Saturday, October 30, 2010

Football Jesus gives free pick, helps with week eight NFL action!

Reach out. Touch faith. Trick or treat!

Football Jesus and Toby Knapp discussed the new week in football, following Knapp's marathon day at the Rally for Fear and or Sanity or Comedy Central downtown!

The podcast... is here! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toby Knapp - City of Hope nets over $5k from Hard Rock Pinktober events -

Good event last night... anytime you can be a part of something which raises some money so people living to overcome Cancer can have even more of a fighting chance, is, to me, a great thing.

Thanks for letting us be a part, Alissa Pollack, Jordan Rosenblatt, Hard Rock and crew! :)

Toby Knapp - City of Hope nets over $5k from Hard Rock Pinktober events -

Are FOX reporters finding GLEE with Mr. Schuester? - Toby Knapp -

So when I was in LALA land for FOX, I snapped a bunch of pics at BOA of Matthew Morrison and some of the FOX affiliate personalities and reporters getting their GLEE on with Mr. Schuester! 

Made for some good stuff today on the HOT/KISS blogs... and TPA, too... esp since there were FOX personalities from all three markets! 

Toby Knapp - The Ready Set visit Knapp's studio, play Woe unplugged -

They came, they saw... they played live!

The Ready Set visit Knapp's studio, play Woe unplugged -

Monday, October 25, 2010

Conan and me in Hollywood....

Was in LA this weekend with Conan and peeps... it was ON.

Check out this link and make sure you see even more pics on my HOT/KISS pages...

He's damn tall. He's also hilarious. More to follow... He's taking over my show in a few days... 

Conan hosts presenter in Hollywood on set of his new show - Toby Knapp -

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is age just a number, or is it something more? - Toby Knapp -

Older man. Younger woman. Older woman. Younger man. For the first time ever, the dot com kw: toby investigates a growing phenomenon which effects more people than you might imagine.

And no, they're not all gold diggers. 

An investigation into one of life's oldest questions is below.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BREAKING: Randy Michaels lives another day at Tribune

Reports of his demise seem to have been greatly exaggerated. 

In a move that has Tribune Tower buzzing, and several respected media outlets reeling over now incorrect reporting,  Tribune CEO Randy Michaels was not asked to resign by the company's board of directors, nor did he offer his resignation despite reports from the NEW YORK TIMES and other media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, claiming otherwise. 

The Chicago Tribune, Michael's flagship newspaper, reported this evening that "he did not resign from the company despite expectations that he might step down from his post or be asked to leave it at a board meeting."

"I work here TODAY and I'm still working," he said on his way to lunch with COO Gerry Spector according to a Tribune story. 
Michaels demise was reported by virtually everyone since the story broke via Twitter late last night. Some pay-per-view media pundit sites even trumpeted Michaels demise as being a positive thing for media. 
Now, it seems that these 'inside media' sites were completely in error, and self styled media pundits, writers, Tribune employees, and others who reported Michael's demise or who posted commentary on social network sites, are now reeling. 
Michaels -  who has been under fire since a scathing piece in the New York Times by a former Tribune employee, who alleged a "frat house" management structure is behind the media conglomerate's current ills - seemingly has no intention of stepping aside, according to  Tribune insiders. 
Others speculate that this entire situation could be the creation of Michaels and his inner circle, who, as former radio employees, are master of  "theater of the mind." 
"Never underestimate Randy Michaels, ever," said one person close to the management team at Tribune, but who is not with the company, under the condition of anonymity. "He's amazing at what he does because it gets results, like it or not," the source continued. "When you count him out is when he's at his best, and judging from today, I'd say he's at the top of his game. He's got everyone talking, doesn't he?" 
According to AllAccess reporting, the Tribune board declined to comment on the Michaels speculation. 

NYT: Randy Michaels will be asked to resign from Tribune

Will it happen or won't it happen? 

Caller 20 now to the contest lines with the right guess could win cash and prizes! 

The question? Will one of the last mavericks in media be asked to step aside tomorrow? 

Randy Michaels, the current CEO of Tribune, reportedly will be asked to resign Tuesday, so says the New York Times.

You can read more here. 

If true, this will be the beginning of the next chapter of one of modern media's most polarizing figures. Michaels was instrumental in building one of the world's largest radio conglomerates prior to his joining Tribune. He joined Tribune when venture capitalist Sam Zell led an employee-led buyout of the venerable - and once leading - media organization.

However, the tenure of Zell and Michaels has been mired in financial difficulty, arguably a byproduct of the economy, as well as a prolonged bankruptcy.

