Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Presenter to Kris Allen fans: I hear you. I will do my best. - Toby Knapp - www.hot995.com

Kris Allen fans: I've heard you. I'll try. Keep being loud for your favorites, and I'll try my hardest to pass along the message.

Ditto you, BSB fans, too!

Presenter to Kris Allen fans: I hear you. I will do my best.

Scandalous photos of presenter surface from weekend Bunker bliss - hot995.com

Photos from Bunker Sports Cafe over the weekend are here. Love the place. Love Leesburg. Great people, amazing people and some beautiful people, too.

It's an honor to partner with them... so much fun.

Scandalous photos of presenter surface from weekend Bunker bliss

Regis' has some stiff problems

Regis Philbin grabbing the buttocks of Nicki Minaj? Wow... this stuff ain't right.

Stiff problems for Regis - hot995.com

Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Christina: She's out of control and she's seventeen

Bobbi Christina, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Crack is still whack.

Bobbi Christina is just like mom and dad - hot995.com

Rihanna bare naked bares it all in GQ magazine again!

It is what it says it is. Rihanna's pics. Leaked.

Toby Knapp - Rihanna bares it all on GQ magazine in UK - hot995.com

Christina Aguilera and TI duet leaks! - hot995.com

TI. Christina. Without walls.

From the CD formerly called King Uncaged... it's new TI!

Toby Knapp - Christina Aguilera and TI duet leaks! - hot995.com

Weezy didn't wrap his sheezy, made a baybeezee, again

Lil' Wayne has made another baby... already. With a new baby mama.

I am not keeping score, but this is like seven, right?


You know they're tryin to get knocked up Weezy! They want that money!

Weezy didn't wrap his sheezy, made a baybeezee, again - hot995.com

Harry Potter masturbator plays with wand during movie, arrested

It's sick.

It's disgusting.

It happened.

Oh, and it happened in South Carolina.

Jonathan Reed - Stay away from this dude's county. And tell Jonathon Rush and Kelly Nash I say hey!

Harry Potter fruitcake busted handling wand in theater - Toby Knapp - hot995.com

Then, now, next

-kyla, from over the weekend at Smithsonian Air and Space at Dulles, visibly unhappy at a warning sign telling me that I can't carry her on my shoulders. LOL. 

Peets' holiday blend is amazingly flavorful this morning.

Maybe it's the blend, or the time of the year motivating me this morning, or the white noise of the morning rainfall, but I'm a bit nostalgic today. It could be the coffee mug from the "then" incarnation of a station I worked at after a "revolution" but which is still from a "then" time in my life.

Then. Now. Next.

The 'then' and all of it's successes and even what some might call failures in life, love, and experiences, have been the best lessons I've ever had. They influence my now and guide me - even if I choose at times not to pay attention to lessons learned then. And, they're guiding what's next for me, those closest to me, and more.

On to the next.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Football Jesus (11/28)

Football Jesus is back! Its the post-turkey day edition of the podcast... and we're talking Vikings, Eagles, Redskins and more!

Oh, free pick inside, too!

Click here!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leesburg preparing for debauchery-filled evening

Tonight, I'll be joined by my amazing team of people anchored by Barb aka DJ DIVINE at Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, Va!

The local community is already preparing for the evening's shenanigans...

Leesburg preparing for debauchery-filled evening

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Football Jesus (11/20)

Week ELEVEN is here... here's the week's FBJ podcast!
Will the EAGLES have the same sort of week they had against the Washington Wigwams last week? Will the Wigwams be slightly better than the Lanham, Maryland Land Sharks Flag Football Team at the YMCA?

What about DALLAS?! Is Jason Garrett, the former QB for the 'Boys in the Post-Aikman era, and the man who made the team wear ties at Valley Ranch, be the man who will return the 'Boys to some sort of glory this year?! The sportswriters are sounding like it... but what will the week bring?

And WHY did the DOLPHINS blow it at home causing me to be 0-1 going into this week's picks??!?!?!

Click here to get this week's podcast!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fark Off: Insomnia pic of the night

It's time for bed... but before I go, why don't you go fark yourself!

Here's tonight's photo of the evening... selected at random!

I'm going to dream of a TSA Patdown...

Insomnia photo of the night... - www.hot995.com

Howard Stern, Billy Joel: Best interview ever. Period.

