Monday, July 26, 2010

King LeBron thinks his fans...

... are number one! 

Fig is just a fan. So is Showbiz Shelly. So last night, while I tapped out, Fig went to Lavo at Pallazzo (@lavolasvegas via twitter) here on the Strip in Vegas...

... and lo and behold, LeBron was there. With many unknown women around according to Fig... but that's neither here nor there. All men are entitled to the right to have fun, party a bit and enjoy the decadence of their success in this City of Sin.

But wow. King James. Wow.

So much for "home team..."

Want the actual pic? Find Fig on Facebook or email me and I'll send it to you!

I got Fig, who works for the Canton/Akron station in his home town to give me his thoughts here in our room at the Encore. Actually, It's Scant's, I'm just life-boating here tonight to save some cash!

He took the pic,  and got the #1 from King James after he told the King that Akron still loved him... see it here! 

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