Friday, July 02, 2010

Toby Knapp - I spy with my little eye... -

Toby Knapp - I spy with my little eye... -

I'm fascinated by this Russian spy case.

No surprise there. I was fascinated by the Robert Haansen case and pretty much all tradecraft - and the people involved - fascinate me. James Bond? Well, what he does is real from a certain point of view, but when you stop to think about it, this deception sort of stuff happens all the time here and in major cities all across the US, but we just never know about it.

Anyway, this Russian situation made me think... are our pools in the DMV the training ground for these new clandestine agents from the FSB? All the lifeguards... are from former Eastern European countries. Former Soviet countries.

Are they spies?

Is their pool company a big front for some sort of covert world?

I had to find out. So I called Peter Earnest, the Executive Director for the International Spy Museum in DC. He also happens to be former CIA. Like, for real-real-real deal CIA. For 35 years. He recruited spies. He found 'em. He knew how to pick 'em and how to expose 'em. He's James mothaeffing Bond meets Jason Bourne.

Here he is, btw...

His museum is one of my favorites, and it's a must visit place for you if you're ever in the Nation's Capital. Ask for him at the door. Tell 'em I sent you. They might laugh at you, or they could take care of you...

Anyway, our conversation on the Russian situation is a fascinating talk... if this sort of thing interests you as it does me. If it doesnt, well, then you might think it's a bunch of bull$hhh......

Check it out here!

And, get to for more of my thoughts on this Russian thing, and spies, and the lifeguards at the pool!

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