Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Silly Bands...

Silly Bands are the new Jelly Bracelets.

You probably had some of them once upon a time.

This one time, when I was probably younger than like 10, I tried to jack a bunch of jelly bracelets in my batting glove from Marshalls once. My mom caught me, but I had to have some Jelly Bracelets because, well, everyone had ‘em.

So I didn’t get ‘em that day. But eventually I did get some, and with them I made the annoying gloves out of multi-colored non-biodegradable plastic or whatever which wrapped around every finger on each hand, with a wrist sleeve of about 10 more different colors. Why? I don’t know. Where are they now? Probably a part of Trash Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Flash forward 2.5 decades, and Kyla has to have the new jelly bracelets… called Silly Bands. Everyone has them. They’re rubber bracelets which are brightly colored bands of neon goodness circumnavigating the wrists of children everywhere by day, but when removed from the wrist, they return to a normal size and shape of – well – anything.

Kris Allen’s is a cross.

Kyla’s friends have some that are hearts.,

The Nats and Rangers have some, too. Trust me, Kyla found 'em and had to have 'em. 

I have no idea what packs I got her at the Hallmark earlier, but she’s got a ton of them and all the kids love them. And she loves to show them to her friends.

I wonder how long until this passes.

She’s into webkins now. She was in to the Zhu Zhu pets.

They’re all destined for goodwill, right? At some point?

It makes me wonder what I was thinking when I tried to get myself some jelly bracelets like a fool back in the day. Funny, I don’t remember what color they were, but I do remember the butt whippin’ I got from my mom when we got home after I got caught at the store!

It’s funny. Today’s “I need” is tomorrow’s “let’s donate”. Or, it’s today’s “must have item” which becomes tomorrow’s “what can I sell on ebay thing” .

Funny how life works, right? 

Thanks for reading.

PS – Kyla doesn’t know this, but I bagged up all her silly bracelets three days ago. I found ‘em in bunches here and there and I wanted to see how long it would take for her to know that they’re ALL missing.

It’s been three days now and not a peep.

Hmm. :-) 

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