Monday, September 27, 2010

Nelly's new video...

Yerrr Duuuurrty Nelly of the STL is back, after five years. Last time we saw him he was in the movie "The Longest Yard" and last time we heard him he was doing country songs with Tim McGraw, which went to number one, by the way.
Anyway, he's back, and his video is pretty ridiculous.
One of the things I've always liked about Nelly is that he's always been more than just some "one trick" pony type. His new song, his sound, and the video prove it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Football Jesus (9/25)

If he could forget last week, he would.

Toby Knapp and the Football Jesus returned to podcast glory this week, after taking a drubbing last week in a tumultous turn of events on Sunday.

Knapp finished the week at the bottom of his Office Football Pool, and he managed to hang on for another week in the Survivor Pool he's in with colleagues from Radio and the Recording Industry.

"Last week was what it was, but this week, it's a new week. It's time to begin again, so bring it on," Knapp said. "I'm looking forward to a huge week, with some great football, too!"

Football Jesus and Knapp highlighted several matchups this week, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens and more being featured. Additionally, the duo discussed the prospects in the Dallas/Houston matchup as well as the possible flight plan of the New Jersey Jets.

"They're in New Jersey. The Meadowlands. They're closer to Teaneck and Hackensack than they are to New York," Knapp commented when corrected about the home city of the Jets. "I liked them better when they were the Titans," he said.

It's unknown if Knapp was under the influence at the time of the podcast.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The state of the swamp stinks...

Republicans put forth their Contract for America 2.0 today. They call it the "Pledge to America."

It's a pledge to the tea party.

Basically, it says that the GOP won't be any different than the party which, um, lied to us about Iraq, demolished the budget surplus and ran the economy into the ground so badly that we had to bail out the banks and Wall Street. You know, all that stuff that happened when Bush and the Republibunch ran DC.

But wait, it gets worse. 

The Democrats said they weren't going to bring forth any votes on tax cuts for the middle class before the November elections, putting off some key ammunition they need for fear that the Republicans will say scary words like "tax hikes" on the richest two percent of Americans. 


This season isn't just silly. It's sick. 

"We are not going to be any different than what we've been," said presumptive GOP Speaker John Boehner of Ohio in Virginia to the waiting eyes of the media. 


We're not going to make the uber-rich pay their fair share.

We're not going to give tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas. 

We're not going to budge on DADT. 

We're not going to budge on a woman's right to choose. 

We're not going to do anything about reducing the deficit, or about restoring the budget to the pre-Bush balance it once had.

And the Democrats?

Well, already scared that the President's coat tails aren't as long as they were when he was ushered in by a seismic shift in the political landscape, and scared of the cooky Tea Partiers, well, they're just afraid to do anything. At all. 

And they've got everything in DC. The White House. Congress.

All of it.

Yeah, they're doing nothing, because they're afraid of :30 second TV ads which might make them look evil and angry and bad.

Can I tell you - this SUCKS.

Something is wrong in DC, and sipping some tea at a party with the lobbyists pulling strings isn't going to help the matters any.

We need a revolution for the American class. The people who work their butts off to make sure they have the best they can for their families. One which helps those who need it with a hand up, one which grants human rights like health care to all, one which has people who make themselves invaluable to their employers and who work hard to invent and reinvent themselves so that they never face some random job cuts because they're more than just a number - they're a name. 

The revolution we need aren't some tea party ramblings stoked by some morons, or some idiot puppets on the right and left saying things rubber stamped by Wall Street and big business. After all, they're greedy to keep power, and like Gordon Gekko says, "Greed is good."
It's a joke what is happening in DC. 

It's gotta stop. 

My class - the American class - the class making less than $250k a year, working hard to meet the promise America offers - needs someone to stand up to the bullies. We all know who they are. We all know what they've done. We all know what they say they want to do, which, as their leader says, "isn't different than what they've been doing."

The American middle -- working class -- needs someone to stand up to the bullies.

The Democrats aren't going to do it according to what they said today. The Republicans, well, they're ready to serve us up more of the same war, debt and bailout brunch which got us to where we are now.

Most likely with no mimosa. And while there won't be any Bloody Mary, there will be plenty of blood. 

It's not too late. Someone needs to lead. Before we all get "outsourced..."

Otherwise, the middle class -- the American Class -- is, well, like in Philly...


Vent off. Thanks for reading. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Man this was one of those weeks in the Cappy Pool that you wish you could take back, but that's football, folks. 

I got hosed this week. As it stands now, best case, I'll end up 6-10 and worst case I'll be 4-12 this week. But, the good thing is that we had some amazing games, and conventional wisdom being what it is, I stand with the picks I made given what the lines were.

