Friday, August 13, 2010

DC Housewives...

Again, I want to point out that there are some amazingly dynamic women, and people here, but the thing I again find so ridiculous is that the Salahi's have nothing.

The winery is closed. The Salahi's are broke. They're not paying any bills. It's pretty ridiculous actually. So, their "house" wasn't actually their house. It was a borrowed house. The elaborate BS set up at the barn where they did some horseback riding? Yeah more BS. The amount of ridiculousness with these two is just insanity. Read more here. Amy over at the WaPo does a pretty good job at dissecting this insanity!

Oh... btw... check out this poll... for the best Virginia Winery... do you see OASIS on here? LOL Didn't think so.

The other thing I'm wondering out loud is if the reason the Salahi Con Artists weren't at the soul food party at Aunt What's-her-name's house because they've been booted from the show...

The thing to know - is that this show is totally filmed and pieced together all out of order. We know when the Salahi's crashed the White House State Dinner... keep that in perspective while you watch. Also, realize too that this so-called Polo event is a DC disgrace, is a laughingstock when it comes to social events here.

And, while we're at it, and Land Rover has NOTHING to do with the polo match, so every time you watch this show or read this show, realize it's just... ridiculous and bull$$$$.

And finally, while we're at it... there is great Virginia wine. It's from Doukenie. A real winery. Not the shuttered, out for repossession, in foreclosure Oasis winery...

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