Thursday, March 04, 2010

The real threat to our national security...

... are the people and companies opposed to health care reform.

Bottom line, this has gone beyond a process of politics to a real threat to the "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" that each of us are entitled to as Americans. People are dying every day because they can't get the care they need.


It's too expensive.

Some corporate suit wants to make a bonus so a real claim of need is denied.

Some executives at health care companies want to be paid their multi-million dollar bonuses while at come conference in Aruba or whatever.

This is the tip of the iceberg. We've got people who are unemployed, underemployed and who have to choose between food or a doctors visit. Between clothes or a prescription they need.

What do we tell 'em? Well, the opponents of reform would just assume they ask nothing, and be told nothing. Maybe it will get better, so just go about your business, you don't need a doctor.

Yeah. The people who are elected to serve who take millions for elections from these insurance companies and lobbyists and who also have the best healthcare on the planet.

Trust me, I know. My dad worked for the Federal Government. That insurance is amazing.

And knowing this, it makes my blood boil that these people who "represent the people" are telling those same people with these robo calls and scare tactics that they don't deserve to have what they do.

It's a crime.

It's evil.

Opposition to the health care reforms and the people leading the fight against it are no better than the people who flew the planes into the twin towers and Pentagon.

The difference between 9/11 and now is that we see the attack coming, and the attackers are supposed to stand up for us. It's sinister, because the attacks and fear tactics are being financed by big business which have just thrown so much money at those opposed to reform that they're drunk from receiving it. To me, it's like organized crime. Big money paying off people to turn the other way so that innocent people can die.

Every time care is denied, very time a claim is denied, every time a person dies, in my mind, pre-medidated murder has been committed.

If those opposed to the reforms can live with this blood on their hands, then, well, we know what kind of people they are. And we know that they don't represent us... at all.

Today, President Obama stood up and said "it's time to get this done..." He called for an up and down vote. Watch this very carefully. We're about to see who exactly stands for the people and who stands for the domestic terrorists who believe profits are more important than you getting the care and treatment you need.

I know. I called 'em domestic terrorists. Well what else would you call 'em?

Terrorists use fear. The GOP is using fear.

Terrorists are well funded as was the case with Osama's people. The opponents of health care are funded with millions in campaign contributions from those pulling their strings.

Terrorists use propaganda to confuse and strike fear. Opponents of health care reform have slung so much propaganda that the noise is almost deafening.

Do the math. The data shows similarities. And while I admit I'm using incendiary rhetoric to prove a point, the truth is that as it is now, it's broken. It needs to be fixed. Americans do not deserve to die this way.

It's not socialism. It's not some mandate. It is, conversely, very American. In fact, it's an idea rooted in the very soil which a group of religious dissidents claimed as their own when this land was founded. The idea that all people are created equal who are endowed by their creator with inalienable human rights. Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.

Health care is a human right. Those opposed to it are opposed to our very way of life, and to quote the American President who took the fight to the terrorists, well, "we need to smoke 'em out of their holes...' and remind them "if you're not with us you're with the terrorists..."

Finally, let me tell you again why I believe the way I do. Tomorrow, because of my gig, I have great music and I'll be going to get my annual physical. I have great insurance and I can afford my premiums which have risen like everyone elses in the past years. I'm pretty sure all will be ok for me for the most part, but I worry about what might happen if, God forbid, something happened to me and Kyla, who has my healthcare as her mom is currently self employed, were to lose hers. She's soon to be six years old, and things just happen when you're a kid. Because she's got the same healthcare I've got, she's pretty much covered. If something happens to me - boom - that's all gone. So Kyla will have no healthcare, her mom has no healthcare and that's just not okay to me.

Ky's going to have a new niece, born to her mom's sister. Her mom lives in Mass, where they have public healthcare. Kyla's uncle, by brother, lives in Mass. Thanks to this public option for healthcare, Ky's aunt who is meeting many challenges which are so common to so many right now, will have the help she needs when it comes to the pregnancy. Kyla's cousin, Che, lives in Mass with my brothers family. He's got the health care he needs and it's great thanks to the public option. It works up there. Mitt Romney made this happen for Mass, and he's a Republican. Scott Brown, the Republican "savior" supports it.

It just makes sense. Hawaii even has it and, well, Rush called the health care system there the best in the world when he had his heart issues.

Passing this and getting it done makes sense. The people want it. Republicans have supported it. It's time to liberate our own people - freeing them from this evil from within - by passing health care reform now.

Thanks for indulging me. Goodnight.

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