Sunday, September 05, 2010


I just power read Seth Godin's book called "Tribes."

Crushed it. Cover to cover in just over an hour. Straight through.

Ren-wah is taking an MBA class at Hopkins called "Social Media such-and-such" or whatever, and the fascinating thing about is that there are so many people who "think" they know about how to use social media and Facebook and Twitter and blogging and Linked-in and whatever, but in reality, and after reading this book, I've learned something pretty profound:

So-called or self anointed experts know nothing.

They know even less about the POINT of social media. Any social media.

After all, if a tree falls in the woods and no one cares, it clearly fails to make any noise.

I mean, how can you assign 'best practices' to something which is so inherently personal?

You can't.

But, people will try. Managers will try. They'll tell other people to do this or that in an effort to try... and it really won't matter. Leaders will have little time for this... because leaders are the anti-managers...

And there in lies the magic in this book. How to bend the white noise which clutters the social media landscape and make it truly remarkable to a tribe - not a crowd - but a tribe of people who WANT remarkable and not just some 'updated posts' or 'maintained tweets and facebook posts.'

You might want to go read this book... especially if you want to arm yourself with what I think content artists today might need to master if they want to continue to win.... and understand what it means to be remarkable.

Being remarkable is what really got to me tonight. And it's sorta causing me to spew forth a manifesto of sorts...

I strive to be remarkable in what I do and how I live life. I relish being considered a heretic. Criticism of "me" is a drug to me, and I exist to piss off pessimists. I'm willing to screw up, and even fail, because that's part of growth and all modern heretics have done so. The status-quo is evil, a cancer and must be eradicated. I'm here to do it.

In radio, status-quo is easy. It's also why we're at the place we're at now, with a talent development crisis and at a place where we see every other content medium as a threat.

I could cite examples of the 'status quo' but I won't. We know who they are, you know what they do, and how they do radio is, well, about as remarkable as using a hip hop song instrumental bed to stage some lame topic or some stolen bit into a stopset.

Aside -- Let's play what's in my pocket for some 400-level Gaga tickets, be caller 10 now and take a guess! 

I could also take aim at the critics. The ones who really don't exist to do anything but rant and rave about perceived problems, and how "radio has failed" or how "we need to be Apple" or how we lack some "social media strategy" or some other blowhard ramblings from the blowhole of an industry has been and utter failure. You know the ones I'm talking about. They're always quick to point out what is wrong while they never offer any real or solid solutions. Just more noise. You know the types. They're the forces of the past and purveyors of the status quo.

While it would be easy to trash the, well, trash,  I won't. I'd rather shatter the status-quo and create remarkable content and let that speak for me. For us as an industry. For my life.

After all, the status quo is why some are, well, aren't anymore.

So maybe this is my manifesto for radio and my career. It could be, but I have this feeling there are a few people who agree with me. I'm pretty sure there are people who know that we're here - and we're STILL here - to shatter the status quo. To eliminate the obstacles to our collective growth while we strive not to become Apple or Google... but rather to join 'em as heretics mentioned in the same breath as the people who sparked these change catalysts.

Change catalysts.

Change agents.

For radio, and for what is left of my career, however long I'm blessed to continue this ride for, that's what I want to be.

A change agent.

Who's with me?


PS - refuse to settle.

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