Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Kyla...

My little wonder, at exactly this time, six years ago, you came into my life and changed it forever.

It was at this moment, on a Tuesday morning in Tampa, that I became your daddy and that you decided, entirely on your own, that you were coming into this world.

You don't know this, but your mom and I got to the hospital at 11am; and by 1:23am, you were here. LOL and the nurse said that in "eight hours or so we'd have ourselves a little baby..." 

Boy did you prove her wrong.

I remember it like it was yesterday. In my mind's eye, I still remember the moments leading up to your arrival. I remember holding you for the first time. I remember looking at you and for the first time realizing - and feeling - true and unconditional love. 

You were teaching me how to be a man even from your first breath. 

Kyla, I just wanted to write you this note so that someday, you'll know just how deeply I cherish being your daddy. I've been luckier in this life than any one man should be. I've been given chances and breaks and opportunities when at times I did not deserve them and because of you, I've found clarity, purpose, reason and through your unconditional love for me, I've learned how to love unconditionally. I've learned that I'm better than insecurities. I've learned that love can truly overcome anything and I've found that, while life is not a fairy tale, there can be a happily ever after if we're really willing to try to find it.

You've taught me how to really love. I mean, how to really, truly love. 

Because of you, Kyla, I've found that inner 'something' that presses me on and inspires me to try just a bit harder, to reach for just a bit better and to try to fix the things that ought to be held to a higher standard. 

Now, I know these are big words, Kyla. I don't know for sure if you understand what they all mean, but I know that you're incredibly bright and so gifted and smart that I'm pretty certain you understand what I'm trying to say. 

Because of you, Kyla, I've got a reason to live. Every day. To be the best at work and at life so that I can give you all that you deserve. You are part of my soul and my heart, and are the very best thing I've ever been a part of... ever. 

I've seen you touch hearts and inspire lives. I've seen you unleash things in people which touch their hearts and cause love to grow... and in some cases, I've seen you be the catalyst which heals so that love can grow and evolve again. I've seen you do so many amazing things which people 40 years older than you could only hope they could do... 

... and today, at this time, you've turned six years old. It's pretty amazing, really. You do things every day which, well, are just incredible. 

Kyla, you are special. You're here for a reason. Life will reveal its purpose to you in time, but until then, know that just by being here you're already making a difference. You've made a difference in me. You've made a difference in so many. It's because of this - and for so many other reasons we've yet to discover - that I'm honored to be your daddy, and I look forward to sharing whatever adventures this life brings us as we live this life.

 It's a gift.

You're a gift. 

And I'm so proud of you for who you are and for what you one day will be.

But until that time... be a kid. Have fun. Learn to love, laugh and live. And be a good girl for your mom, teachers and more. 

Happy Birthday, Kyla. I love you more than I ever thought I was capable of loving anything... 

... and because of you, I've found that love... is just beginning. 

I'll see you soon. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again. And to play this webkins.com game you've telling me so much about lately. 

Enjoy your day of Kylabration... All of your family here in DC and beyond love you so much and can not wait to see you soon... 

With all my love and all of my heart, 


Monday, March 29, 2010

Life through the prism of the MVA...

The world is somewhat cold and rainy and gray this morning here in our Nation's Capital.   

Appropriate for a Monday, I guess. Things started a bit early for me today as I went to the MVA here to finally take care of renewing my registration, but let me tell you, as early as I got to the MVA office, which was just before 8 this morning, there were people who were there earlier. In fact, the MVA didn't open til 8:30 and by the time I got there, about two dozen people were already lined up waiting to be first in to handle their business. 

Crazy, right? 

Anyway, I got to thinking while I hurried up - to wait - about stress in life. It's funny. Life seems to come down to a few minutes here and there. If you're running a few minutes too late, it throws everyone else off, throws you off and the stress goes up. If you're running early, well, there's no harm in being early, unless you're so concerned with being early that you kill yourself trying to be earlier than everyone else. 

I'd rather be early than late more often than not. I admit at times I'm not the best with punctuality. Ask anyone who knows me well about "Toby-time" and you'll realize that there's a 15 minute factor put into place... Meaning, if an event starts at 7:30, friends, colleagues and more will tell me that it starts at 7:00 so that I'll be there on time. LOL. True story. And I know that being late is disrespectful to the people who are counting on me or are around me at the time, so I try pretty hard to be on time anymore. 

But sometimes, the best intentions don't always break the best way and I'll run a minute late here or a minute late there.  Nowadays, I try to keep that to a minimum. I'm lucky I have a boss who is flexible and friends who, well, are sometimes forgiving. 

