Monday, September 06, 2010

Parenting in terminals and tarmacs...

Hi from BWI... I'm on my Blackberry, so bare with me...

I'm glad I get too see this view, but the "squeeze" feeling my heart gets reminds me that love sometimes, well, can bring minor discomfort (using doctor terms)...

I've got to wait til Kyla is airborne before I can leave, and in the post boarding silence I get to pause, watch and think.

I am blessed beyond belief. She brings me so much happiness and joy, and enev though she's posing some, ahem, interesting behavioral challenges at times, I wouldn't trade my "now" for the world.

I'm here to be her daddy, that's all I know. And hopefully be decent at what I do for a living and maybe even to leave a dent in the universe.

Feelings make us who we are. Feel them. They are part of passion's fire.

At least to me. And I'm feeling some feelings right now. Kyla was feeling some as we drove here and I'm telling myself like I told her, that "it's okay..." and "nothing is forever" and that "I'll see you soon..."

Take care of her in the air, Southwest Airlines. Like you always do.


PS - I'm wondering if I were to get her an iPod Touch with FaceTime... if she and I could constantly communicate... I mean, hey, they've got a Skype app... and I'd bet the iPod Touch just replaced the phone -- without the carrier...

Think about it.

Okay she's airborne now. I can leave...


  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Your daughter is gorgeous! Glad you had a wonderful weekend together. My son is grown now, but that doesn't mean i miss him all the time (he's in Denver, me in DC). We both got the new iphone and have face time all the time. It's fantastic!!