Tuesday, March 02, 2010

An ode to Jude... er... Jerry...

Hey Jerry...

Don't be sad. Spin some half truths... and make them seem better...

... remember that you once loved it in your heart... and when will you start to make it better?

The times have changed but the talent has not. We continue to evolve. We're smarter, wiser, more adept and more savvy than ever before. We're not students of a past which didn't see a way forward, rather, we embrace the way forward and we do so knowing that we're 'charting the course to the second star on the left and pressing straight on toward morning.'

But you need to live in the past...

Hey Jerry... don't be afraid... you were made to go and get her...

... but the her that you tell us you seek most... is a her that never mattered!

We're too smart to long for the past. We're driven by the future. Ideas like Apple, Google and Southwest excite us because they show us what we can do if we remember what made us successful! Ideas of simplicity based on entertainment. Content grounded in excitement. Things planted in the soil of growth and not in the pessimistic pervasiveness in what used to be.

You can't feel the pain, Jude. We're still here living in a colder, different world. But rather than making it colder, we're warming it up. We're living in it. We're defining it.

You're an armchair player quarterbacking it.

Get in the game.

Hey Jerry... don't be sad. We already know what we have to do... to go and win it. Be careful this stuff that you spew... that it doesn't start to define you as a failure.



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