Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seven o'clock...

Not too long ago, an artist who I genuinely respect and admire and I chatted at the studio about a few different things. His name is BT, and if you know him, you know how amazingly gifted he is at all things aural. In fact, he paints things with sound the way, say, Degas would paint pictures. One of the things we talked about - among many - was the inspiration that you find in nature. Now, things like this genuinely do bring about some amazing inspirational moments, but, I'd not really allowed myself to experience them as fully as possible...

And then, a few weeks ago, I started to see the wonder in mornings.

Specifically, the wonder of the world that is stirring at 7 am.

So, I started to see the world differently. Armed with coffee brewed with a French coffee press (which is the subject for a completely different post at some other time), the late morning slumber I used to, well, sleepwalk through was transformed into this earlier morning symphony of sights, sounds, aromas and experiences which, honestly, is like discovering this entire new world.

Right now, a mourning dove is cooing, while sparrows, finches and a cardinal are perched on the grees surrounding the pool where I live, eying Kyla's bird feeder which is full of seed for the first time since winter set in. The blossoms on the tree just off my patio are emerging, new leaves on the bushes are revealing their new green leaves and the sun is casting this good morning glow across the way which is like the background to some spectacular new portrait hanging at the Smithsonian National Art museum downtown.

The cool of morning air permiates, and while the aroma of the coffee isn't as present, mainly because I'm not as skilled with a grinder and some Starbucks Sumatra coffee beans, all in all things are almost perfect.


A woman in her pj's just lumbered past, being led by her little puppy as the world around us both begins again. My blackberry is pinging me with the arrival of emails from friends in the record world who are curious as to what musical decisions we'll make on the station this week. Our community's landscapers are stringing up some of the bushes across the way, returning them to stand fully upright as even more come through and lay new soil down outside the window. LOL. I wonder if they'll notice the coffee grinds which blend in perfectly with the rich mocha color of the new soil. Who knew that these things we discard could breathe again new life into something like the earth.

Have you ever stopped to ponder the benefits of composting and how we can bring about social change and awareness to something so small which plays a huge part in the overall balance of the planet?

I didn't either, until I started to experience this amazing display beginning at 7am.

Some school children - probably a bit older than Kyla - just marched past. It's more like a trudge. I suppose someplace a bus is waiting to meet them to take them off on a day of adventures and learning. The landscapers are preparing their equipment to perfect the environment around me. The bushes are standing upright and the birds are perched on the roof of the clubhouse just across the way keeping an eye on the feed waiting for them after these men are finished beautifying the world around us.

It's almost majestic. Almost. About the only things that would make this moment that much better would be a cup of French pressed coffee and the inspirational force which awakened me to the new world that had been living around me...

... while I was asleep.

The whole grain wheat bagel just popped out of the toaster. The workers have fired up some sort of weed-whacking type of thing. Another email from one of our label friends has just come in. The white noise of life... is building as another day begins and as life again takes another step forward... just as it has on a million different mornings at a million different times.

And so it begins again.

Thanks for reading this morning. Have an amazing day which leads to amazing experiences. And, before I forget, thank you to the one person lately in my world who subtly reminded me that there's more to life when you get up and embrace it.

Good morning, world.


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  1. love. I had this same revelation a year ago... There's not much life out here in the woods but that's what I like most about it.. I can wake up and have some me time before the white noise begins.