Still, you always want to win, right?

The good thing is there's always another week! After all, it IS football season!

I watched the games over at the Daddio casa, where the child known as Ever Rose and the MadreDaddio and the PadreDaddio were spellbound by the Jets' massive victory over the Patriots of Wicked Awesome Dunkin Donut land, and while there, Joe said something very profound.

"I love Sundays, its like a holiday, every week," Daddio said while holding his little two month old on his couch. 

He's right. There's just something about football season. A year ago, we threw a surprise birthday party for him. This year, it was a bit more muted, but who cares...

... it's Sunday. It's football season. All is right with the world again.

I can hear some people asking me now "Where is your FOOTBALL JESUS now, Toby..."

He's in Vegas cashing in some winnings. I learned that you have some ups... you have some downs... It's still really early, we're in week two, so we've got a long way to go... and there's a lot of winning yet to be had!

The Cowboys - wow. What happened here? They're NOT the team they were supposed to be this year, and, Jerry Jones can't be happy about things right now. I have this feeling Wade Phillips is on some really, really thin ice. Like really thin. Maybe they can get Jimmy Johnson off of Survivor Island for one last hurrah. Coach Dungy is right... they're beating themselves. Tony, can you go coach the 'Boys?!

The Texans - have arrived. This is the most solid, all around impressive team in the league right now. I remember when the franchise was founded, and I bought a jersey, the guys at FLZ were like "why'd you get their jersey, they're gonna blow..." Well, guys, I'm from Houston, I was raised there, and let me tell ya, it's good to see a winning team back in my hometown for the first time since - wow - the Oilers blew their shot at the Super Bowl... in 1993.

The Jets - Not always a team I paid attention too. Daddio pretty much made me follow them, and I'm glad, because on games like today's game, you realize how good they can be on any given Sunday.

The Wigwams - The 'Skins have a lot to be proud of. They're so much better than they were, and so much more amazing this season than last. McNabb is awesome, Galloway looks like a Seahawk or Buc again and, well, they'll bounce back from this.

The Bucs - Back. 2-0 for first since Gruden/Dungy era! Whoot!

Lots of good stuff... I'm fired up... I love this game!

Anyway, I'm watching the Manning bowl... HRS is working on her Master's classes... I'm thinking that the G-Men won't be getting close to the line on this game... but it's still early, and there's lots of football left to play here. The Colts just scored... AGAIN. Yeah, I don't think the G-MEN are gonna be close enough to have the points help 'em, I reckon.

Oh well!

Hope you're having a good weekend... thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Football Jesus Podcast (9/18)

After posting a respectable week one debut in the George Cappelini Invitational Football Pool, radio host Toby Knapp again spoke with Football Jesus as he prepared for Week Two picks and action.

Football Jesus, real name unknown, has been a "sports shaman" of sorts to Knapp, who found him on a random Google search last season.

"I was tired of getting my arse kicked in the pool, like I did week in and week out during my first season in," Knapp said. "That all changed last season, when I looked to Vegas and found the Football Jesus."

The podcasts became a virtual "schooling" for Knapp, who admits he's mathematically illiterate and who had played the odds with less than spectacular success in the past. "Football Jesus showed me how, well, things work, and how to assess, and how to win," Knapp said.

However, Knapp says he's noticed that, specifically in Week One, that some people competing in the same pool have used information gained in the podcast to telegraph Knapp's picks, a problem that he says he's resolved this week.

"Some of these people, like Joe Daddio, I think, and some others, like Uncle Evil Ross Roy Grierson, are cunning and clever, and would mirror my very successful picks by listening to the podcast and making the same moves I've made," Knapp said. "So this week, we've taken a couple of subtle steps to make sure that these cheats don't bogart all of my special sauce," he said.

Knapp would not elaborate as to what countermeasures were taken, however, he was quick to say that none of the content was intentionally wrong.

"I guarantee that the conversations you hear with Football Jesus are as they were, and are for the most part unedited," he said. "This time, there may be some stuff you DON'T hear til after the first games begin on Sunday, or after the pick deadline passes," he said. "I'm not doing all the work for these punk ass fools."
Joe Daddio could not be reached for content as he was bottle feeding his newborn child at the time. The location of one "Evil Roy" could not be confirmed for this story.

I'm a fat kid, but not that fat kid -

I'm sick of having to make these denials, but will continue to do so.

PS - Hi, PJ. VIVA!

