Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breakfast, with Green Day and bagels and Penn Station...

Good morning from New York's Penn Station, in the city, where I'm waiting for my train back to DC after last evening's festivities. Last night's City of Hope event was nothing short of spectacular, and Alyssa Pollack, an old friend we work with on so many different things, really out did herself. But most importantly, so much money was raised to fight cancer and find a cure for a disease which honestly effects so many innocent people.

I dipped out somewhat early for me, as far as things go with, well, me. LOL. I'm actually sitting here thinking about some of my adventures and misadventures here in this town on industry-related functions... and most of them ended with some form of really bad hangover, some interesting stories which are forever part of, well, me, and have resulted in missed flights and even more.

The stories will no doubt be in the book... but on this trip, my wingman and bro in this radio game had to be up at an ungodly hour to attend to some work, and I couldn't in good conscience come rolling in trashed from partying with colleagues at 3am while he had to be up at 4:15... so I dipped when he did and now I'm all rested and LOL ready for a new day...

Yeah, I said it. It's called respect for my teammate and wingman... I'm not leaving my wingman LOL!

(that's from Top Gun btw)

Anyway, this morning began somewhat early, which is good, because I passed out pretty early... and LOL I feel like effing amazing! Funny... who knew?!?!

This city makes me nostalgic for the beginning of my career. You see, it's every radio-dude's dream to serve the universe from the top of the empire state building. And, while that's a mountaintop I've been to, and while I've seen the other side, I didn't end up getting to cross over into that 'land' of aspirations...

But instead, I'm living my dreams.

And it's funny, my bro who I am here with and I started our careers learning from a guy who probably embodies the best of the 'personality radio' era in our industry which started here. I wanted to try to see him and his wife who are like the big brother and whatnot I've never had this morning, but there's always time for that.

Wow. Hard to believe that ride in NEPA has brought us to this point....

So, I go to my city, where thanks to so many people I've never met, we're having astounding success and, well, continuing to live the dream that started so long ago, for me, in Stroudsburg, and for my bro in Connecticut. And in doing so, we continue to pioneer, innovate and further the legacy of some amazing people... who made their marks in this city and who taught us what we needed to know to do more than just leave a mark... but rather, I'd like to think we're making a difference and proving to the world that yeah, you can do it. You can be personalities, and be the best at what you do while not compromising... and reinventing what you do daily.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the opportunity to share stuff with you every day. Here's to you serving your universe... and making a mark that lasts for an eternity...

From NYC,


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