Monday, July 19, 2010


... has his hands full. I mean, go figure, you've accomplished some pretty historic stuff in addition to making history with your Presidential election.

But history is not easily made, and it's not easily made without struggle and let me tell you, I've never seen so much stuff come at someone who has accomplished so much but who still has so much to prove. This morning, I read a pretty good Op-Ed in the Washington Post which was written by a Bush II advisor which I think gets to the heart of what the President needs to do to regain the common ground and the high ground and in turn, the hearts and minds of the people who overwhelmingly sent him to DC.

He's gotta lead like he said he was going to do when he was a candidate.

He needs to get back to the middle ground, and stand in the gap between both sides rather than just floating along in the gray area of the political spectrum.

He needs to lead like he said he was going to do as a candidate. With a clear vision. With an ability to unite all and to move us forward in a transformation sort of way. He needs to call out the rhetoric from the lobbying world while asking the elected to take a hard look at what is right and doing this as opposed to leading from the position of what is politically expedient.

He's gotta make sure the American people know what Wall Street reform and Health Care really will do for them.

He's gotta shut up Biden who becomes the side show way too often.

He's gotta get some balls and lead with a swagger. He's the President of the United States for God's sake. He's earned the right. He has the power and the bully pulpit. He needs to use it. Reagan did. And the world pretty much believed he was the political s***.

I think if Obama is to rebound - which, mark my words - he will do - he's gonna have to huddle up with James Carville and Paul Begala and dump the dudes who make him play the game in DC which is the cause of so many problems.

He might want to consider nominating Hillary Clinton to run for VP in his next election.

He also needs to take the situation in Afghanistan and turn it from nation building... and to direct the full force of the United States toward finding Osama Bin Ladin... which is after all the reason we're there to begin with, and which was the original reason for us sending so many thousands of troops to die so far from home.

I voted for a President who I believe can take us closer to the shining city on a hill we all believe in with a degree of hope and nostalgia for this experiment called America. I believe he's the guy who can do it, but his message is non existent for whatever reason right now and as a result, the message is being defined for him by people who damn near bankrupted the country and who took us into battles we didn't need to be fighting in the name of a war which should have been over with long ago.

I still believe in a place called "hope..." A shining city on a hill. And I believe that yes, we can eventually climb to this mountaintop and cross into the other side...

... but it's not going to happen the way it's been happening. And I'm believing that the best is still just ahead...

But for that to happen, President Obama will need to be the transformational figure that Colin Powell told us he would be when he pledged his support to the man from Chicago. For that to happen, he's going to need to get back in the ring and figuratively and literally punch these pundits in the nose.

It's been said that it takes a year to get used to the job, and a year to figure out how to do the job. We're coming to the time when the POTUS will need to do the job. If he's learned from his hard knocks over the last 18 months, then we're about to see the most impressive Presidency in modern times. If he hasn't, then, well, we'll be deciding on a new standard bearer soon...

... and right now, given the potential state of the choices, well, that scares the living S*** out of me.

Come on, Mister President. Get in the ring. Fight back while you still can... and do it before it's too late!

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