Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sometime, being a local blows in DC, especially when you try to hit a popular place that is on a tv show...

This is the line at Georgetown Cupcake in Bethesda.

Ridiculous. But good for DC and our image.

And the Cupcakes are damn tasty, too.

Ahhh all becuz we wanted to get a surprise for Renee... and because it's one of Kyla's favorite places AND she was pretty awesome all day today and was very helpful to me with a great attitude, too.

... Best of intentions...  I guess ;)

Did LeBron stiff his tattoo artist?! -

Toby Knapp - Did LeBron stiff his tattoo artist?! -

Check this out - Posted it over on the HOT/KISS sites, and will prob post on the 98/Planet sites as well for Sunday/Monday...

When it REIGNS on the KING, it POURS! LOL!

> shaking my head <

Friday, July 30, 2010

Got Spunk?

Cubby - who is still the greatest PM drive jock... Ever... Posted this snap he took on his twitter.

I shat and peed myself.


PS - Long Live King Cubby!!!

Thriving Ivory...

Stopped by the office... They're playing DeeCee at the Iota tonight... Which should be a very cool acoustic sorta hang for fans...

They are sick talented... And you should check em out...

I have crabs...

Is it booj to have crabmeat with a toasted bagel for breakfast?

I am having breakfast with FGTBPITWWW HRS... More later!!!

Face off...

Hahahaha! Here's some fun AM reading!!!

FMQB News -


Before I let you go, let me talk about one more thing.

There is a bunch of talk about this Bush-era Tax Cut on the Rich which he passed, which funded the rebates the American people got when the Clinton era stuff had brought us back into a surplus sort of situation with the economy. Seeing this as basically being crack for a crack-head people who were hooked on income, Bush said, basically, give 'em crack.

So they did. Because we all know that crack is good.

Anyway, 9/11 happened. We needed to fight some wars to make it look like we were doing the right thing,  so Bush people said "damn the surplus, that's pre-9/11 mentality stuff" and they brought us back into massive debts. They basically ran our bank account negative as a country.

Now, the GOP and RNC are trying to tell you that we need to extend these tax cuts because if we don't, we're going to punish what essentially make up 2 percent of the country.

It's bull***t.

To SCARE you, they're calling it a "tax hike".

It's bull***t.

To demonize and play politics and to keep you as a modern day slave to fear, they're saying things like "tax hike" and "increase of taxes" which honestly, don't effect most of you. They effect the richest 2 percent of people. Most likely, you'll never know about this or feel it's effects. But honestly, they need to tell you some lies... and they are afraid of the blatant truth: that the Bush tax cuts which caused us to go deeply into debt, need to come to an end FOR THE RICHEST 2 PERCENT OF AMERICAN PEOPLE so that we can reduce the debt.

Truth: This is a deficit reduction package. The GOP wants to stop it. 

What does that mean? 

It means they want to keep us in debt. 

Read this. 

Long story short - make the richest 2 percent of the country - the Warren Buffetts who play less than their receptionists do in taxes - liable for what they truly owe. Clinton did, and we had surplus budgets. Bush didn't, and we had massive debt. Then he went to war. Then he did some medicare stuff. Then Wall Street needed some hush money.

Now we're broke. And deeply in debt.

Make the 2 percent pay their fare share, and reduce the debt by the biggest percentage in a generation.

That's where the real message is here. The RNC and GOP are playing games - and don't want you to know what they really want:

The GOP wants to stop the biggest deficit reduction package in American History. One that will instantly bring us closer to being a debt free country. Like we were under Clinton. Before the Bush lies and innuendo.

What will you say to this now that you know the truth?

You can stop the lies.

Tell the truth. Call it out. Watch what happens.

You say you want a revolution...


PS - want or need some free health care? Go to Find one close to you. Get the help you need. We're a better country than what you're told we are. Here's some proof.

RNC/GOP: "Screw the 9/11 heroes..."

Enough is enough.

Tonight, 9/11 heroes who are counting on some help - who need some help - who gave of themselves so selflessly when our country was attacked... were left to die at the WTC site. 

The House, led by GOP/RNC opposition, failed to pass this 9/11 Responder Aid Package which would have provided these people who are suffering for putting themselves at risk on that fateful day, with health care.

Read this story. 

