Saturday, September 18, 2010

Football Jesus Podcast (9/18)

After posting a respectable week one debut in the George Cappelini Invitational Football Pool, radio host Toby Knapp again spoke with Football Jesus as he prepared for Week Two picks and action.

Football Jesus, real name unknown, has been a "sports shaman" of sorts to Knapp, who found him on a random Google search last season.

"I was tired of getting my arse kicked in the pool, like I did week in and week out during my first season in," Knapp said. "That all changed last season, when I looked to Vegas and found the Football Jesus."

The podcasts became a virtual "schooling" for Knapp, who admits he's mathematically illiterate and who had played the odds with less than spectacular success in the past. "Football Jesus showed me how, well, things work, and how to assess, and how to win," Knapp said.

However, Knapp says he's noticed that, specifically in Week One, that some people competing in the same pool have used information gained in the podcast to telegraph Knapp's picks, a problem that he says he's resolved this week.

"Some of these people, like Joe Daddio, I think, and some others, like Uncle Evil Ross Roy Grierson, are cunning and clever, and would mirror my very successful picks by listening to the podcast and making the same moves I've made," Knapp said. "So this week, we've taken a couple of subtle steps to make sure that these cheats don't bogart all of my special sauce," he said.

Knapp would not elaborate as to what countermeasures were taken, however, he was quick to say that none of the content was intentionally wrong.

"I guarantee that the conversations you hear with Football Jesus are as they were, and are for the most part unedited," he said. "This time, there may be some stuff you DON'T hear til after the first games begin on Sunday, or after the pick deadline passes," he said. "I'm not doing all the work for these punk ass fools."
Joe Daddio could not be reached for content as he was bottle feeding his newborn child at the time. The location of one "Evil Roy" could not be confirmed for this story.

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