Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The smell in this town...

Sometimes, in this town, the stench of the rhetorical manure stinks to high heaven.

Today, it's rather poignant.

I got this email from the US Chamber of Commerce which basically said we're facing the largest tax increase in history.

Where have I heard this before?

Oh yeah. That's right. They tried to pin this on Clinton. Remember? When he got into office, faced with balancing the budget after 12 years of out of control spending by the previous GOP administration? When he raised taxes on the people who MAKE THE MOST MONEY while easing the burden on the people who make the least and the middle class?

Remember, back when we balanced the budget and brought about the largest peacetime economic expansion in the history of our nation?

So basically, these tax cuts from Bush, which funded the tax rebates he doled out to the American People from the budget surplus - which evaporated mysteriously after 9/11 - are set to expire. And then, the tax rates on the uber-rich will return to a fair share level in my opinion.

Naturally, the rich don't really like it. But it's funny. They bitch and complain yet they don't pay their fare share anyway. Hell, even Warren Buffet says that he pays less in taxes than his personal assistant.


Loopholes. Good accountants. Judicious exploitation of the tax code. No matter what you call it, there are ways, and the rich hire people to find those ways.

Until you make a law.

Then the law expires and you're faced with having to pay the piper for your decade of decadence. This time is now coming.

Anyway, the stench continues to be out of control in this town. People seem to have amnesia. Like the Chumbawumba song which - strangely enough - is almost about this situation right here. It's about why in the UK one political party tossed out the former ruling party.

This article from the Slate today made me think. Then it made me remember exactly why we're at the place we are today. Why so many people are out of work. Why so many corporations were allowed to exploit so many only to lay them off. Why Wall Street was allowed to make the people 'assume the position' as so many made out with so much money while we bailed them out with trillions in tax payer funds...

Amnesia. Don't let it happen to you. Don't let the people who bankrupted us, and took us into two senseless wars, and who still bend over for Wall Street, get one over on you - and us - again.

Here's a good speech from the POTUS about this...

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