Here are a few highlights:

GOP critics branded the bill as yet another big-government "massive new entitlement program" that would have increased taxes and possibly kill jobs.

To pay the bill's estimated $7.4 billion cost over 10 years, the legislation would have prevented foreign multinational corporations incorporated in tax haven countries from avoiding tax on income earned in the U.S.

Bill supporters said that would close a tax loophole. Republicans branded it a corporate tax increase.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the vote an "outrage." He said it was clearly a tactic designed to stall the bill.

"This is a way to avoid having to make a tough decision," Bloomberg said, adding that the nation owes more to "the people who worked down at 9/11 whose health has fallen apart because they did what America wanted them to do.

This s***t is ridiculous and must come to an end.  

Let me get this straight: multi-national companies, from other countries, who set up shop in, say, the Cayman Islands so they can avoid paying income taxes, get away with paying NOTHING for doing business in the states -- were going to have this BS loophole SHUT, forcing them to PAY THEIR FARE SHARE of TAXES THAT THEY ARE LEGALLY CHEATING ON... in order to save the lives of some 9/11 heroes? 

Yup. That's how the bill would have been paid for. 

But, the GOP, already greased up with money from the health care industry and more, see this is as being another step in providing the health care human right to all people and as a threat to business and industry and contributors, so they tank it. But, their problem wasn't that they tanked it, its' that some of their own realize what was at stake and SUPPORTED IT. But, it wasn't enough. And big business - with the accomplice the GOP/RNC - said to let the heroes die. And they blocked it from passing. 

And in doing so, this became the latest reminder as to why we punted these people into political Siberia when we elected President Obama. 

The problem in this town is that this town is - in particular- that the elected in the GOP, are so hell-bent on stopping President Obama that they're willing now to LET 9/11 HEROES DIE. 

Read this again: The GOP and the RNC want to let the 9/11 HEROES DIE.

This can't be allowed to happen. 

By not passing this bill, the GOP stopped the work of the people who did, like Mayor Bloomberg said, "what the American people wanted them to do." They saved lives. They put their own lives at risk. They're paying the price for that selflessness. The least we could do would be to help them in this their hour of need. 

But no. The Republicans think they need to die. 

Do they believe they're already dead, and that's why it's not important? 

Funny. They used to be the ones to say that to "challenge the President" on anything was "thinking with a pre-9/11 mentality. 

Well, here's an American mentality: Pass this bill. Help the 9/11 heroes. And do it now. 
Go back in there and do the right thing. And, in the meantime, let's get the names of every person who voted against the 9/11 heroes and let the world know who they are. They have no business being in Congress, let alone representing any American anywhere on the planet.

The time for games in this town is over. These are serious times, and this is a time for people who are serious about getting s**t done for the American people. These people who probably took lobbyist and special interest money to vote against this legislation are no better than mercenaries sent into a church to eliminate people for their beliefs. 

Quite frankly, the GOP/RNC obstructionists are the problem in our national discourse and they are the ones who need to be eliminated at the election booth. 

This Republican "kiss my ass" mentality needs to go. I get that debate is a part of our national discussion, but honestly, this isn't debate. 

This is insanity.

It's political Mel Gibsonism. 

It's sheer lunacy brought about by people who think less about the people who NEED them to represent them and more about the organizations and businesses who think that they need to be protected from the people. 

That's right. The GOP/RNC are taking money from organizations hell bent on keeping the people limited in voice and under control. And it can't be allowed to happen. 

The President needs to get on prime time television and lay it out. Bring on suffering heroes now and show the American people what the GOP and the RNC are doing to them. Show the American people who these Republicans are saying "screw you" too. Tell us their stories, Mister President. Or better yet, let them tell us their own stories from your office. Your opponents are not playing fair, President Obama, and when this happens, the only solution is to tell the truth, show the truth and blind the GOP/RNC with this truth so that their lies are blinded by the light of honesty which only you can bring. 

Use your office, Mister President. They're liars. They mislead the people and would rather keep them in fear. We elected hope. 

Keep that hope alive. Get in the ring and expose these people for who they are. 

And to our 9/11 heroes, and the troops who volunteer to serve to defend our freedom despite the political circumstances surrounding deployment, thank you. Thank you for doing what you do. 

We owe you. 

Thx for reading. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Linkin Park...

I jacked this from FMQB...