The thing I think I want to impress this morning is that sometimes, just sometimes, you have to let life happen. And you have to take it all in while you do. This morning, I observed students and business people, moms and tow truck drivers, all lined up. Some were agitated. Some, upon seeing the pre-opening line at the DMV looked dejected. Others just looked blank as they waited for 45 minutes or so just to get their five minutes of face time with a real human being who could take care of their motor vehicle needs.  Nothing anyone could do would speed things up. Nothing anyone could do would slow things down. 

It was just... humans being. 

But then I realized something as I talked with the first woman - the keeper of the DMV "flow" - who guides you toward your ultimate goal. After hearing several people before me explain their plight, and needs, some with frustration and some others with agitation, I decided to, well, bring levity to the situation. Some would say that I "turned on" the "tk" side of my persona and went about working the room the way we'd work, say, Bunkers in Leesburg or any other appearance we get to do from time to time. 

Eye contact? Check and direct. Genuine smile? Yup. Get her name? Yup. From her name tag, but respect her as "ma'am" and go from there. 

"Good morning, ma'am, I have a few things I need to do this morning and I believe you can help me to get them done..." She looked up from the computer screen she was looking at and our eyes connected. Instantly I became a person and not a complainer with a number. I smiled at her and said "Always an adventure here in the morning, right?" As if to let her know I could understand her plight, to which she replied, "you never know what we're going to get from day to day." 

"I can imagine, and hopefully, you and I will have a more fun time..." 

We did. She was cordial, happy, very helpful and, while the time spent getting to that point, and ultimately taking care of the business took at least an hour and a half from start to finish, those few moments - those few minutes of 'being' - gave me a bit of a lift as I hurried up to wait some more for the next clerk. But again, I used the same sort of "kill 'em with kindness" technique and again, I think it brought some brightness to people already contending with the cold, rainy and gray start to the new work week. 

Sometimes, I think, you've gotta try your best to be on time, so as not to put others out, but sometimes, time has away of saying, "hey, you're going to spend a few minutes here and they may not be the best use of your time, but try to get through it and make a difference if you can..." 

For me, this morning was one of those times. And while I was just customer A16 of who knows how many faces they'll see today, I hope that the time we spent - albeit brief in the scope of eternity, brought them something because, honestly, it brought something to me. 

This will be a busy week. It's passover for my Jewish friends. It's the week leading to Easter for my friends of the Christian persuasion. It's also the week that my little one celebrates her sixth birthday, as she enters her 7th year of life. In fact, Kyla's birthday is tomorrow...

And with that, I go forth into the week. I trust yours will be the best you can make it, and I'll try to do the same, too. 

Thanks for reading. 


Friday, March 26, 2010

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'24' Canceled -- Jack Bauer's Last Day!: Fox has canceled 24!!! "For us, creatively, it seemed like the right time... http://bit.ly/9o1mDM

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breakfast, with Green Day and bagels and Penn Station...

Good morning from New York's Penn Station, in the city, where I'm waiting for my train back to DC after last evening's festivities. Last night's City of Hope event was nothing short of spectacular, and Alyssa Pollack, an old friend we work with on so many different things, really out did herself. But most importantly, so much money was raised to fight cancer and find a cure for a disease which honestly effects so many innocent people.

I dipped out somewhat early for me, as far as things go with, well, me. LOL. I'm actually sitting here thinking about some of my adventures and misadventures here in this town on industry-related functions... and most of them ended with some form of really bad hangover, some interesting stories which are forever part of, well, me, and have resulted in missed flights and even more.

The stories will no doubt be in the book... but on this trip, my wingman and bro in this radio game had to be up at an ungodly hour to attend to some work, and I couldn't in good conscience come rolling in trashed from partying with colleagues at 3am while he had to be up at 4:15... so I dipped when he did and now I'm all rested and LOL ready for a new day...

Yeah, I said it. It's called respect for my teammate and wingman... I'm not leaving my wingman LOL!

(that's from Top Gun btw)

Anyway, this morning began somewhat early, which is good, because I passed out pretty early... and LOL I feel like effing amazing! Funny... who knew?!?!

This city makes me nostalgic for the beginning of my career. You see, it's every radio-dude's dream to serve the universe from the top of the empire state building. And, while that's a mountaintop I've been to, and while I've seen the other side, I didn't end up getting to cross over into that 'land' of aspirations...

But instead, I'm living my dreams.

And it's funny, my bro who I am here with and I started our careers learning from a guy who probably embodies the best of the 'personality radio' era in our industry which started here. I wanted to try to see him and his wife who are like the big brother and whatnot I've never had this morning, but there's always time for that.

