Monday, October 18, 2010

Midterm madness

The noise from the midterm elections and it's rancor is reaching the level of ridiculous. 

Today, we read that a GOP candidate had people handcuffed in Alaska. Oh, yeah, he's Tea Party by the way.


You know, sorta like in China where they placed the wife of the Nobel Peace Prize winner under house arrest because she told her husband of his win? Yeah. In a more extreme example, it's no different than in Soviet Russia where dissidents were locked up. Or even worse, in Nazi Germany, where we know what happened and how that turned out.

All because he didn't agree with this Tea Party Joe Miller dude and his rhetoric. Can you imagine what will happen if this guy actually were to become Governor?

Of course, the Republi-press isn't talking about it. But NPR is.

And, most of the rest of the mainstream press world is already ceding the election to a "Republican Sweep," which could very well happen due to the fact that the middle class in the country is finding out - remarkably - that no one in Washington gives a damn about them.

Watch, most of them might very well stay at home.

But in a less discussed way, we might see something which could actually stem a tide.

President Obama has been barnstorming his super-core, his young base of optimistic supporters who saw the damage done over the eight years prior, and you know what? They might just actually turn out to vote. Even if it's just a percentage of them who do, it could still enough, in the right areas, to sway elections.

We see a rally being planned by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert which basically mocks the insanity of the uber-right and the rancor of the season, and the inability of DC to get anything done, which, incidentally, will steal the press spotlight and the news cycle going into the elections and which could, just possibly, expose the insanity of the extremists to the majority and, you guessed it, sway elections.

You know, it's funny. We're seeing stories about people being fed up with DC, the President rallying his people and a potential conservative "tidal wave"...

... and those same conservative candidates are handcuffing people.

I don't know about you, but that's why I'm voting. The idea of an elected official or someone seeking office having the gall to handcuff an opponent's people, or someone of a dissenting idea, scares the hell out of me.

And we can't have them making decisions for us in DC, Alaska, or any state house anywhere.

But maybe that's just me.

Update - 1:11p - Politico has this as cover story... HAHA! Great minds, right? CBS is saying that nothing is for certain, and FOX republi-balanced news is saying that Obama says Americans are scared and not thinking clearly about the election. For once, they're balanced on something. LOL.

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