Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hurry up, Daddy! Let's SWIM! WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

Okay.... LaLa (a nickname from when she was two, when she called Elmo "lala") decided to swim... with about 30 minutes left til our pool closes for the day. Good timing, I guess.

Funny, she left her craft stuff out on the dining room table!

I love this pool... I love summer! Excuse me while I go float on modest mouse style...

... even though we've got alot to do, and stuff to finish when it comes to our "being neat and clean and ready to always entertain guests at the place..."

I don't blame her for wanting to jump in. She said, "Okay, Daddy, I'm ready now, let's go..." and within 30 seconds, she was in her suit, sunscreen on (even at the end of the day) with flops on her feet and a towel under her arm.

I'm glad she loves the water. I'm glad she loves to swim. It's funny, she had been taught how to doggy paddle, but, after watching me swim so much with the breast stroke, she finally picked it up and can now swim almost out 1/2 way across the pool before coming up for air. She's like a little frog... and she's come so far from swimming like a dog in the last three weeks it's pretty insane.

I'm blessed.

I never knew how ridiculously amazing it would be to be called daddy, and to be loved so unconditionally. If only grown ups could realize how easy it is...

... perhaps there'd be more, well, love in our world.

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