Are you a fan of Linkin Park? Well, click here and go check out :30 of their new song, and sound, and feel free to discuss below. Have they gone off into the land of Electronica? The song sounds to me like it should be played on a pop station over a rock station, which is good for me, I guess, and for my tastes, but, I do like when Chester rips it all out at times, as he did on Minutes to Midnight.
Anyway, What are your thoughts? Their new cd is here in September, and a fall tour is to follow I hear, with stops already being slotted in via Live Nation.

And MORE LeBron...


It looks like Fig has become something of a legend... he's the man flipped off by the king, and now the story is going like WILDFIRE!

First, ESPN kills that dude's blog from hanging with LeBron, and then, THIS!

Here's me interrogating Fig the morning after...

LOL I give you permission to use the video however you wish!

And it gets worse. FOX Sports just posted this!

I mean, ESPN killed a story??! Unflattering to Lebron?

> shakes head <

Be careful what you wish for... with fame, and fortune, and karma. You just might get it. All of it. And then some.


Lots of hub-bub about the POTUS on the View. During the very controlled taping, he called African Americans "a mongrel sort of people..."

So what, right? Well, some people, as always, are using this as some sort of political tempest in a teapot.

It's not.

I'm a mongrel sort of person. I'm half Mexican on my mom's side and half German on my dad's side. Throw in a bunch of other stuff, like Native American, etc, and you get me. Just like you. You're a bunch of stuff all tossed in the salad bowl, shaken, stirred and delivered, right?

This race baiting stuff is ridiculous.

The HILL wants to say it's a big story now.

It's not.

He used a word that actually describes what we are. All of us. Sure, it's not a word used too often, and that's why it's a bit more potent now than at other times.

Like, say, trollop.

Or harlot.

Or some of those words Mel Gibson used on some of those phone calls which I'm still trying to decipher.

By they way, 'decipher' means 'figure out'.

The fabric of who we are is what makes us as dynamic as we are as a people, and a nation. If we can just embrace this strength, it will be amazing what things we as a mongrel sort of people can accomplish.

Let's get past this stuff. It's really petty and secondary to the big picture: That things are finally getting done for average, normal, every day Americans which hasn't happened in almost 10 years.

Here are some good links to the story about the View and the POTUS...

• The Guardian
• The Examiner
• The LA Times 

Mongrifically yours,


Essential Wyclef...

Just watch. Wyclef is that good.

Yeah, I'm a fan.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Elect this!

Interesting read...

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Massachusetts Lawmakers OK Plan to Bypass Electoral College


We had a medical emergency and had to land in Denver... Southwest Air crew handled pretty amazingly....

We landed "heavy" which means we need to sit here in Denver for a bit so the breaks on the aircraft can cool. That will happen at five past the hour... It's apparently 11:42 here.

Not sure what happened to the lady. I know they brought in like a biohazard crew to clean up her seat, and they got her off board.

Time to get back on... More later. Always an adventure :)


... Flight one of two! Off to St. Louis, former home of Jeff Kapugi!

Its 8am Vegas time...

Good morning....

This was our 4am view from Vegas... Scant had his flight at 6 for Tampa...

I got about 45 mins of extra sack time after he left!

Hello... Good Morning!

Night from Sin City...

So its still early here...


Hahahahahahah. ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

King LeBron thinks his fans...

... are number one! 

Fig is just a fan. So is Showbiz Shelly. So last night, while I tapped out, Fig went to Lavo at Pallazzo (@lavolasvegas via twitter) here on the Strip in Vegas...

... and lo and behold, LeBron was there. With many unknown women around according to Fig... but that's neither here nor there. All men are entitled to the right to have fun, party a bit and enjoy the decadence of their success in this City of Sin.

But wow. King James. Wow.

So much for "home team..."

Want the actual pic? Find Fig on Facebook or email me and I'll send it to you!

I got Fig, who works for the Canton/Akron station in his home town to give me his thoughts here in our room at the Encore. Actually, It's Scant's, I'm just life-boating here tonight to save some cash!

He took the pic,  and got the #1 from King James after he told the King that Akron still loved him... see it here! 

Waking up in Vegas...

But was up at 4 because we had to make sure Kyla stuff was cool!

More in a few.....

I am tagging along...

With Scant who is entertaining the ladies... He is pimp. Riding as his wingman - that's Fig's job tonight... LOL.