Wow. Hard to believe that ride in NEPA has brought us to this point....

So, I go to my city, where thanks to so many people I've never met, we're having astounding success and, well, continuing to live the dream that started so long ago, for me, in Stroudsburg, and for my bro in Connecticut. And in doing so, we continue to pioneer, innovate and further the legacy of some amazing people... who made their marks in this city and who taught us what we needed to know to do more than just leave a mark... but rather, I'd like to think we're making a difference and proving to the world that yeah, you can do it. You can be personalities, and be the best at what you do while not compromising... and reinventing what you do daily.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the opportunity to share stuff with you every day. Here's to you serving your universe... and making a mark that lasts for an eternity...

From NYC,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi from amtrak...

So tonight we are off to nyc for the city of hope wine tasting that our friend Alyssa puts on every year... And I'm en route to rendezvous w/ the boss and kane in soho...

I'm impressed with amtrak. Honestly, I have a few thoughts ill share later when I have wifi... Lol!

Anyway, more later... And hrs... Hi. Miss u. ;)

Riding rails lol,


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We are now one step closer to the 'shining city on a hill...'

... And we're one step closer to becoming a more perfect union.

We can argue points and counter points all day, but I'm personally happy
now that if something happens to Kyla in the future, that some basic
rights to health care are now hers... along with her life, liberty and
pursuit of happiness...

News Alert: President Obama signs health-care bill into law
12:09 PM EDT Tuesday, March 23, 2010

President Obama signed a landmark health-care bill into law Tuesday,
enacting a sweeping overhaul of the nation's $2.5 trillion health

For more information, visit washingtonpost.com:

Seven o'clock...

Not too long ago, an artist who I genuinely respect and admire and I chatted at the studio about a few different things. His name is BT, and if you know him, you know how amazingly gifted he is at all things aural. In fact, he paints things with sound the way, say, Degas would paint pictures. One of the things we talked about - among many - was the inspiration that you find in nature. Now, things like this genuinely do bring about some amazing inspirational moments, but, I'd not really allowed myself to experience them as fully as possible...

And then, a few weeks ago, I started to see the wonder in mornings.

Specifically, the wonder of the world that is stirring at 7 am.

So, I started to see the world differently. Armed with coffee brewed with a French coffee press (which is the subject for a completely different post at some other time), the late morning slumber I used to, well, sleepwalk through was transformed into this earlier morning symphony of sights, sounds, aromas and experiences which, honestly, is like discovering this entire new world.

Right now, a mourning dove is cooing, while sparrows, finches and a cardinal are perched on the grees surrounding the pool where I live, eying Kyla's bird feeder which is full of seed for the first time since winter set in. The blossoms on the tree just off my patio are emerging, new leaves on the bushes are revealing their new green leaves and the sun is casting this good morning glow across the way which is like the background to some spectacular new portrait hanging at the Smithsonian National Art museum downtown.

The cool of morning air permiates, and while the aroma of the coffee isn't as present, mainly because I'm not as skilled with a grinder and some Starbucks Sumatra coffee beans, all in all things are almost perfect.


A woman in her pj's just lumbered past, being led by her little puppy as the world around us both begins again. My blackberry is pinging me with the arrival of emails from friends in the record world who are curious as to what musical decisions we'll make on the station this week. Our community's landscapers are stringing up some of the bushes across the way, returning them to stand fully upright as even more come through and lay new soil down outside the window. LOL. I wonder if they'll notice the coffee grinds which blend in perfectly with the rich mocha color of the new soil. Who knew that these things we discard could breathe again new life into something like the earth.

Have you ever stopped to ponder the benefits of composting and how we can bring about social change and awareness to something so small which plays a huge part in the overall balance of the planet?

I didn't either, until I started to experience this amazing display beginning at 7am.

Some school children - probably a bit older than Kyla - just marched past. It's more like a trudge. I suppose someplace a bus is waiting to meet them to take them off on a day of adventures and learning. The landscapers are preparing their equipment to perfect the environment around me. The bushes are standing upright and the birds are perched on the roof of the clubhouse just across the way keeping an eye on the feed waiting for them after these men are finished beautifying the world around us.

It's almost majestic. Almost. About the only things that would make this moment that much better would be a cup of French pressed coffee and the inspirational force which awakened me to the new world that had been living around me...

... while I was asleep.

The whole grain wheat bagel just popped out of the toaster. The workers have fired up some sort of weed-whacking type of thing. Another email from one of our label friends has just come in. The white noise of life... is building as another day begins and as life again takes another step forward... just as it has on a million different mornings at a million different times.