Toby Knapp - Knapp: I'm a fat kid, but not that fat kid -

Knapp: I want my coffee mug! - Toby Knapp -

When all my coffee mugs are missing, sometimes, I blow a gasket. And keyword: toby news was there to cover it. By the way, the mug was not red. And I don't have a stapler missing. For real.

Knapp on Lohan: trollop, what's wrong with you?

And more that needed to be said...

Knapp on Lohan: trollop, what's wrong with you? - Toby Knapp -

Radio host calls listener make out bandit, refuses to apologize. -

It had to be said...

Toby Knapp - Radio host calls listener make out bandit, refuses to apologize. -

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fox, LA, pics and more...

So many pics from the FOX ECO CASINO fall launch party... so little time! 

Joel Madden on Nicole Richie: She's supermom! -

Joel and Benji from Good Charlotte stopped by today... let me tell you, they're the real deal. How you can have that much fame, and run in the circles they run in, yet still stay so grounded, is a lesson on how to do things...

... Plus, Joel, as a dad, is incredible. Talk about a roll model. Check out our chat over on the HOT/KISS sites... Great hang...

Toby Knapp - Joel Madden on Nicole Richie: She's supermom! -

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Urban Hike...

I love LA.... look... Sunset... and the Hollywood sign through the smog!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Football Jesus Podcast (9/10)

Reach out. Touch faith. 

I'm catching a flight in a few hours for the West Coast, so we got our FBJ on for the weekend today!

Thursday night was a 50/50 for me... I lost (points) in the Office Pool, but made out on the regular... so I can't be too unhappy. Plus, there's always the survivor pool, too...

Are you making some, ahem, picks this weekend? Want to know what to do? Take a listen... and apply the knowledge to your own luck... and see how you do!

Click here to check it out! 

Now let's go eat some God Damn Snacks!

(I'm thinking of getting into some SEC and College Football, too... whatcha think? Comments por favor...)

Rihanna to bloggers: You have no life - Toby Knapp -

Well... when Rihanna wants to say something, she generally makes it pretty clear... This was one of those times, and one of those conversations!

Rihanna to bloggers: You have no life - Toby Knapp -

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Football Jesus (9/9)

Annnnnd... we're back!

Football is BACK in America tonight, and with that, so are the FOOTBALL JESUS podcasts! Who knew, the calls that saved my ass in my football pool became a weekly movement and now, they're back for 2010 with some new voices and the same good advice on, well, all things pro football!

You'll meet some new people in the coming podcasts, but for now, let's get into to the GAME! Tonight... New Orleans and Minnesota... battle it out in the Big EASY!


I've had this on my mind for a while, but the events happening with this Pastor Terry Jones in Florida have compelled me to write this evening. 

I'm not the most religious of people. I'm not perfect. I'm no saint and I'm not trying to be. I'm not here to speak the truth for any one faith, and I find truths in many of this world's faiths - many of which define my spirituality. 

Yet here, tonight, as the Jews celebrate a new year, I sit here unsettled because this one man, with a congregation of fifty, and a penchant for the dramatic, wants to burn the Quran, the Holy Bible as it were, to those of the Islamic faith. 

Let me be clear on something. The Quran did not fly planes into the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. Fanatics, brainwashed by an evil man, did. Islam did not and does not teach violence. This zealot extremist did. So called Muslims might have hijacked those planes that day, but the faith of their fathers, and the faith of millions of people - including millions of Americans - did not. 

I tend to believe in the God of the bible. I choose to embrace the teachings of Jesus. The thing I know - and I'm no religious scholar, nor have I studied all of the intricacies of the different faiths - is that each of these major religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, begin with the phrase "In the beginning..." 

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth..." Genesis 1:1. 

God. We all share the same God. We all believe in the same God. And while there are decidedly different paths, each lead to the same God.

And to me, my God wouldn't want me to burn a Quran. 

I just don't see this as being anything remotely "holy."

I see it as self serving. 

I see it as grandstanding. It's PT Barnum type antics which are like throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire pit. And the man doing them is no more than a shaman, a traveling snake oil salesman who desires fame, the spotlight and his 15 minutes on the viral stage no matter the cost. 

And, this being America, he has the right to free speech. I'll defend it to the death, and I'll defend his right to say what he has to say to the death. 

But responsibility is something different. 

This Quran-burning is irresponsible. It's not patriotism. It's not religion. 

We're a country founded by people who left England because of religious persecution. We're religious misfits, who left to find a place where we could believe in what we believe free from the oppression of the establishment. 

