Friday, July 23, 2010

Watching CNN...

... What was allowed to happen to Shirley Sherrod is just a crime.

Its a shame. Obama is having success after success... Win after win for Americans - average Americans. So what do the Right wing elitists do?

Start a so-called race issue.


We can't let this fear mongering stand. While we're at it, let's just acknowledge that in the world today, blogs are not news outlets. They're not governed by rules and regulations or internal standards and practices which guide news organizations. When I was a younger dude, I wrote for a couple of newspapers in the towns I lived in. Like real newspapers. With real editors, that printed every day. We had rules. We had formatics. It wasn't high school journalism and if you had an axe to grind, you saved it for the opinion section.

Not so today. Any jackass with a blog and a hair up his ass can write about anything, edit some video to look and sound worse than it is and feed it as "source" material to a network, like FOX, which has ultra right radicals on the air clutching marching orders which say to attack the President by any means necessary.

And people get fired over conjecture. It's a damn shame.

We need to get FOX and others in check. It's going beyond free speech. I defend their right to say what they want to the death, and I may not agree with it, but when you start to hurt people innocent of any wrongdoing, well, that's just not okay in my book.

What happened to Shirley Sherrod can not be allowed to stand. It can't be allowed to happen again.

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