Michaels' predicted ouster comes on the heels of New York Times reporting which claims Zell, Michaels and others have created a "frat house" culture at Tribune, which ultimately culminated with the resignation of Chief Innovation Officer Lee Abrams, whose exit followed a questionable email to the entire organization last week.

Michaels instructed Tribune employees to "ignore the noise" in an email to staff as the story broke last week.

Should Michaels indeed be terminated, speculation will no doubt abound as to Michael's next steps. Michaels, who has a stake in media company Local, LLC, could make a return to radio, bringing with him a myriad of former radio programmers now deployed at Tribune in largely online posts.

The news is breaking at this time. More updates to follow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Knapp welcomes new artist Ashlyne Huff to studio for live version of Twitter's New Music Monday

I welcomed a new artist from a very musical family to the studio, but screw the family, it's all about her... and where she's going and what she's doing...

... and I also want Alyssa Pollack and John Souchack to get a shoutout at this point.

Now, back to Ashlyne... check out the conversation below... and get to know her...

Knapp welcomes new artist Ashlyne Huff to studio for live version of Twitter's New Music Monday - Toby Knapp -

Controlled viral...

This is the band Atomic Tom.

Last week, this video popped up on Buzzfeed.

They just HAPPENED to have their instruments stolen. There just happened to be some people with video cameras on the same train. They just happened to break out into song on the train.

Just by chance, it was filmed, produced and posted to YouTube.

Did they lose their instruments, or mysteriously stage this so that you might start talking about them?

Either way, it worked... and LOL now a label must have picked them up on some sort of single deal...

The story went industry-famous today thanks to Bob Lefsetz, this dude who, is, well, I'd say a media critic of sorts.

His coverage has been, well, interesting.

All in all, this is an amazing example of pseudo-viral... invented marketing for the masses!

Midterm madness

The noise from the midterm elections and it's rancor is reaching the level of ridiculous. 

Today, we read that a GOP candidate had people handcuffed in Alaska. Oh, yeah, he's Tea Party by the way.


You know, sorta like in China where they placed the wife of the Nobel Peace Prize winner under house arrest because she told her husband of his win? Yeah. In a more extreme example, it's no different than in Soviet Russia where dissidents were locked up. Or even worse, in Nazi Germany, where we know what happened and how that turned out.

All because he didn't agree with this Tea Party Joe Miller dude and his rhetoric. Can you imagine what will happen if this guy actually were to become Governor?

Of course, the Republi-press isn't talking about it. But NPR is.

And, most of the rest of the mainstream press world is already ceding the election to a "Republican Sweep," which could very well happen due to the fact that the middle class in the country is finding out - remarkably - that no one in Washington gives a damn about them.

Watch, most of them might very well stay at home.

But in a less discussed way, we might see something which could actually stem a tide.

President Obama has been barnstorming his super-core, his young base of optimistic supporters who saw the damage done over the eight years prior, and you know what? They might just actually turn out to vote. Even if it's just a percentage of them who do, it could still enough, in the right areas, to sway elections.

We see a rally being planned by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert which basically mocks the insanity of the uber-right and the rancor of the season, and the inability of DC to get anything done, which, incidentally, will steal the press spotlight and the news cycle going into the elections and which could, just possibly, expose the insanity of the extremists to the majority and, you guessed it, sway elections.

You know, it's funny. We're seeing stories about people being fed up with DC, the President rallying his people and a potential conservative "tidal wave"...

... and those same conservative candidates are handcuffing people.

I don't know about you, but that's why I'm voting. The idea of an elected official or someone seeking office having the gall to handcuff an opponent's people, or someone of a dissenting idea, scares the hell out of me.

And we can't have them making decisions for us in DC, Alaska, or any state house anywhere.

But maybe that's just me.

Update - 1:11p - Politico has this as cover story... HAHA! Great minds, right? CBS is saying that nothing is for certain, and FOX republi-balanced news is saying that Obama says Americans are scared and not thinking clearly about the election. For once, they're balanced on something. LOL.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Football Jesus (10/16)

Standing with a four way tie for eighth place in the Cap Pool, American Radio Presenter Toby Knapp again consulted his longtime shaman, Football Jesus, as the portly presenter prepared for week six picks in the NFL.

Knapp trails music industry insider and promotions rep Joe Daddio, who currently holds the first place spot in the pool with a 48-28 record so far this season, and seven others.

"Game on for another week, no lets go eat some gawddamned snacks," Knapp said as he hit the submit button on his picks from his studio office. "I don't know how it will go down, but it will go down, and all I know is that I'm prepared.