I couldn't sleep the other night, and I aroused myself early and turned on my Sirius XM receiver. Howard Stern was on... and he interviewed the great Billy Joel.

It was by far the best - and I mean - best radio interview I've ever heard.

You can see the whole thing here. 

It was so amazing I listened at least three more times, and watched the interview on Howard on-demand. 

I know there are people who have issues with Howard's content. I know some people don't agree that he plays on the cheap and easy, the sexual and the shocking, but his thing is his thing... and it's, as he says, always real. 

But the other day, when he talked to Billy Joel, it was just magical. A pioneer in his field talking to a master of music. 

I listen to my colleagues from around the industry do interviews and they're all, well, with all due respect and without trying to be insulting, you just can't compare them to Howard's selfless, disarming manor. He's never hokey. He's never cheesy. He doesn't do "Howard Stern Radio Exclusives..." Instead, Howard has conversations. With heart. With emotion. That connect and which cut through the noise to make a difference in the mind and emotion of the listener. 

It was magic. Radio magic. 

I've interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life and I can only pray that I interview as well as Howard did with Billy. 

It was that good. 

He's the King of all Media... and he might just be the greatest of all time. 

Thank you for the graduate lesson in interviewing, Howard. It was just effing brilliant. 

If you work in radio, and interview anyone, you should find his interview, watch it, and learn. It was just effing brilliant. 

Okay, I'm done now. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#uneed2follow: a new feature about amazing people #uneed2know! - hot995.com

I want you to get to know someone who - well - I thought was pretty interesting. This is a new feature on the blogs for the stations... this week, I introduce us to Kara Manos... a friend of Renee's who has a pretty cool gig and is destined for, I think, some pretty big things.

#uneed2follow: a new feature about amazing people #uneed2know! - hot995.com

Whipping of hair reaching epidemic levels, causing concern

The WHIPPING of HAIR is causing concern this day.

Read and take caution:

Whipping of hair reaching epidemic levels, causing concern

Justin Bieber exposes himself - pre-teen women go bezerk!

Justin Bieber exposed himself to a pop star. People are freaking out who are less than 17 years old and female.

Go figure.

US pre-teen women suicidal, Canadian pop star to blame - hot995.com

Royal Engagement and Royal Pain: A tale of two engagements

Wills and Kate. Jess and what's that dude's name.

Engagement fever is catching on right now for some reason, but one couple has been together for eight years, and another - for five months.

Crazy, right?

A tale of two engagements: One royally jinxed and another which stinks? Or is it much ado about nothing? -

Dre's Detox FINALLY here after nine year wait!

Is it? Isn't it? Could it be?

Well, Interscope being behind the distribution of the song to radio is a pretty good idea...

Dre's Detox FINALLY here after nine year wait!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Can you do me a favor, friends?


So there have been some pretty interesting changes happening over at the HOT and KISS blogs. I've been experimenting with something totally new, and different for how most radio types do things...

... and rather than just cutting and pasting other people's stories, like say, from Perez, or TMZ or Defamer or Fark, I've decided to, well, tell the stories I see.

Some stuff is based on the gossip headlines of the day, but with a twist. Other stuff, like say the Veteran's Day coverage, the Nats coverage and more, well, that's all from my life, things which I experience which you might find either interesting, or not so interesting. A lot of it is from my life, as well.

Bottom line, and I think you and I have a relationship where I can say this: I think - in a world so full of noise - I want to make noises, and create content, which connects. And that's why I'm trying new things. And I think that so much of what you read on sites like ours, well, is just regurgitated BS. It's interesting, sure, but it's all a repackage of something someone else made.

And, to me, that's not original.  But it's not about me...

I want to know what you think.

Can you please take a moment to give the site a read. Let me know what you think... is it what you think I should be doing? Is there something you'd rather see from me? Or, no? I'd really like you to be honest... and I'll try to adapt my content appropriately!

If you're in Dallas, click here.

Feel free to email me and share your thoughts...

Thank you for being you. It means a lot that you took the time to read this... and it means even more that you listen like you do. I don't take you for granted... and I never will. I promise.

Tribe, I'm listening... thanks in advance for sharing!


Gwyneth's GLEE: she can really sing!

She can SING! Gwyneth's coming to GLEE this week... and we've got some pics for you to check out...

