Thursday, September 23, 2010

The state of the swamp stinks...

Republicans put forth their Contract for America 2.0 today. They call it the "Pledge to America."

It's a pledge to the tea party.

Basically, it says that the GOP won't be any different than the party which, um, lied to us about Iraq, demolished the budget surplus and ran the economy into the ground so badly that we had to bail out the banks and Wall Street. You know, all that stuff that happened when Bush and the Republibunch ran DC.

But wait, it gets worse. 

The Democrats said they weren't going to bring forth any votes on tax cuts for the middle class before the November elections, putting off some key ammunition they need for fear that the Republicans will say scary words like "tax hikes" on the richest two percent of Americans. 


This season isn't just silly. It's sick. 

"We are not going to be any different than what we've been," said presumptive GOP Speaker John Boehner of Ohio in Virginia to the waiting eyes of the media. 


We're not going to make the uber-rich pay their fair share.

We're not going to give tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas. 

We're not going to budge on DADT. 

We're not going to budge on a woman's right to choose. 

We're not going to do anything about reducing the deficit, or about restoring the budget to the pre-Bush balance it once had.

And the Democrats?

Well, already scared that the President's coat tails aren't as long as they were when he was ushered in by a seismic shift in the political landscape, and scared of the cooky Tea Partiers, well, they're just afraid to do anything. At all. 

And they've got everything in DC. The White House. Congress.

All of it.

Yeah, they're doing nothing, because they're afraid of :30 second TV ads which might make them look evil and angry and bad.

Can I tell you - this SUCKS.

Something is wrong in DC, and sipping some tea at a party with the lobbyists pulling strings isn't going to help the matters any.

We need a revolution for the American class. The people who work their butts off to make sure they have the best they can for their families. One which helps those who need it with a hand up, one which grants human rights like health care to all, one which has people who make themselves invaluable to their employers and who work hard to invent and reinvent themselves so that they never face some random job cuts because they're more than just a number - they're a name. 

The revolution we need aren't some tea party ramblings stoked by some morons, or some idiot puppets on the right and left saying things rubber stamped by Wall Street and big business. After all, they're greedy to keep power, and like Gordon Gekko says, "Greed is good."
It's a joke what is happening in DC. 

It's gotta stop. 

My class - the American class - the class making less than $250k a year, working hard to meet the promise America offers - needs someone to stand up to the bullies. We all know who they are. We all know what they've done. We all know what they say they want to do, which, as their leader says, "isn't different than what they've been doing."

The American middle -- working class -- needs someone to stand up to the bullies.

The Democrats aren't going to do it according to what they said today. The Republicans, well, they're ready to serve us up more of the same war, debt and bailout brunch which got us to where we are now.

Most likely with no mimosa. And while there won't be any Bloody Mary, there will be plenty of blood. 

It's not too late. Someone needs to lead. Before we all get "outsourced..."

Otherwise, the middle class -- the American Class -- is, well, like in Philly...


Vent off. Thanks for reading. 

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