Meanwhile, back in DC, weather related closings have me worried about Kyla and camp!!! I know Renee and Ms. Sharon have it under control but... You know... I wish I was there to make sure everything is alright with the women in my life... but I'm sure they have it under control.

Who knew. Today I come to Vegas and there are torrential storms in DC. Go figure.

I need to destress and relax... We're at this show now... from what I am told it's pretty sick.

It's funny... took a shower here... have this eerie feeling of DeJaVu... like I feel like I've used these shampoos before but can't remember when or where. I've not been to the Wynn before, but, hey, whatever, right?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Showers...

Hi from the Wynn Encore... More on that as the night continues... here in Vegas!

Hosted a baby shower over the weekend...lots of pics! And more to upload after this show...

Click Here to see 'em!

If that doesn't work... try this! 

Justin Biebers bro...

So last night, there was this gimmick...

And it involved some Bieber....

This is justin's bro... Brian Bieber...
At least that's what he told the hookras!!!!

Encore wants how much??

50 bucks to kick it at this pool!???


I'm thinking Rehab at the Hard Rock... but that's just me.

Thirty-Six hours....

... In Vegas!

On way to Encore... More to follow!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kane's buttocks...

Hey... Nothing says weekend at a baby shower like being on blackberry and posting pics of kanes buttocks...

The Toms shoes are Samy... And the woman shoes next to the Toms are Erick.

He likes womens shoes :)


Kruz is here mackin' a neighbor! Love it!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Watching CNN...

... What was allowed to happen to Shirley Sherrod is just a crime.

Its a shame. Obama is having success after success... Win after win for Americans - average Americans. So what do the Right wing elitists do?

Start a so-called race issue.


We can't let this fear mongering stand. While we're at it, let's just acknowledge that in the world today, blogs are not news outlets. They're not governed by rules and regulations or internal standards and practices which guide news organizations. When I was a younger dude, I wrote for a couple of newspapers in the towns I lived in. Like real newspapers. With real editors, that printed every day. We had rules. We had formatics. It wasn't high school journalism and if you had an axe to grind, you saved it for the opinion section.

Not so today. Any jackass with a blog and a hair up his ass can write about anything, edit some video to look and sound worse than it is and feed it as "source" material to a network, like FOX, which has ultra right radicals on the air clutching marching orders which say to attack the President by any means necessary.

And people get fired over conjecture. It's a damn shame.

We need to get FOX and others in check. It's going beyond free speech. I defend their right to say what they want to the death, and I may not agree with it, but when you start to hurt people innocent of any wrongdoing, well, that's just not okay in my book.

What happened to Shirley Sherrod can not be allowed to stand. It can't be allowed to happen again.

** rant ** i'm going to get this off my chest...

Made ya look! 


Have a good weekend, ya'll! 

A sleeeeepy smile!

Princess Kyla is sleepy... I call this her tired smile...

I'm with her. I'm ready to pass out... I love DMB, but I'm soooo glad I skipped this show this time.

Early day tomorrow... And long weekend ahead!

Vegas Sunday and Monday can't come soon enough... I'm out of gas and am ready to pass the eff out!!

Long but good day...

Ahh... What a day!

As DM would say, "Best. Day. Ever!"

Me on the other hand, well, I'm thankful to once again be on a team - or teams - which get it. Unperfect and still growing, we press on...

... And on nights like this, you celebrate in the spirit of where we were and for where we're going!
Hey Kane!!! Let's go!!!

GranMa for ya all, friends... Its Friday!

You can put your face in space?!


From NASA on twitter....

Reminder: you can send your face in space aboard the remaining shuttle missions. Send images to

Kyla and I are gonna send ours up!!! Naynay and Daddios should too!!!


There's a lot of noise right now.

In life.

In the world.

Right now, there's a fan blowing in my place. See, the air conditioning had a bit of a drain leak, and the water somehow got into the carpet. I guess it was inside the carpet or something, but anyway, it's drying. But there's some noise from the fan.

A lot of noise.