Surprisingly, aside from some comments about the low lines and overs assigned to different teams and games, Football Jesus and Knapp spared George Cappelini, Junior, son of George Cappelini , Senior, any wrath this week.

"I laid off George this week because I like the new single that he's been working on with Pop Evil, the band he loves with all of his life," Knapp shared. "Pop Evil are an amazing band, far better than Hinder, but the guys in Hinder can drink like fish, so I think they'll get a hall pass from any more bull***t from me this week," he said.

Pop Evil is a band which is known for their song "100 in a 55" which received considerable airplay on rock and pop stations in the US. They have nothing to do with this story, but have made their way into this story because they have GOOGLE alerts set, and they've probably received an email by now.
"If they're reading, I want them to know I care, and say hello," Knapp said.

Knapp also did not take any shots at Daddio, either.

"What can I say, I'm being tame today," Knapp said.

You can hear the podcast with Football Jesus HERE! 

Knapp did reveal that he saw his old colleague, Cigar Dave,  from Tampa, who was in visiting and who hosted his national talk show from the Nation's Capital. The two shared a chat in Knapp's studio, but did not smoke any cigars in the studio complex.

"Having the General in the building is always an aeromatic experience, and I miss working with him daily," he added, revealing that the two talked about former colleagues in the Tampa Studios, including Kane, MJ Kelli, Todd Schnitt, Dan Diloretto, Russell Link, Chuck Deskins and more.

"All I needed was a stogie and some brandy, and it would have been like old times," Knapp said.

The talk with Cigar Dave had nothing to do with football.

Friday, October 15, 2010

DC Paparazzi...

Yo! Did you hear about the DC Paparazzi who got coffee thrown on him??! WOW...

Talked to him today on the show... hear the audio over here...

Toby Knapp -

Toby Knapp - La Casa Blanca cambiar La Casa Rosa para Chi Chis!

Wrote this for the Hot/Kiss blogs earlier... and shot some pics of the White House this evening... in pink.

LOL. Content. Created daily. In so many ways.

Who knew?!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

From the set of Transformers 3...

Another long night on set, but some great content for you to check out!

Enjoy... I'm gonna go crash now, then get up and post more vids and pics... this should get us through the morning!

Thanks for listening and for reading guys.... Imma go pass out now...

Toby Knapp -

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sixth grade sex survey OUTRAGE!

So this sex survey they gave 11 year olds in Georgetown caused a bunch of buzz today...

... make sure you read the survey questions. Then remember these were given to kids without parental consent.

Toby Knapp - Sixth grade sex survey OUTRAGE!

A message to Brett Favre and the Vikings...

"That's a team, gentlemen, and either we heal now, as a team, or we will die as individuals..." 

A great reminder to anyone -- in any sport -- or specifically for my friends in radio who have been having a tough go of it for whatever reason. Will you go that inch? Brett? 

"Now... what will you do..." 

Saturday Night Hookup or Scandal: Questions plague radio presenter following night of shenanigans

I refuse to address these questions... or these pictures. 

Toby Knapp - Saturday Night Hookup or Scandal: Questions plague radio presenter following night of shenanigans

Monday, October 11, 2010

Radio presenter: "I didnt have anything to do with it..."

Lots of buzz today about what I may or may not have to do with a movie being filmed here... I'm really not supposed to be talking about it in my mind because I may or may not be under a gag order...

"I didnt have anything to do with it..."

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Football Jesus (10/10)

After a successful week in the pool, American Radio presenter Toby Knapp turned again to his sportsbook shaman, Football Jesus, for advice on this weekend's NFL action.

"It's going to be interesting, I've taken all the sure thing survivor pool bets, and there's a bunch of obvious and not so obvious stuff happening, and, of course, if you want to win, you've gotta have the balls to make some picks which make you nervous," Knapp said. "As Joe Daddio would say, that's why they call it 'gambling'," he added.

Knapp and Football Jesus again raised questions as to the legitimacy of the spread points in the office pool, hinting that George Cappelini Junior, a music industry executive and fan of the band POP EVIL, might have sinister motives.

"These spreads continue to make people wonder exactly what crack might be smoked when they're posted," Knapp said. "There's no way any smart bettor, like FBJ, would take these lines in Vegas, they're whack, like Whitney Houston on smack back when she was with Bobby Brown," he added.

Hear this week's podcast here. 

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Forgive me. Tonight, some words are just going to come out, and it's me dealing with something, so if this gets disjointed, or confusing, I apologize in advance.

