Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One more thing...

The talking heads must be drunk, high, or ridiculously under the influence of something right about now.

I just saw a tweet saying that for the first time, the majority of people here disapprove of President Obama and the way he's doing things.

How sad that we've allowed ourselves to become lambs led to the slaughter known as fear.

How sad that we can't recognize that - finally - a leader came along who said, you know what, I don't know how this will play politically, but I know this is right.

How sad that we can't recognize that finally, a leader came along who said, "this is what I believe in and in this I will stand, with honor, and because I believe it is right and I said I believe this is right and because I believe it is right, I will fight for it..."

We made a choice. We chose hope, and it seems that we're allowing the loudest blowhards in the room to convince us that fear is a better way.

It was fear which took the lives of so many men and women who fought a war they didn't have to go fight in a country which never harmed us nor had the ability to do so.

It was fear which convinced us that we could give up certain parts of our liberty in the name of 'freedom...'

Yet when it comes time to actually free the people from the very real bondage and modern day slavery to which we're captive too thanks to the insurance companies and their special interests, we allow some fear to keep us in chains?

I don't know about you, but I'm about tired of this fear. And last night, when the Health Care bill was passed, a line was drawn in the sand.

The chains of modern day slavery were loosened.

The shackles of restraint placed on us by a broken insurance industry were released.

And all we can do is have another cup of fear?

We're better than this.

President Obama, take this fight to the people. We're listening. Do something to overcome this barrage of fearmongering, hate and fear... and let's get back to the business of being the last best hope of humanity on Earth...

That's all.

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