So I tune it out while watching the news, which, interestingly, features a bunch of stories about, yeah, more noise. Most of this noise is interesting to me, personally. It seems to distract the people from the fact that in the last two weeks, the President has had some pretty exciting wins. He's reigned in Wall Street. He's extended unemployment benefits for people who were the victims of big business trying to make sure shareholders were happy as the recession set in almost 18 months ago. He's already delivered health care. He's finding win after win, but, of course, there's always another side in the political world, so they seem to be fighting tooth and nail to make as much noise as they can to ensure that the story isn't about Obama's wins... instead, it's about this nonsense they've invented. They dredge up things and ideas which, unfortunately, are still scary to some people in the hope that we'll not pay attention to the success of the President.

Noise. It's funny. There's always noise. The murmur of those who like to stir the pot or gossip or whatever in some places. They think they're unheard, but the people who control their future are very much aware of the 'buzzing' of their tongues and the consequences of nonsense have already been decided. Sad, really. Had some taken less time to "buzz," they might have become some pretty important people in their organization. There's the murmur of those who don't make much more than a murmur, who hope that someone - anyone - will notice them. Then, there are those who have it all, but who have made so much senseless noise for themselves that, like this fan in my place tonight, they get tuned out so that their noise may be noise, but it's unheard noise anymore. There's even the noise of those who have made so much noise blaming others for their plight in life that sadly, no one even listens or offers sympathy to the anymore.

I'm going to switch the fan off. The only noise I hear now is the hum of the refrigerator, the fan of the air conditioning and the whir of the fan in my bedroom. Outside, I can hear what Darrin from our team at HOT described to me once as "natures white noise..." It blends with the few remaining sounds inside the house as sleep starts to take hold. Somewhere in that noise I hear the deep breaths of the most precious thing in my life who took off into the magic kingdom of her dreams long ago...

... it's off to that place I hope to meet her in as the noises lull me into slumber.

Tonight, blanketed in nature's white noise or shrouded in the silence of where ever you are, I hope you find rest, peace and maybe, if you're lucky, a new adventure in your dreams.

Good night, friends. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kyla's building forts... - Toby Knapp -

Hey... make sure you check this out too! Especially if you want to know what it's like deep inside a very top secret bunker type installation...

Kyla's building forts... - Toby Knapp -

Kyla Swift...

Yesterday, I caught Kyla with the guitar in my room... 

Singing Taylor Swift songs. Namely, "Shoulda Said No..." 

She loves that song. Sometimes I wonder if she knows what it's about... 

... but whatever.

So I got some video of it, but I shot it on the blackberry, and as we all know, video is NOT blackberry's strong suit, so, it's kinda crappy but I'll try to clean it up and post it. At least you'll be able to hear some funny audio! 

Look for that here, soon! 

By the way, if you want to give Kyla and I beginner guitar lessons, feel free to email me 'cuz we need 'em! 

Hello... Good morning...

Good morning, everyone. Kyla and I decided to rock out some cowboy hats on the way into Camp this morning. I ended up staying on the playground with her campmates for about 30 minutes this morning, too. I didn't want to come back to the house and clean up and make beds and do dishes and laundry and then sit down and blog and come up with content and stuff... 

... so I hung out with the homies from Trips and Dips for a bit.

They're probably going to want some tuition from me now... LOL! 

Here's a hint...

If you forget to do something you tell a kid you'll do, you'll hear about it. 

Or, in this case, you'll get a hint. 

Kyla loves blueberry muffins. So, when shopping the other day, I grabbed her a pack of Entemann's Blueberry Muffins for lunch.... 

And forgot to put them in her lunchbox. 

So, last night, she made something in her room, then snuck into the kitchen and left this on the counter where I generally prepare her lunch for the day. 


She's a trip. But she's my trip. And I love her. Anyway, I just wanted to share. Happy lunch or breakfast or whatever time of day it is where you are. 

Oh, and seriously, thanks for taking the time to read this stuff. 

Silly Bands...

Silly Bands are the new Jelly Bracelets.

You probably had some of them once upon a time.

This one time, when I was probably younger than like 10, I tried to jack a bunch of jelly bracelets in my batting glove from Marshalls once. My mom caught me, but I had to have some Jelly Bracelets because, well, everyone had ‘em.

So I didn’t get ‘em that day. But eventually I did get some, and with them I made the annoying gloves out of multi-colored non-biodegradable plastic or whatever which wrapped around every finger on each hand, with a wrist sleeve of about 10 more different colors. Why? I don’t know. Where are they now? Probably a part of Trash Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Flash forward 2.5 decades, and Kyla has to have the new jelly bracelets… called Silly Bands. Everyone has them. They’re rubber bracelets which are brightly colored bands of neon goodness circumnavigating the wrists of children everywhere by day, but when removed from the wrist, they return to a normal size and shape of – well – anything.

