Monday, July 19, 2010

What a great song...

I'm sitting here working on some questions I've got for an industry thing coming up where I get to pose questions in a face off sorta thing with someone who I consider to be one of my closest and best amigos in this life... and tonight thinking about questions and talking to Nay2 about stuff related to, well, a previous summer and stuff, I thought about how in a world where we can pollute ourselves with - well - manufactured everything from High Fructose corn syrup that your body doesn't know how to process so it stores it as fat to fake powdered milk called non-dairy creamer - it feels good to know that there are a few things in this game which are real. 

My friend is real. So are relationships that I have with those closest to me. And that's pretty refreshing to me... because I'd prefer to have some Whole Foods sorta things going on in my personal life over some processed sorta powdered creamer fake milk sorta stuff. 

I mean, mission accomplished, right? 

Steven Jenkins was dead on with this song. If you "get it" you'll know what I mean. If you don't, well, have a pop tart. 

LOL. But, are you real to those closest in your world, or are you non-dairy creamer? 

I better get over my addiction to sugar free french vanilla syrup... there's not much good that can come from these ingredients I can't pronounce... 

... and I hope that your lives aren't full of similar ingredients which look good on the surface but are actually toxic when you dig past the glitz on the label! 

Adios homies. 3EB 4 LIFE!

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