Friday, July 23, 2010


There's a lot of noise right now.

In life.

In the world.

Right now, there's a fan blowing in my place. See, the air conditioning had a bit of a drain leak, and the water somehow got into the carpet. I guess it was inside the carpet or something, but anyway, it's drying. But there's some noise from the fan.

A lot of noise.

So I tune it out while watching the news, which, interestingly, features a bunch of stories about, yeah, more noise. Most of this noise is interesting to me, personally. It seems to distract the people from the fact that in the last two weeks, the President has had some pretty exciting wins. He's reigned in Wall Street. He's extended unemployment benefits for people who were the victims of big business trying to make sure shareholders were happy as the recession set in almost 18 months ago. He's already delivered health care. He's finding win after win, but, of course, there's always another side in the political world, so they seem to be fighting tooth and nail to make as much noise as they can to ensure that the story isn't about Obama's wins... instead, it's about this nonsense they've invented. They dredge up things and ideas which, unfortunately, are still scary to some people in the hope that we'll not pay attention to the success of the President.

Noise. It's funny. There's always noise. The murmur of those who like to stir the pot or gossip or whatever in some places. They think they're unheard, but the people who control their future are very much aware of the 'buzzing' of their tongues and the consequences of nonsense have already been decided. Sad, really. Had some taken less time to "buzz," they might have become some pretty important people in their organization. There's the murmur of those who don't make much more than a murmur, who hope that someone - anyone - will notice them. Then, there are those who have it all, but who have made so much senseless noise for themselves that, like this fan in my place tonight, they get tuned out so that their noise may be noise, but it's unheard noise anymore. There's even the noise of those who have made so much noise blaming others for their plight in life that sadly, no one even listens or offers sympathy to the anymore.

I'm going to switch the fan off. The only noise I hear now is the hum of the refrigerator, the fan of the air conditioning and the whir of the fan in my bedroom. Outside, I can hear what Darrin from our team at HOT described to me once as "natures white noise..." It blends with the few remaining sounds inside the house as sleep starts to take hold. Somewhere in that noise I hear the deep breaths of the most precious thing in my life who took off into the magic kingdom of her dreams long ago...

... it's off to that place I hope to meet her in as the noises lull me into slumber.

Tonight, blanketed in nature's white noise or shrouded in the silence of where ever you are, I hope you find rest, peace and maybe, if you're lucky, a new adventure in your dreams.

Good night, friends. Thanks for reading.

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