And so it begins again.

Thanks for reading this morning. Have an amazing day which leads to amazing experiences. And, before I forget, thank you to the one person lately in my world who subtly reminded me that there's more to life when you get up and embrace it.

Good morning, world.


One more thing...

The talking heads must be drunk, high, or ridiculously under the influence of something right about now.

I just saw a tweet saying that for the first time, the majority of people here disapprove of President Obama and the way he's doing things.

How sad that we've allowed ourselves to become lambs led to the slaughter known as fear.

How sad that we can't recognize that - finally - a leader came along who said, you know what, I don't know how this will play politically, but I know this is right.

How sad that we can't recognize that finally, a leader came along who said, "this is what I believe in and in this I will stand, with honor, and because I believe it is right and I said I believe this is right and because I believe it is right, I will fight for it..."

We made a choice. We chose hope, and it seems that we're allowing the loudest blowhards in the room to convince us that fear is a better way.

It was fear which took the lives of so many men and women who fought a war they didn't have to go fight in a country which never harmed us nor had the ability to do so.

It was fear which convinced us that we could give up certain parts of our liberty in the name of 'freedom...'

Yet when it comes time to actually free the people from the very real bondage and modern day slavery to which we're captive too thanks to the insurance companies and their special interests, we allow some fear to keep us in chains?

I don't know about you, but I'm about tired of this fear. And last night, when the Health Care bill was passed, a line was drawn in the sand.

The chains of modern day slavery were loosened.

The shackles of restraint placed on us by a broken insurance industry were released.

And all we can do is have another cup of fear?

We're better than this.

President Obama, take this fight to the people. We're listening. Do something to overcome this barrage of fearmongering, hate and fear... and let's get back to the business of being the last best hope of humanity on Earth...

That's all.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Once upon a time, I didn't always find solace in solitude.

It wasn't always easy for me to handle the silence welcoming in an empty house. The first few times when Kyla would go back to her mom for her turn, I'd do the things I had to do to silence the silence which was so deafening. I'd inject myself into the noise which came with the pulsating boom of a bassline through speakers tweaked with the murmur of a crowd. I'd toss myself into the noise of music or imaging or the sonic things which are a part of what life has blessed me to do for a living. I'd lose myself in the music and words of others which make up the playlist in any ipod or on any radio station anywhere in the world and yes, at times, I'd listen to the thoughts inside my mind which either transported me to different places and times or which attempted to torment me while I escaped that which was waiting for me when I decided that I couldn't run from it anymore.

And so, I embraced the silence. As Depeche Mode would have said, I learned to "enjoy the silence..." 

Then, it spoke to me.

And it taught me that in the times when it was most quiet, I could find clarity, if I listened. If I was willing to just listen, I might learn things about me which only the silence could teach me, again, if I was willing to listen to the lessons which life wanted to teach me. I learned how to be a better father. Teammate. Employee. Personality. Friend. Partner. Lover. Person. Individual. Man.

So I listened to the silence. And in those quiet times of reflection, I realized things about myself which, well, showed me things about me I'd always wondered about. I saw clearly the things which at times had caused me to make a false start, or which tripped me up, or which caused me to stumble.

I also discovered the things which had allowed me to be a part of some pretty amazing things... things which I never even realized I was a part of... until I saw them so clearly through the silence.

It's pretty amazing, really. In solitude, at times, when you choose to embrace what it will teach you, you find out your place in this world. You see what truly is most important. You see just exactly where you stand with things. Or, where things stand when it comes to, well, you. You find the lessons in the ways you've lived and you realize the things which are landmarks or road signs as you travel along the path that you've chosen in this life. And somehow, it teaches you how to live. Every day. Like each day might be the last you live. You hear the wind blow and you learn new truths. You hear the rain fall, or the leaves rustle, and new truths reveal themselves to you in ways you can't possibly imagine... unless you're willing to listen.

Silence. It's not deafening. Not if you're willing to hear what life is trying to say...

It's pretty inspiring.

Let the solitude teach you. Let it bring you focus. Let it stoke the embers of your soul so that passion's inferno might never fade.

From the silence of my patio, where the wind is whispering to me...



... Like now - I feel as if I've become too much of an open book about things. Sometimes I feel that maybe it is possible to just put too much out there.

Sometimes. Like this morning.

Then again it could just be the rain...

Good morning, world.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

fix it...

Obama laid the smack down tonight on this dude from Fox News...