Tonight, I'm toasting absent friends.

As life would have it, another friend has been called home.

His name was Dwayne Ward. We called him Cooter.

I forget exactly how the name "Cooter" came to be. As I search the corners of my memory, I seem to recall it was at the suggestion of Kim Stevens, the man who found Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas, who worked for Atlantic at the time. I seem to recall taking one of his calls - or maybe it was over an IM - when he told me to call Dwayne "Cooter" because he was "country, crazy, and, well, you know, like "Cooter" from the Dukes of Hazzard."

Dwayne was country. He was crazy. So 'Cooter' fit and I suppose it stuck, because here we are, almost a decade later, and "Cooter" is still, well, "Cooter."

But what you may not know is this: that he was the most loyal man I've ever known.

When I got the call to come to Tampa, so many things in my life changed. Suddenly, almost as if overnight, while in Lancaster, I heard from people in the industry I'd never heard of before. It's as if I was - all off a sudden - catapulted to place in this game which, suddenly, commanded the attention of, well, virtually everyone.

Among the noise, a couple of voices cut through. Steve Ellis's was one of them. He told me that Atlantic "needed someone to talk to" in Tampa and that "your local, Dwayne Ward, is a great guy and we just want to have a relationship..."

I'm not sure what prompted the call. I'm not sure why. But I'm sure of this. That night at that Italian joint off Dale Mabry, with Ellis, Cooter and Stan the Man, when I said that I felt "'FLZ had no better partner than with Atlantic Records," I meant it.

Make no mistake about it: Dwayne Ward was the reason for that relationship.

Cooter had access to FLZ. To XTB. To all of us. He could walk into 4002 Gandy and come to my office. Jeff's office. Promotions. The studio. Stan's office. Back to the Rock Barn. Wherever. It didn't matter. He was Cooter. We even discussed giving him a FOB and keys to the place at some point. He was just that good -- just that kind of rep. The kind of rep that I bet the majors wish they had nowadays.

Dwayne Ward was something special. He was a force. A once in a lifetime agent of being who found a way to connect, deliver and thrive in a game that was evolving and changing around him.

At a time when relationships and conversations were at a premium, Dwayne had them with our cluster of stations. He valued them. And we were his biggest fans to our colleagues and friends in radio and in records.

Funny. So many locals now - and nationals - could learn from Cooter. It's a strange irony that he wasn't working in the game for whatever reason. Sad. His charisma alone opened so many doors, commanded adds based on relationships and - yes - even spawned drops when push came to shove.

Dwayne was a man who had real relationships. And regardless of what you felt about his mannerisms or his tact or whatnot, this man got business done with WFLZ Tampa while I was there. He got it done honestly. Fairly. Above board. In the clear. With no shade.

He got "sh*t" done by the power of his own will and the strength of his own character. That's why he was special. In a world that is so fake at times, Dwayne -- Cooter D. Wayne -- was real.

I was lucky to become a PD and work with Cooter in Columbia, South Carolina. He was with Capitol, and let me tell you, HE was the reason things got done. Dwayne. Our relationship. Our belief in one another. I could go on and on about the professional, but, when it comes to Dwayne, the majority of the loss I feel comes from the personal.

In my heart, I miss my friend.

At some of the hardest times I've faced as a man, Dwayne was there. He happened to be in town in Tampa when I, due to my own selfishness, came to a point in my life where my own indulgences reached critical mass and forced me to make a choice.

A year later, in Columbia, where my personal life's **ish hit the fan,  I can still hear Cooter telling me to "come out to dinner with me at Mr. Friendly's, crash in my room, because you don't need to be around this right now -- and remember that life is this thing that we have to keep kicking in the ass, because it's worth it."

I woke up the next morning with a sense of purpose, a sense of direction, and thanks to Cooter, a sense of, yeah, hope. Even in the midst of some very personal stuff crashing down around me in a very public way.

Like a faithful friend, Cooter was there for me.

Further down the line, when a different situation - hung over from the Carolina's, ironically - had reached an interesting conclusion, Cooter offered me more wisdom. He reminded me that the journey we were on is a strange "fucked up road trip" and it's not always gonna be easy, but that "it's a helluva ride, isn't it?"

Cooter, you were right. And you have no idea how right you were that in the end, it all works out.

Cooter wasn't doing what he should have been doing at the end of his time on this sphere in space. He was figuring out what to do with the rest of it. I am told he had written a book. I can't wait to read what truths it will reveal.

