to email me and share your thoughts...

Thank you for being you. It means a lot that you took the time to read this... and it means even more that you listen like you do. I don't take you for granted... and I never will. I promise.

Tribe, I'm listening... thanks in advance for sharing!


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