It's time to finish the job on this health care thing. We need it. You need it. You know some people who need it. Obama did what he should have done to cut through the mis-information on this network, and made this interviewer look, well, stupid, while he interrupted the President who was doing his thing.

We the people have a right to health care. It's time to finish the job...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's been a few days...

... but as you can imagine, between two coasts along with other things, it's been a busy couple of days. Nonetheless, tonight, I've got a few minutes to sit here and share some thoughts with you today.

I did not plan on posting this tonight, but over the last couple of hours, someone I have come to know pretty closely learned of the passing of a lifelong friend.

This friend passed in her late twenties... way before her time... and leaving behind a fiance who was, along with her, planning an upcoming wedding and a group of friends wondering right now as you read this why such a thing had to happen.

There is no easy way to explain a premature loss. There are no words which can convey on-demand healing or which can wipe away emotions, love, memories or grief. Nothing I can write here will ever be a cure to the very ill feeling which encapsulates the heart and soul when you face life enacting it's change agent...

But I do feel like there is something which I shared with my friend I'd like to share with you. It's from a talk that someone I admire gave to the graduating class at Stanford in 1995. His name is Steve Jobs. He founded Apple, Pixar, NeXt computing and now sits at the head of pop culture as the single largest shareholder of the Walt Disney corporation.

He's also a revolutionary-minded person who has inspired me in my career to, well, live just a bit past the edge at times. And, as Nick Daley in Tampa reminded me, it's in being one of the "crazy ones" that we find our calling in this life. At least to those of us who are indeed crazy in some misfit sort of way...

By that, I mean, this...


In his Stanford speech, he addresses a time when he faced death. He had pancreatic cancer. Doctors told him to get his affairs in order. He eventually overcame this threat and in doing so, he overcame this threat to lead Apple to it's greatest renaissance since, well, it was founded.

He also gave us some amazing words to consider...

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
Now, go read it again. The message there is so powerful. The words there are so inspiring and telling. So much so that I shared this one piece with my little girl on her 5th birthday...

Someday, I hope she realizes what daddy was talking about.

There are no words I can say which will make my friend feel better. Nothing I can write will erase the heartache of her - and of her friend's - very real loss. The pain is real. The silence of an absent friend is deafening.

But if this - being what it is - happens to be a change agent for even one, then my hopes are that it would be a catalyst for remembering that this life is indeed a blink when it comes to the scope of forever. We're only given a few precious moments on this globe, in this life, to make a mark. To change someone else for the better. To dent the universe in such a way that it will never be the same again as the result of that ding. To change the world in some small way which forever brings so many a new sense of balance and harmony.

Tonight, to my friend whom I adore and to so many of her other friends, I would just share this...

Make a mark in this life for your friend. Do that which your friend couldn't do and do it in a way that it makes an impact which will change the world. Find a way to knock the world just a bit off it's axis so that for years to come people will remember your friend... and the love that was had among the friends of this one whom time called home. Be the difference. In doing so, the spirit of who this friend was will continue to live on, and the impact of the time spent here will be so substantial.

And, remember, that indeed, our time here is limited. Live YOUR life. Don't settle. Don't live according to someone else's dogma. Blaze your own trail and find your own way. You might be surprised what you find as you do.

To my friend who even right now is crying tears of loss and trying to cope with these feelings of confusion which are all a part of grief... I can say this to you. You've changed me for the better. You came along and reminded me of things, showed me even more things, believed in me and understood me in spite of me and in spite of my colossal failures at times when it comes to some things. You've made a difference in at least one life.... and that life was mine. I'm looking forward to being around to see how you continue to be the catalyst in this life that you are... and I know that you'll be successful because you've already been successful... at least to me.

Live life like there is no tomorrow. Embrace now like it may never come again. Love like you'll never know love after the next sunrise... and above all, as Steve Jobs said in that speech all those years ago...

"Don't settle..."

May God bring peace to those living through this loss... And may this being of supreme peace bring you the many blessings and joys you and your family have been searching for...

From the capital city of the free world.... goodnight...

and "stay hungry... stay foolish..."

With all the love I can give,


Friday, March 12, 2010

Idol: Michael Lynche on relationships...

812am... West Coast

Ita early in El-Lay... My driver is here at 9 to take me on my return flight home. I'm trying not to get up but I need to pack up and bounce...

There are sooooooo many pics online right now and ill post even more videos and stuff when I get a second... Prob on the plane!

I can't wait to get home... :-)

More later!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rules handed down for tonights Top 12 party...

... And in the party there are no cameras and no video...