And that's why it's un-American. It's divisive, and these people, from the Glenn Becks (whom I love for what he's about as a radio host) to the Sarah Palins to this clown in Florida, each of whom are playing to religious extremism for personal glory, are all guilty of betraying the very nation they claim to believe in. They have the right to do so, but it's irresponsible, and they don't speak for America. 

In the Holy book I choose to follow, there's a verse which I think needs to remembered here by the religious and the non-religious alike in this situation. It applies to this situation today, and, in this case, I'm thinking it might be what our mutual God might want us to remember at this time. It comes from the New Testament, and it says, "Above all, love each other deeply because love covers a multitude of sins..." 1 Peter 4:8. 

I'm also reminded of the Old Testament, in Proverbs 10:12, where we're urged to remember that "Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs." 

And, as the Quran says, "Repel (evil) with what is better. Then will he, between whom and thee was hatred, become as it were thy friend and intimate. And no one will be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint." Chapter 41, Verse 34 and 35. 

These people in Florida are no different than those who flew these planes into the World Trade Center on 9/11. They're zealots who have stopped believing in the words from the God they claim to follow. 

I'd tell you that what this pastor is doing is no different than what Osama has done. 

It's the opposite side of the spectrum. It's extreme. It's radical. It's hate speech. And it's NOT America. 

Again, it's NOT America.

We have a responsibility as the bastion of freedom in the world to make sure that these extremists don't win. As a world, we have the right to live free from the fear of extremism. 

And we can't lose hope. I'm hopeful that these religious extremists... on both sides... listen. This man is not about American Patriotism, nor does he speak for God. 

He's an extremist.

He's Osama Bin Ladin with a bible, a bonfire and no followers. 

And he doesn't speak for me. Or America. 

I hope this makes sense. I hope the world will take notice. 

Here's to hoping tomorrow is better than today, and thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ashley Tisdale and friends into HANDCUFFS?

So, Ashley Tisdale and her friends have this handcuff thing they do... and her mom told me all about it!

Yes, Ashley Tisdale. Handcuffs. Her mom told me. Really, yes. Her mom.

Ashley Tisdale and friends into HANDCUFFS? - Toby Knapp -

Jason Derulo swaps bed for head

Talked to Jason Derulo today... and he had some, ahem, interesting insights as to his preference for bed over, ahem, head.


That's right.

Derulo swaps bed for head - Toby Knapp -

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Gotta love first grade...


This comes from a first grade teacher I know...


Monday, September 06, 2010

Parenting in terminals and tarmacs...

Hi from BWI... I'm on my Blackberry, so bare with me...

I'm glad I get too see this view, but the "squeeze" feeling my heart gets reminds me that love sometimes, well, can bring minor discomfort (using doctor terms)...

I've got to wait til Kyla is airborne before I can leave, and in the post boarding silence I get to pause, watch and think.

I am blessed beyond belief. She brings me so much happiness and joy, and enev though she's posing some, ahem, interesting behavioral challenges at times, I wouldn't trade my "now" for the world.

I'm here to be her daddy, that's all I know. And hopefully be decent at what I do for a living and maybe even to leave a dent in the universe.

Feelings make us who we are. Feel them. They are part of passion's fire.

At least to me. And I'm feeling some feelings right now. Kyla was feeling some as we drove here and I'm telling myself like I told her, that "it's okay..." and "nothing is forever" and that "I'll see you soon..."

Take care of her in the air, Southwest Airlines. Like you always do.


PS - I'm wondering if I were to get her an iPod Touch with FaceTime... if she and I could constantly communicate... I mean, hey, they've got a Skype app... and I'd bet the iPod Touch just replaced the phone -- without the carrier...

Think about it.

Okay she's airborne now. I can leave...

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Kyla's been here for the holiday weekend... it's been what, two weeks or so since she went back to Mom's in Tampa for First Grade? 

Anyway... she's one of my favorite subjects to shoot, so I went and practiced using my new telephoto lens while she played. Being at a distance allowed me to capture some very striking moments, at least to me... and here are just a few... 

She made a new friend who left... and Kyla, who is amazingly clever, noticed that she wasn't carrying a stuffed monkey she had, and this caused her to worry if her new friend had left it at the playground... 

And below, you'll see where we started to go on a little hike on the woodland trail with another new friend from Sidwell Friends who lived in Holland, or was from Holland. I take it that his dad must either be some form of diplomat or whatnot. 

Anyway, it's amazing that she can fly on her own now and can spend more and more time up here. She's got her "fall/winter" wardrobe here and her more Florida endless summer wardrobe down there with mom... it really is the best of both worlds, and when you consider that she's got her mom and dad on the radio in the same town (sorta) again, well, that's pretty cool too, I think. 