Kris Allen’s is a cross.

Kyla’s friends have some that are hearts.,

The Nats and Rangers have some, too. Trust me, Kyla found 'em and had to have 'em. 

I have no idea what packs I got her at the Hallmark earlier, but she’s got a ton of them and all the kids love them. And she loves to show them to her friends.

I wonder how long until this passes.

She’s into webkins now. She was in to the Zhu Zhu pets.

They’re all destined for goodwill, right? At some point?

It makes me wonder what I was thinking when I tried to get myself some jelly bracelets like a fool back in the day. Funny, I don’t remember what color they were, but I do remember the butt whippin’ I got from my mom when we got home after I got caught at the store!

It’s funny. Today’s “I need” is tomorrow’s “let’s donate”. Or, it’s today’s “must have item” which becomes tomorrow’s “what can I sell on ebay thing” .

Funny how life works, right? 

Thanks for reading.

PS – Kyla doesn’t know this, but I bagged up all her silly bracelets three days ago. I found ‘em in bunches here and there and I wanted to see how long it would take for her to know that they’re ALL missing.

It’s been three days now and not a peep.

Hmm. :-) 

Monday, July 19, 2010


... has his hands full. I mean, go figure, you've accomplished some pretty historic stuff in addition to making history with your Presidential election.

But history is not easily made, and it's not easily made without struggle and let me tell you, I've never seen so much stuff come at someone who has accomplished so much but who still has so much to prove. This morning, I read a pretty good Op-Ed in the Washington Post which was written by a Bush II advisor which I think gets to the heart of what the President needs to do to regain the common ground and the high ground and in turn, the hearts and minds of the people who overwhelmingly sent him to DC.

He's gotta lead like he said he was going to do when he was a candidate.

He needs to get back to the middle ground, and stand in the gap between both sides rather than just floating along in the gray area of the political spectrum.

He needs to lead like he said he was going to do as a candidate. With a clear vision. With an ability to unite all and to move us forward in a transformation sort of way. He needs to call out the rhetoric from the lobbying world while asking the elected to take a hard look at what is right and doing this as opposed to leading from the position of what is politically expedient.

He's gotta make sure the American people know what Wall Street reform and Health Care really will do for them.

He's gotta shut up Biden who becomes the side show way too often.

He's gotta get some balls and lead with a swagger. He's the President of the United States for God's sake. He's earned the right. He has the power and the bully pulpit. He needs to use it. Reagan did. And the world pretty much believed he was the political s***.

I think if Obama is to rebound - which, mark my words - he will do - he's gonna have to huddle up with James Carville and Paul Begala and dump the dudes who make him play the game in DC which is the cause of so many problems.

He might want to consider nominating Hillary Clinton to run for VP in his next election.

He also needs to take the situation in Afghanistan and turn it from nation building... and to direct the full force of the United States toward finding Osama Bin Ladin... which is after all the reason we're there to begin with, and which was the original reason for us sending so many thousands of troops to die so far from home.

I voted for a President who I believe can take us closer to the shining city on a hill we all believe in with a degree of hope and nostalgia for this experiment called America. I believe he's the guy who can do it, but his message is non existent for whatever reason right now and as a result, the message is being defined for him by people who damn near bankrupted the country and who took us into battles we didn't need to be fighting in the name of a war which should have been over with long ago.

I still believe in a place called "hope..." A shining city on a hill. And I believe that yes, we can eventually climb to this mountaintop and cross into the other side...

... but it's not going to happen the way it's been happening. And I'm believing that the best is still just ahead...

But for that to happen, President Obama will need to be the transformational figure that Colin Powell told us he would be when he pledged his support to the man from Chicago. For that to happen, he's going to need to get back in the ring and figuratively and literally punch these pundits in the nose.

It's been said that it takes a year to get used to the job, and a year to figure out how to do the job. We're coming to the time when the POTUS will need to do the job. If he's learned from his hard knocks over the last 18 months, then we're about to see the most impressive Presidency in modern times. If he hasn't, then, well, we'll be deciding on a new standard bearer soon...