Its because they want to make sure past idols and current guests can get they "freak" on without becoming compromised. Last year we did shots with Justin and Kim Caldwell and more. Its always an interesting event...

Working on content for hot995.com right now!!!

More later with less gush,


Its 6:28am...

This is where the West coast jacks you up... I'm going to try to sleep for a lil bit longer... We've got a busy day but it should be a productive one.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here we go!

Ridiculous the way this show is executed. Ryan with a million dollar smile and an amazing crew. While intros are running, they set up so much so fast...

Lee on now... He's the shizzy. My personal fave. I liked him since 2 wks ago...

I think word "pitch problems" is the easy thing to say for the judges. Kara just gave him mad props...

Simon and Kara playful... Show so well timed out... And in break ryan is cutting promos for the top 12 show next week... Will be rolling stones... Tuesday... Next week on fox...

Back in to show.... Seg two... Alex not Adam Lambert... Gettin his soul on. He's good but to me lacks something.... Idk what...

Kara has so much heart... She's amazing. She's taken the paula role...

Simon went waaay past cut time... I guess he can...

Tim... This is a heavy song... And he's nailing it....damn he's good and judges seem to agree..... And ellen is on.... Love her and her wife... So cute the love peck from portia before the show started...

Kara and Simon... Very impressive. Tim is gonna be a contender...

What do u think that Dunkleberger dude from season one is doing?

I'm really impressed by the great amnt of love bt ellen and portia... They love eachother deeply and its evident...

I'm sitting next to portia d - ellen's wife - She's amazing. The dude from Detroit (i think) is b/t her and i and it's like sitting in her living room watching the show with her. the pure love she has for ellen just radiates - and it's an amazing thing to see... like every commercial break, she goes to ellen for support, to be there, to aid her... it's amazing...

Andrew Garcia... This is the first time I've seen the crowd get up... He nailed this.... Portia and I discussing his performance... Simon called it desperate... I don't agree... He's on fire...

Impressed by level of artistry in this season...casey james is on fire too... Ellen agrees...

Aaron kelly -- oversinging imho, but pulling it back into the chorus... Randy agreed... Ellen did too.... Kara and simon... Well ok...

Todrick just nailed it. His pipes are his weapon... Ellen called him brave... I agree...

Michael lynche is on....FIRE!!! I'm so moved... So touched... I gotta go call 1866idols 08..

And wrap! First one over to see us is Kara. She's so moved... and so amazing. She's trying to have a baby so the last performance moved her so deeply... Shelly (Chicago) gave her a kleenex... lemmetellu Shelly is an under rated supernova of a star b/c she lives for this. We should steal her ;) Randy comes over now and he and I talk about the last performance... he's moved... vocally Lynche did some amazing things and I don't know if it came through on tv... but it was awesome... 

Alright... we're off to the hotel now for dinner w/ Ledger and Miram from Fox... I gotta cut away b/c i need to make a call to say goodnight 2 someone who's had about as much sleep as I have lately... unless she's already asleep in which case, I'm jealous... 

More later... 



Sitting at idol...

Were behind the soundstage right now and its interesting...

All pics are banned, twitter is banned, its amazing how the idol apparatus locks everything down to protect the security of the show. Were 1645 away from air and its like it usually is... Busy but hectic.

Idol has a hype man... He's this dude who I guess is just a hype man who loves to, well, hype. Not sure of he's on radio in la. I doubt it. I'd not hire him.... He prob makes like 75k a year. In LA, I bet that's like 35k. I feel like I'm at a bar mitzva. Mazel tov!

Anyway, he uses the same stchick every year, asks the same questions to hype the crowd and stuff and, I guess its cool. Idol works because its got certain "familiarities..." He seems to be safe, hype-driven and fun in a family friendly sorta way.

Its funny to watch the radio peeps sneaking tweets and whatnot. Were 10 mins away from being live...

The set is controlled but electric. So much stuff goes on the small stage... Its pretty surreal.

More to follow....

Venting at the blog editor for the stations...

I'm venting. I've had no sleep. It's pretty much a senseless rant... 

So is this...

More from the hotel...

Here's some more pics of the Hotel Palomar room I'm in while here... I like the eff outta this hotel. Good people. Good hotel. Belldudes who remember me. Word...

I just thought this was appropriate to share. It's the first place I make the Diva Limo dude take me when he picks me up. It used to be to In-N-Out burger, and then, it would be to the grocery store because there's booze there and to drink in the hotel is just highway robbery, but this time, it was to Starbucks.

