Sunday, September 19, 2010


Man this was one of those weeks in the Cappy Pool that you wish you could take back, but that's football, folks. 

I got hosed this week. As it stands now, best case, I'll end up 6-10 and worst case I'll be 4-12 this week. But, the good thing is that we had some amazing games, and conventional wisdom being what it is, I stand with the picks I made given what the lines were.

Still, you always want to win, right?

The good thing is there's always another week! After all, it IS football season!

I watched the games over at the Daddio casa, where the child known as Ever Rose and the MadreDaddio and the PadreDaddio were spellbound by the Jets' massive victory over the Patriots of Wicked Awesome Dunkin Donut land, and while there, Joe said something very profound.

"I love Sundays, its like a holiday, every week," Daddio said while holding his little two month old on his couch. 

He's right. There's just something about football season. A year ago, we threw a surprise birthday party for him. This year, it was a bit more muted, but who cares...

... it's Sunday. It's football season. All is right with the world again.

I can hear some people asking me now "Where is your FOOTBALL JESUS now, Toby..."

He's in Vegas cashing in some winnings. I learned that you have some ups... you have some downs... It's still really early, we're in week two, so we've got a long way to go... and there's a lot of winning yet to be had!

The Cowboys - wow. What happened here? They're NOT the team they were supposed to be this year, and, Jerry Jones can't be happy about things right now. I have this feeling Wade Phillips is on some really, really thin ice. Like really thin. Maybe they can get Jimmy Johnson off of Survivor Island for one last hurrah. Coach Dungy is right... they're beating themselves. Tony, can you go coach the 'Boys?!

The Texans - have arrived. This is the most solid, all around impressive team in the league right now. I remember when the franchise was founded, and I bought a jersey, the guys at FLZ were like "why'd you get their jersey, they're gonna blow..." Well, guys, I'm from Houston, I was raised there, and let me tell ya, it's good to see a winning team back in my hometown for the first time since - wow - the Oilers blew their shot at the Super Bowl... in 1993.

The Jets - Not always a team I paid attention too. Daddio pretty much made me follow them, and I'm glad, because on games like today's game, you realize how good they can be on any given Sunday.

The Wigwams - The 'Skins have a lot to be proud of. They're so much better than they were, and so much more amazing this season than last. McNabb is awesome, Galloway looks like a Seahawk or Buc again and, well, they'll bounce back from this.

The Bucs - Back. 2-0 for first since Gruden/Dungy era! Whoot!

Lots of good stuff... I'm fired up... I love this game!

Anyway, I'm watching the Manning bowl... HRS is working on her Master's classes... I'm thinking that the G-Men won't be getting close to the line on this game... but it's still early, and there's lots of football left to play here. The Colts just scored... AGAIN. Yeah, I don't think the G-MEN are gonna be close enough to have the points help 'em, I reckon.

Oh well!

Hope you're having a good weekend... thanks for reading!

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