Thursday, August 05, 2010

I'm sorry.

Click here for exclusive pics from inside the DC Housewives Premiere party last night!


If you watched this bullsh*t called the "Real Housewives" of Washington, DC, I would like to,  on behalf of the city I call home, apologize.

This was the most misguided representation of life here that I've ever seen.


I've lived here four years now. While that's not a 'lifetime' by any means, I can say that I've lived enough life in this town to know what "real" is. And, what it isn't.

It's not what you watched on this show tonight.

Now, I'm not discounting the people on the show. Some of these people are genuine. They've worked their asses off to succeed in what is a very tough town. They've built what appear to be strong businesses and seem to have earned their place in the community. If you watched this show, you know who they are.

But, there are others... in particular, two others, who make this entire thing an embarrassment.

The Salahis.

They're our national embarrassment. They're the example of everything which is wrong in this country, let alone in this city.

And they're not even from this city.

Let me go ahead and point out what exactly you need to realize was total bovine excrement about this show:

1) What you saw tonight was filmed AFTER the Salahi's crashed the White House State Dinner, breaching security in the bubble and exposing certain flaws which pose a national security threat to the first family of the United States. We know this because the failed Polo Match happened AFTER the "State Dinner" incident.

2) Speaking of the Polo Match which did NOT happen on the National Mall - Land Rover DID NOT sponsor this event. And, it was barely attended. In fact, no one was there. They were begging for people to come up until the day before the event actually happened.

3) The woman who spoke tonight from the "Obama administration" is the woman the Salahi's say "invited" them to the White House on the night of the State Dinner. What you just saw tonight was admissible in court, and probably just cost that woman her job.

4) The Oasis Winery is shuttered. It's all but barren. It's worth nothing, run into the ground by this Salahi dude and his wife.

5) Michaele was a radio station receptionist. In fact, she worked at WKRZ Wilkes-Barre. She never finished college, she might have just attended this school, she was a failed model and a failed small town type who met this Tareq dude who, I take it, promised her the world. Too bad he wasn't paying for any of it. She borrowed all the jewelry she wore in the show, borrowed all the jewelry and clothing you saw her wearing, and as the story on my site at kw: toby says, she almost didn't give ANY of it back.

6) We've seen enough in just this first episode (images of the Salahi's in their state dinner clothes from the premiere) to deduce that the party crashing of the State Dinner was a pre-meditated event which was concocted to build publicity for this show and, when the Salahi's basically LIED to Congress, they made the network of NBC/Universal liable in a Federal case.

7) The Salahi's will be arrested by the time the fifth episode airs. If I'm wrong, it will follow, because they're so full of equine excrement that it can't possibly NOT happen.

8) They're pathological liars and proven con artists, who have had cars repossessed, who have had houses foreclosed on,  and who have screwed people - honest people - out of millions of dollars. Oh, but none of it's their fault, and for those they do owe, well, they intend to repay it. Really. Just as soon as the "millions" they're owed come in from whatever crack pipe dream they're believing in.

It's an embarrassment for this town. It's an embarrassment for the people on this show who actually amount to something legitimate in this town.

But most of all, it's an insult to the nameless, faceless mothers... single mothers in Southeast DC... who work two jobs, with three kids, who are raising their families alone in an imperfect world,  but in a city which they think just might provide a little bit of perfection for their children.

DC's a city bigger than this bovine waste. It's a city more dynamic than what Bravo and Universal/Comcast/NBC have attempted to make us believe. It's a city with so much to offer and with so many new and exciting things happening that this show just doesn't do it justice.

Look past the con artists. Get past the fake-rich. Find the real. When you do, the "real" DC will show you what I've found here...

... and that's an energy which inspires me to live a better life.

A life which makes a difference and leaves a mark.

Oh, and PS - the BEST winery in Virginia wine country is Doukenie Winery.

Thank you.


  1. No, Thank you Toby! This needed to be said by someone.

  2. Anonymous11:40 PM

    we already know what great of a city DC really is. hopefully this show will draw people away from DC. It's getting too crowded.

  3. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Amen to everything you said. I was born and raised in DC and those people are such idiots! I'm disappointed in Bravo for giving them a show!