I'd go pick up some booze, but, for some reason just don't really feel like it. LOL. I think you gotta shake it up every now and then to keep it fresh and we've got a lot to do over the next day or so. Plus, that party always runs late... and my flight out is early (9a west) on Friday. I know. You're saying "9 isn't early..." but it is for me LOL! When Kyla's with mom, my sense of getting up early and such is out the window, although lately for some reason I've been, um, getting up at like 7am.

This is the sink. It's in the bathroom... 

I told you I'm loopy. And, Mrs. Booger will call me out on this too because now she'll see these pics and know that I'm just playing with my new camera I brought out here for the red carpet thing tomorrow. I mean, I have too be, right? Who in their right mind would take this picture that doesn't work for a travel website or magazine? Oh, btw... here's another...

That right there is a toilet. Yup. And a damn clean one, too.

More later. And even more here right now. 

At the hotel...

Banging out an update for hot995.com and uploading some pics... More here soon. The hotel is awesome and I'm eating kashi and blueberries.


I feel like a panda at the national zoo.

And I need a power nap.

More later...


In flight... over Utah...

I love Virgin America...

Since I am out here for the stations, I just blogged over on the station sites.

LOL I have a new camera, it's a Canon T1i and it's pretty awesome, but, LOL I just accidentally hit the flash and took a pic and in the expanse of serenity which is the Virgin America cabin, I think I freaked the guy in the row in front of me out. One-Nay-Nay packed some tasty healthy sorts of in flight snacks which essentially became breakfast in flight. Yum. It's gone. Except for some of the raisins... just 'cuz I wasn't feelin' them this morning.

Anyway, it's off to check some emails, clean out some space in the in-box, take care of some bills and more... all from the comfort of the exit row on my Virgin America flight which I have to myself... while we zip along at 35k feet!

More later...

6:52am east... VX terminal...

So the flight isn't full. That's a good thing because VX main cabin seats kick some ass and when its not full you get crazy room. Secret: fly in exit row if flying solo. More room, easy access.

I always have to fight the urge to upgrade to first on these flights, but, in my new efforts to be less "bougie" I didn't really think about it this time...

... For too long.

Mas tarde,


Wednesday AM... Off to IAD....

I don't know how Kane does it. This 4am wake up stuff is tough... But I sorta slept and am on the way to catch my flight to LA for Idol's top 12 red carpet event...

Its early. Need coffee.

I'm riding shotgun in my car going over a million things as Renee drives to drop me off... Nay - idk how u do it but thank u... And for volunteering to make the drive... I owe u... Probably red lol...

So ill email here along the way. VX has wifi so ill try to keep busy on way out....

Here's to a safe flight...

Talk to u from the air,


Ps: its effing early.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Kelly Clarkson...

When u gotta go....

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

The real threat to our national security...

... are the people and companies opposed to health care reform.

Bottom line, this has gone beyond a process of politics to a real threat to the "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" that each of us are entitled to as Americans. People are dying every day because they can't get the care they need.


It's too expensive.

Some corporate suit wants to make a bonus so a real claim of need is denied.

Some executives at health care companies want to be paid their multi-million dollar bonuses while at come conference in Aruba or whatever.

This is the tip of the iceberg. We've got people who are unemployed, underemployed and who have to choose between food or a doctors visit. Between clothes or a prescription they need.

What do we tell 'em? Well, the opponents of reform would just assume they ask nothing, and be told nothing. Maybe it will get better, so just go about your business, you don't need a doctor.

Yeah. The people who are elected to serve who take millions for elections from these insurance companies and lobbyists and who also have the best healthcare on the planet.

Trust me, I know. My dad worked for the Federal Government. That insurance is amazing.

And knowing this, it makes my blood boil that these people who "represent the people" are telling those same people with these robo calls and scare tactics that they don't deserve to have what they do.

It's a crime.

It's evil.

Opposition to the health care reforms and the people leading the fight against it are no better than the people who flew the planes into the twin towers and Pentagon.

The difference between 9/11 and now is that we see the attack coming, and the attackers are supposed to stand up for us. It's sinister, because the attacks and fear tactics are being financed by big business which have just thrown so much money at those opposed to reform that they're drunk from receiving it. To me, it's like organized crime. Big money paying off people to turn the other way so that innocent people can die.

Every time care is denied, very time a claim is denied, every time a person dies, in my mind, pre-medidated murder has been committed.

If those opposed to the reforms can live with this blood on their hands, then, well, we know what kind of people they are. And we know that they don't represent us... at all.

Today, President Obama stood up and said "it's time to get this done..." He called for an up and down vote. Watch this very carefully. We're about to see who exactly stands for the people and who stands for the domestic terrorists who believe profits are more important than you getting the care and treatment you need.