... and right now, given the potential state of the choices, well, that scares the living S*** out of me.

Come on, Mister President. Get in the ring. Fight back while you still can... and do it before it's too late!

Summer Camps...

So I dropped Kyla off for camp a bit ago.

Let me tell you, this camp rocks. Its called Trips and Dips and this week the older kids are off to the Spy Museum on a DC scavenger hunt and Kyla's group are off to ride the DC Duck Boats around in the Potomac...

What a camp... I think I need to chaperon more often!

Anyway, its an awesome camp. Idk if you want to sneak your kid in or if there is space but you should call and ask! Wanna know more? Email me...

Okay... I gotta go get mentally correct at the pool now...

What a great song...

I'm sitting here working on some questions I've got for an industry thing coming up where I get to pose questions in a face off sorta thing with someone who I consider to be one of my closest and best amigos in this life... and tonight thinking about questions and talking to Nay2 about stuff related to, well, a previous summer and stuff, I thought about how in a world where we can pollute ourselves with - well - manufactured everything from High Fructose corn syrup that your body doesn't know how to process so it stores it as fat to fake powdered milk called non-dairy creamer - it feels good to know that there are a few things in this game which are real. 

My friend is real. So are relationships that I have with those closest to me. And that's pretty refreshing to me... because I'd prefer to have some Whole Foods sorta things going on in my personal life over some processed sorta powdered creamer fake milk sorta stuff. 

I mean, mission accomplished, right? 

Steven Jenkins was dead on with this song. If you "get it" you'll know what I mean. If you don't, well, have a pop tart. 

LOL. But, are you real to those closest in your world, or are you non-dairy creamer? 

I better get over my addiction to sugar free french vanilla syrup... there's not much good that can come from these ingredients I can't pronounce... 

... and I hope that your lives aren't full of similar ingredients which look good on the surface but are actually toxic when you dig past the glitz on the label! 

Adios homies. 3EB 4 LIFE!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kyla writes...

She loves to sit and write some interesting sdtuff at times.... This is on her door this evening :)

At least she's in bed!!!

Kyla Van Halen?

So I come into my room and Lala is belting out a song about not seeing someone again... But its not like Miley...

She's doing one last one now... Ill try to tape it lol!!!!

More snaps from da pool!!

Its Kyla!!!

She's taking a quick break from her friends.... And.... Now she's on way back in!!!!

Lol... Checking my blog!??

Ya know, I wish the station blogs were this easy to update......

.... Back to the pool!

More poolariffic weather...

Kyla is swimming... Renee' is reading... One of the neighbors is having a birthday and there be kids in this pool... In fact, there are so many here that the pool toys - our float, rings and the Orka "William the Freed One" were ordered out of the pool by the FSB spy/lifeguard/plant - who is literally lapping the pool because the number of kids here is high...

Its a beautiful day... Now if you'll excuse me ill be enjoying the view...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's closed? What now, Daddy?

Kyla comptempating the closing of the pool.... And listing our dining options for the evening... She wants some variant of hot dog and mac n cheese...

... so we went to Noodles and Company, after realizing that Whole Foods closed at nine...

I thought Kyla's seriousness at outlining our choices for the evening was pretty funny, and made for a good quick Blackberry Bold pic...

She's really so insightful... and so cute. I'm so proud to be her daddy, it's sorta not even funny...

Hurry up, Daddy! Let's SWIM! WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

Okay.... LaLa (a nickname from when she was two, when she called Elmo "lala") decided to swim... with about 30 minutes left til our pool closes for the day. Good timing, I guess.

Funny, she left her craft stuff out on the dining room table!

I love this pool... I love summer! Excuse me while I go float on modest mouse style...

... even though we've got alot to do, and stuff to finish when it comes to our "being neat and clean and ready to always entertain guests at the place..."

I don't blame her for wanting to jump in. She said, "Okay, Daddy, I'm ready now, let's go..." and within 30 seconds, she was in her suit, sunscreen on (even at the end of the day) with flops on her feet and a towel under her arm.

I'm glad she loves the water. I'm glad she loves to swim. It's funny, she had been taught how to doggy paddle, but, after watching me swim so much with the breast stroke, she finally picked it up and can now swim almost out 1/2 way across the pool before coming up for air. She's like a little frog... and she's come so far from swimming like a dog in the last three weeks it's pretty insane.