Then, you factor in the new friends, new people and stuff here AND there, and you've got the makings of a pretty impressive life for a six year old. 

I'm blessed, and lucky. I hope that you have the same sorts of blessings in your world... 


I just power read Seth Godin's book called "Tribes."

Crushed it. Cover to cover in just over an hour. Straight through.

Ren-wah is taking an MBA class at Hopkins called "Social Media such-and-such" or whatever, and the fascinating thing about is that there are so many people who "think" they know about how to use social media and Facebook and Twitter and blogging and Linked-in and whatever, but in reality, and after reading this book, I've learned something pretty profound:

So-called or self anointed experts know nothing.

They know even less about the POINT of social media. Any social media.

After all, if a tree falls in the woods and no one cares, it clearly fails to make any noise.

I mean, how can you assign 'best practices' to something which is so inherently personal?

You can't.

But, people will try. Managers will try. They'll tell other people to do this or that in an effort to try... and it really won't matter. Leaders will have little time for this... because leaders are the anti-managers...

And there in lies the magic in this book. How to bend the white noise which clutters the social media landscape and make it truly remarkable to a tribe - not a crowd - but a tribe of people who WANT remarkable and not just some 'updated posts' or 'maintained tweets and facebook posts.'

You might want to go read this book... especially if you want to arm yourself with what I think content artists today might need to master if they want to continue to win.... and understand what it means to be remarkable.

Being remarkable is what really got to me tonight. And it's sorta causing me to spew forth a manifesto of sorts...

I strive to be remarkable in what I do and how I live life. I relish being considered a heretic. Criticism of "me" is a drug to me, and I exist to piss off pessimists. I'm willing to screw up, and even fail, because that's part of growth and all modern heretics have done so. The status-quo is evil, a cancer and must be eradicated. I'm here to do it.

In radio, status-quo is easy. It's also why we're at the place we're at now, with a talent development crisis and at a place where we see every other content medium as a threat.

I could cite examples of the 'status quo' but I won't. We know who they are, you know what they do, and how they do radio is, well, about as remarkable as using a hip hop song instrumental bed to stage some lame topic or some stolen bit into a stopset.

Aside -- Let's play what's in my pocket for some 400-level Gaga tickets, be caller 10 now and take a guess! 

I could also take aim at the critics. The ones who really don't exist to do anything but rant and rave about perceived problems, and how "radio has failed" or how "we need to be Apple" or how we lack some "social media strategy" or some other blowhard ramblings from the blowhole of an industry has been and utter failure. You know the ones I'm talking about. They're always quick to point out what is wrong while they never offer any real or solid solutions. Just more noise. You know the types. They're the forces of the past and purveyors of the status quo.

While it would be easy to trash the, well, trash,  I won't. I'd rather shatter the status-quo and create remarkable content and let that speak for me. For us as an industry. For my life.

After all, the status quo is why some are, well, aren't anymore.

So maybe this is my manifesto for radio and my career. It could be, but I have this feeling there are a few people who agree with me. I'm pretty sure there are people who know that we're here - and we're STILL here - to shatter the status quo. To eliminate the obstacles to our collective growth while we strive not to become Apple or Google... but rather to join 'em as heretics mentioned in the same breath as the people who sparked these change catalysts.

Change catalysts.

Change agents.

For radio, and for what is left of my career, however long I'm blessed to continue this ride for, that's what I want to be.

A change agent.

Who's with me?


PS - refuse to settle.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Is Taylor Swift's Mine about Martin from Boys Like Girls? -

I've just got this feeling that it's true.

Taylor and Martin did make some music together, and I'm one of the 'station staffers' who heard the Sony source tell us about the relationship, so, yeah, if we were in Vegas, I'd put about 20 bucks on it.

Toby Knapp - Is Taylor Swift's Mine about Martin from Boys Like Girls? -

Is TI's Willie Nelson habit back??!

Oh, TI... what happened? You were outta the pen, things were on the up, you had new music...

... and BOOM. It all went south in Hollywood last night. Damn.

Is TI's Willie Nelson habit back??! - Toby Knapp -

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Football Jesus PRE SEASON (9/1)

Aaaaand we're back!

This is the warmup for the new pigskin season... with a brand new FOOTBALL JESUS PODCAST!

Join us as we shake the rust off... new people... new perspectives... new pics... and more... live from SIN CITY with FOOTBALL JESUS who imparts his wisdom on us all!

It's on demand right now HERE or you can click on the Live365 link over there >>> to hear it, too!

** note ** if you encounter problems with the player, email me, and I'll try to fix them, or just download the mp3 audio.