Friday, July 30, 2010


Before I let you go, let me talk about one more thing.

There is a bunch of talk about this Bush-era Tax Cut on the Rich which he passed, which funded the rebates the American people got when the Clinton era stuff had brought us back into a surplus sort of situation with the economy. Seeing this as basically being crack for a crack-head people who were hooked on income, Bush said, basically, give 'em crack.

So they did. Because we all know that crack is good.

Anyway, 9/11 happened. We needed to fight some wars to make it look like we were doing the right thing,  so Bush people said "damn the surplus, that's pre-9/11 mentality stuff" and they brought us back into massive debts. They basically ran our bank account negative as a country.

Now, the GOP and RNC are trying to tell you that we need to extend these tax cuts because if we don't, we're going to punish what essentially make up 2 percent of the country.

It's bull***t.

To SCARE you, they're calling it a "tax hike".

It's bull***t.

To demonize and play politics and to keep you as a modern day slave to fear, they're saying things like "tax hike" and "increase of taxes" which honestly, don't effect most of you. They effect the richest 2 percent of people. Most likely, you'll never know about this or feel it's effects. But honestly, they need to tell you some lies... and they are afraid of the blatant truth: that the Bush tax cuts which caused us to go deeply into debt, need to come to an end FOR THE RICHEST 2 PERCENT OF AMERICAN PEOPLE so that we can reduce the debt.

Truth: This is a deficit reduction package. The GOP wants to stop it. 

What does that mean? 

It means they want to keep us in debt. 

Read this. 

Long story short - make the richest 2 percent of the country - the Warren Buffetts who play less than their receptionists do in taxes - liable for what they truly owe. Clinton did, and we had surplus budgets. Bush didn't, and we had massive debt. Then he went to war. Then he did some medicare stuff. Then Wall Street needed some hush money.

Now we're broke. And deeply in debt.

Make the 2 percent pay their fare share, and reduce the debt by the biggest percentage in a generation.

That's where the real message is here. The RNC and GOP are playing games - and don't want you to know what they really want:

The GOP wants to stop the biggest deficit reduction package in American History. One that will instantly bring us closer to being a debt free country. Like we were under Clinton. Before the Bush lies and innuendo.

What will you say to this now that you know the truth?

You can stop the lies.

Tell the truth. Call it out. Watch what happens.

You say you want a revolution...


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