I'm blessed.

I never knew how ridiculously amazing it would be to be called daddy, and to be loved so unconditionally. If only grown ups could realize how easy it is...

... perhaps there'd be more, well, love in our world.

Who hijacked XM21 today?!?

I'm LOLs right now...

If you have XM, turn on 21. I decided to hijack the channel from now til 8p east/5p west... haaahaahahaaaaaaa.... I apologize in advance for what you are about to hear! :)

Kyla jumps on, I send messages to friendgurls and homies, Ky sends shoutouts to mom in California... Its funny! I belch a few times, and do things that I might have got in trouble for once upon a time, but lo and behold, they are considered funny now. Funny how that is, right??

Ya know, I'm pretty spent. Its been a long week but the reason I do XM is because its fun... And I can blow off steam with no rules and all creative license.

I don't have a job. I make a living creating content. The days of us being deejays or disc jockeys are over...

We are Content Artists. And we need to own our own futures. We'll forever be relevant because we'll be forever entertaining and forever creating, regardless of the platform they distribute us by. That is, if we're not afraid to own our futures.

Kyla doesn't feel like swimming and I should do some chores... We will talk later!

Oh -- Hi Renee' Schapzz. Try to stay awake at the Jack Johnson show!

Hey Republicans...

Hi, former party of Lincoln-type-people -

I get that you've had a bad week in DC. Hell, despite all your best efforts to make us think otherwise, it seems the President got some stuff done. Did you guys see this address from our President?

Anyway, I heard you've made a website dogging President Obama for taking vacations, like most Americans who are busting their asses do, right about now. In the summer. I was reading this article and came across this:
The Republican National Convention created a website where the party chastises Obama for what it believes are presidential "leisure activities," during the BP oil disaster, including playing golf, going to concerts, attending to a casino fundraiser and vacationing in North Carolina, Illinois and now Maine.

"Presidents are certainly entitled to vacation, just like everybody else, but there is a fine line as to when presidents should do it, what they should and where they should do it," Brad Blakeman, a former member of President George W. Bush's senior staff, told CNN.

Really? Seriously? How quickly you guys forget the example set by President Bush the Younger. The man spent more than 1/3 of his two temrs on vacation. For months at a time. While we were looking for weapons of mass destruction and blowing our record surplus because we needed to spend it with our post 9/11 mentality. While on vacation, we blew billions in Iraq, which, well, we all know didn't need to be spent while thousands of Americans died in a war we didn't need to fight.

Don't take my word for it. Read here. Google it. Bing it. Whatever it. It's historical fact that YOUR president - OUR previous Presiedent - spent more time on vacation than, well, pretty much any other president in history. Maybe that's why we're in the shape we're in. Under YOUR watch, the surplus dissapeared, YOU let the banks and Wall Street BLACKMAIL the American people and our economy and YOU brought us close to an economic collapse.

So, before you guys go and talk your political bunk, take a look at why we're here to begin with. Failed economic policies, lies, and political policies which let Wall Street and big business tap the American people like an ATM run amok.

It's not President Obama who caused this... It's you guys, down there on First Street, and your policies who caused this. President Bush wrote the BOOK on taking vacation as a president.... President Obama's making history by reforming Wall Street, fixing the damage your policies have caused our country's economy, giving real health care options to struggling Americans and, oh yeah, undoing the ridiculous policies which allowed BP - a BIG OIL business - to turn the Gulf of Mexico into a giant Oil filled sespool.

The truth always finds a way to cut through the rhetoric. Please, if you would, get back to the business of the American people. Try to get some things done and to help form some compromise, because the American people like me, who are pretty much in the center of things and who see the strengths from both sides, really would like to see our country get some stuff done. We've got too many people hurting who are counting on it.



Looks like Kruz and co are holding it down at District w/ WTF!!!
Go to kw: events and get in for next week!
Kruz - whose legs r in the pic?!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kylas art in my office :)

Misc artwork by my lil boo.... :)

My morning office...

Hi from my morning office... Its a place to take calls, think, brainstorm and generally come up with stuff on sunny days like today...

On way in to talk to Lonestar cast now...

Hope you are having an amazing Friday!!!

Goodnight, world...

Today was amazing....

.... And tomorrow will be, too!