Thanks the people at FOX for the amazing stuff they let me have to share with you guys...

Michael Jackson's new masterpieces: lost tracks lay foundation to musical legacy - hot995.com

Go MJ go! Finally, his HOLD MY HAND with AKON is done... and ready for the world to hear! Buckle up! I hear his new CD... is AMAZING!

It's being released in December by his former label, Sony/Epic, which have a pretty substantial deal with his estate to release new music and whatnot in the coming years.

Click the link below to check out more and to hear the new song! 

Michael Jackson's new masterpieces: lost tracks lay foundation to musical legacy - hot995.com

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free Picks, Da' Bears, Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Favre, Minnesota, Vegas, the NFL and more: Here's the Football Jesus podcast (11/13)

Will there be HAIL or FAIL this weekend in DC!??!

Football Jesus and American radio presenter Toby Knapp chatted about the upcoming NFL America weekend following a stunning Thursday night win - called by Football Jesus - by the Falcons of Atlanta!

"He called it, and that's all I'm gonna say about that, now on with the show," Knapp said.

This weekend's match ups are of some importance to Knapp, who has seemingly faltered in his luck over the last couple of weekends. While careful not to blame his shaman, Knapp pointed out that in football, and life, anything can happen.

"On any given Sunday, the Joes can win, and screw the sports books, or the sports books and line makers can win, and screw the Joes, and it's called "gambling" for a reason," Knapp said. "You can't win all the time, and I'm satisfied with how things are right about now."

You can hear the podcast here!

Government jobs, big raises for White House staffers!

All I can say is WOAH.

Can you imagine a 67 percent pay raise?

Wow. Read. Then apply for some of these jobs, too!

Cha-CHING! Public $ervice Pay$! Some White House staffers score raises of up to 66 percent!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Glee uncensored, uncovered, exposed on camera: Unseen pics of smash show released!

Glee pics! I've taken so many, and so, here they all are. I'll upload too, since I know there are sooo many GLEEKS in the hood!

Check back often, more every few minutes!

Glee uncensored, uncovered, exposed on camera: Unseen pics of smash show released

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Americans honor military, vets on Veteran's Day

Today, we remember.

I spent the morning at Arlington National Cemetery, where row after row of white marble stones, standing silently, roared on this day of remembrance.

Photos and more are linked below...

Americans honor fighting men and women, honor the fallen on Veterans' Day

Hot, Sexy, Young Cheerleaders in Nat Pack model new Washington National uniforms to captive audience of men who want to catch foul baseballs!

Well, yeah. That about sums it up.

They're all hot. Especially the blonde on the end (right), but IDK if she's already hooked up with my homie, the Chairman, TD of the Rat Pack...

... I'll need to confer with Daddio and Taylor. But right after I go run for about 2 hours so I can one day try to get down...

I think it's cuz she's got hot eyes. And boots. And I like the new uniform she's modeling...

The story, with even more pics, below! 

DC's Nationals drop the DC for a W, unveil new look uniforms for 2011 season

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Friday, November 05, 2010

Football Jesus talks NFL week nine (11/5)

Football Jesus and Toby Knapp looked back at a dismal Halloween weekend in the NFL, made abysmal by the ridiculously poor performance from the Dallas Cowboys, while looking forward to week nine action last night. 

Knapp and Football Jesus spoke somewhat earlier than usual, since the American radio presenter is on weekend holiday in Chicago with colleagues and friends from the US radio, concert and television industries. 

"There's much optimism that this week will be better than the last," said Knapp spokesman Richard Peterfeeler. "After last weekend, God knows he could use it, and Football Jesus feels that Knapp's outlook for success is strong," Peeterfeeler added. "He's also given an amazing free pick for free this week, a blessing for those who reach out and touch faith." 

Conan O'Brien's massive comeback campaign underway

Monday 11/8/10. 3p East. Global on iHeartradio.com!


Monday, November 01, 2010

Tampa, Southwest Airlines, Tricks, Treats, Costumes and Pumpkins - hot995.com

Tampa, Southwest Airlines, Tricks, Treats, Costumes and Pumpkins

Jetted for an overnight in Tampa. More to follow... gotta get to TPA to shoot back via Raleigh this am...

... yes, Raleigh. Like Sir Walter. And John Edwards. 

More to follow!