Friday, July 16, 2010

Lone Star...

Damn, let me tell you about this new show I just watched. It will be on FOX later this fall. It's, well, scary unreal how amazing it is.

It's called Lone Star, and basically, it takes place in Texas, and the key character is a con artist who is way past borrowing money for schemes and ideas which end after three months with a string of unpaid vendors,  an unpaid staff and an eviction notice from a landlord because you didn't pay rent on yet another house or business rental unit.

"Son, this is a house of cards... you don't get to live in it..." is a line the central character's dad says to his son when he pulls him out of Midland, Texas where he's basically living a double life.

It's money. It's sex. It's a guy with two relationships - two marriages - and who has scammed more people than I can count. And, it runs in his family.

The show is about oil, gas, screwed up families, and this newcomer grifter, played by James Wolk, shrouds himself in his two roles with brilliance. It's almost unreal how he balances the lies, walks between the deceptions and convinces the pants off everyone - in both lives he's concocted for himself as well as with his father - in his pursuit of navigating the sea of deception he's adrift in while battling his internal moral compass, which, it seems, has brought him to an impasse. Let me tell you this, the cons run so deep and are so convincing that well, I can see how some schemers in real life are able to inflict the damage they do... and get away with it.

But, you get the feeling that while this house of cards may become pretty, well, elaborate, that eventually, it's going to come crashing down from one of so many angles... as there are so many people in his double lives that keeping the lies straight will virtually be impossible.

Jon Voight is on the supporting cast for this show along with a cast of characters who show others support Wolk with brilliance. The show is brilliant. Another master stroke from FOX who need to fill the gaping hole with a drama which cuts through the noise in the genre now that 24 and Jack Bauer have ridden off into the sunset of the big screen.

I have a feeling if you love the intrigue and are fascinated by how people can bold faced lie and con people - as well as how people can fall for the insanity - you'll love this show. Look for it to premiere this fall, and check back here tomorrow for some exclusive webchatter with members of the Lone Star cast who are right now barnstorming the east coast on a media blitz!

Congratulations, Fox. You did it again.

* in the interest of full disclosure, I enjoy a great relationship with FOX and they've had me to several of their press events in my role with the radio stations, on whom FOX spends a ton of cash in advertising. That being said, my feelings and impressions of the show are my own - as I'd hope that's why FOX allows me these very cool opportunities.

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