I know. I called 'em domestic terrorists. Well what else would you call 'em?

Terrorists use fear. The GOP is using fear.

Terrorists are well funded as was the case with Osama's people. The opponents of health care are funded with millions in campaign contributions from those pulling their strings.

Terrorists use propaganda to confuse and strike fear. Opponents of health care reform have slung so much propaganda that the noise is almost deafening.

Do the math. The data shows similarities. And while I admit I'm using incendiary rhetoric to prove a point, the truth is that as it is now, it's broken. It needs to be fixed. Americans do not deserve to die this way.

It's not socialism. It's not some mandate. It is, conversely, very American. In fact, it's an idea rooted in the very soil which a group of religious dissidents claimed as their own when this land was founded. The idea that all people are created equal who are endowed by their creator with inalienable human rights. Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.

Health care is a human right. Those opposed to it are opposed to our very way of life, and to quote the American President who took the fight to the terrorists, well, "we need to smoke 'em out of their holes...' and remind them "if you're not with us you're with the terrorists..."

Finally, let me tell you again why I believe the way I do. Tomorrow, because of my gig, I have great music and I'll be going to get my annual physical. I have great insurance and I can afford my premiums which have risen like everyone elses in the past years. I'm pretty sure all will be ok for me for the most part, but I worry about what might happen if, God forbid, something happened to me and Kyla, who has my healthcare as her mom is currently self employed, were to lose hers. She's soon to be six years old, and things just happen when you're a kid. Because she's got the same healthcare I've got, she's pretty much covered. If something happens to me - boom - that's all gone. So Kyla will have no healthcare, her mom has no healthcare and that's just not okay to me.

Ky's going to have a new niece, born to her mom's sister. Her mom lives in Mass, where they have public healthcare. Kyla's uncle, by brother, lives in Mass. Thanks to this public option for healthcare, Ky's aunt who is meeting many challenges which are so common to so many right now, will have the help she needs when it comes to the pregnancy. Kyla's cousin, Che, lives in Mass with my brothers family. He's got the health care he needs and it's great thanks to the public option. It works up there. Mitt Romney made this happen for Mass, and he's a Republican. Scott Brown, the Republican "savior" supports it.

It just makes sense. Hawaii even has it and, well, Rush called the health care system there the best in the world when he had his heart issues.

Passing this and getting it done makes sense. The people want it. Republicans have supported it. It's time to liberate our own people - freeing them from this evil from within - by passing health care reform now.

Thanks for indulging me. Goodnight.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

An ode to Jude... er... Jerry...

Hey Jerry...

Don't be sad. Spin some half truths... and make them seem better...

... remember that you once loved it in your heart... and when will you start to make it better?

The times have changed but the talent has not. We continue to evolve. We're smarter, wiser, more adept and more savvy than ever before. We're not students of a past which didn't see a way forward, rather, we embrace the way forward and we do so knowing that we're 'charting the course to the second star on the left and pressing straight on toward morning.'

But you need to live in the past...

Hey Jerry... don't be afraid... you were made to go and get her...

... but the her that you tell us you seek most... is a her that never mattered!

We're too smart to long for the past. We're driven by the future. Ideas like Apple, Google and Southwest excite us because they show us what we can do if we remember what made us successful! Ideas of simplicity based on entertainment. Content grounded in excitement. Things planted in the soil of growth and not in the pessimistic pervasiveness in what used to be.

You can't feel the pain, Jude. We're still here living in a colder, different world. But rather than making it colder, we're warming it up. We're living in it. We're defining it.

You're an armchair player quarterbacking it.

Get in the game.

Hey Jerry... don't be sad. We already know what we have to do... to go and win it. Be careful this stuff that you spew... that it doesn't start to define you as a failure.



Monday, March 01, 2010

The FUN theory...

How amazing is it that FUN can change behavior for the better?

Click here to check this out. Between comparing Canon Cameras and Nikon cameras tonight, I've been fascinated by this site, sponsored by VW.

BTW, I don't drive a VW.

Pretty cool when you check it out and think about it, right?

I think my role is...

... At times to provide inspiration that makes good become great, great become amazing and amazing become revolutionary. We live in a crucible you and I, but all catalysts require a spark that ignites the fire of passion... And more and more I sense this as a reason for being...

... And its amazing. Because it always delivers a result.

Good. Bad. Inbetween. It always moves us forward.

Goodnight from the crackberry...

For some reason, this makes so much sense now...

Dr. Dre- Forgot about Dre

YETTO | MySpace Video