Friday, July 09, 2010


This whole LeBron thing is not about Cleveland and Miami.

It's about "Los Angeles and Chicago."

I mean that in the classic sense of the phrase. This is a classic battle of historic proportions in the NBA. For the soul of those who have been fans of the NBA since, well, it's inception.

And it's about two people not even playing in the game. Sure, coaching is one thing, and whatever. But this is about two people who are battling to become the best ever.

It's about Pat Riley and Phil Jackson.

It's about who is the best ever. About which one of these two giants among men is - in pro basketball - the one. The best at managing people. The best at unleashing talent. The best at building the most dynamic team in basketball since, well, the Dream Team.

You know the one, right? Pippen. Bird. Drexler. Jordan. Magic. Ewing. Drexler. The roster tells the story. 

We're about to witness the greatest NBA story ever told in the history of the league. Watch. Who will reign as the best ever, and who will just be... "great..."

The match is between two titans. Two coaches. Both have impacted history...

... but as is with any story in any great rivalry, there can only be one.

The stage is set. The players are still being finalized. Pat Riley versus Phil Jackson. East Coast and West Coast. Miami and Los Angeles. Both coaches are champions. But only one... can make history.

Buckle up, sports fans!