Cooter and I had drifted a bit at the end, but not so far that a text, or a Facebook message, or a Tweet didn't still connect us. He still had "my number" as is the case no doubt with so many. I'll say this. If Cooter needed anything from me, and if it was in my power to see it through, I'd have made it happen for him.

He'd no doubt have done the same for me.

If you've let a friend drift away tonight, let me encourage you to pick up the phone and make a call. Tell them hello. Let them know you care, and that they occupy a piece of your soul. Don't let those who are --- or were -- closest to you just fade away into the sunset of time's passing. Stoke the fire. Stir the coals.

Make sure you let them know that you remember, that you care, that you love and that you appreciate the role they've played in your life. Even if they've chosen - or if you've chosen - that the role isn't the same as it was when it comes to your life. They had something to offer. They probably still do. Even if it's someone for you - like it is for me in some cases - that you might not really desire to hear from.

Time is. It was. It's going to be.

Don't let history pass without you having the chance to pass along your love - and devotion - to a friend.

Tonight, I toast my lost friend, Dwayne Ward. Through so many times of my life, like a river, he flows through the timeline of my existence here. I'm a better man for knowing him....

... and I miss him.

Tonight, at dinner, by candlelight, Renee and I shared a toast to "absent friends..."

She never knew Cooter.

In describing him, I used one word:


Tonight, one of the most loyal men I've ever known has joined the ranks of "legend..."

And let me tell you... he's earned it.

May we all live with the passion that Dwayne Ward lived with.

Goodnight. And rest well, my friend. I look forward to seeing you again...


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Football Jesus Week FOUR (10/3)

Reach out. Touch faith.

American radio presenter Toby Knapp chatted with his betting shaman, Football Jesus, about Week Four picks for his American Football pool. American football, as you know, is played with an oblong brown ball made of the skin of a pig, as opposed to the more traditional football, played with a round ball which is kicked or hit with the head.

However, this week, Knapp inquired about potential corruption in the football pool, and while he stopped short of blatent allegations, the portly presenter asked enough questions to reveal that he believes something is amiss in the league. Or, he's stirring the pot.
"I'm not saying that Junior is being shady, I'm just asking questions," Knapp said when asked about potential allegations of wrongdoing. "Junior" is a reference to pool supervisor and music industry insider George Cappelini, Junior, son of the legendary music industry promoter George Cappelini, Senior. "I've known and loved Junior for a long time, and if he were doing some improper things, well, this would be the first I'm hearing of it," Knapp added.

Football Jesus explained that he'd seen instances of line tampering in pick 'em pool situations before, and that it was something which did indeed happen from time to time. Then, he gave Knapp his wisdom for his pool picks for this week.

Knapp has trusted the advice of the Football Jesus now for the last two seasons. Prior to that, he performed abysmally in the Football Pool, bringing rise to questions as to how he might perform in bed.
"I will not respond to these questions," Knapp retorted when quizzed on his bedroom prowress. "This has nothing to do with the Redskins and Eagles, or the Jets, but speaking of the Jets, they're on fire, which means either Joe Daddio is getting some, or, he's just really happy."

Daddio is another music industry executive, and longtime Knapp colleague.
"I don't think we can talk about Joe in the bedroom, because he's got a kid now, and as such we know his junk works," Knapp said. "I can't wait for the new Pink to drop on Tuesday."
How, Pink, Daddio's junk or his bedroom performance relate to the podcast is unknown. Neither Daddio nor Pink could not be reached for comment.

Hear the podcast here!

Friday, October 01, 2010

The ProBamaBration with BOB!

The DNC's party faithful and B.O.B. fans held a pep rally last night at the DAR Hall downtown...

I went. I took pics. I rocked out to BOB. After about three songs, the rest of the party faithful, who appeared to not think they could get up and dance, realized they could, too.

The event was fun... and the POTUS is back on offense, which I've BEGGED for so many times here on the blog.

Now, go win the game! We don't play for second place!

Toby Knapp -

Bravo to Salahi's: 'You're fired! - Toby Knapp -

WOW! Bravo reportedly CANS the Salahi's! They won't be back next season!

Bravo to Salahi's: 'You're fired! - Toby Knapp -

Toby Knapp -

BOB was amazing. Obama's on offense. Life is pretty good!

Toby Knapp -

Knapp: Real Housewives my (expletive deleted) - Toby Knapp -

Let's just arrest them now. They're a national security risk to the President of the United States. Can you imagine what the terrorists will be thinking when they watch these morons just waltz into our most famous residence... uninvited? Wow.

Knapp: Real Housewives my (expletive deleted) - Toby Knapp -