Monday, February 08, 2010

Hot/Kiss stuff for today (vids and more)

What is it about these Bachelor chicks gettin' nekkid???

I guess I get wanting to make some cash and be famous, but really? First that chick with the bolt ons and now this? I think ABC has been choosing some drama-beotches with coke issues, boob job issues, family drama and more lately to spice the show up a bit.

I also think they have Bachelor guidelines:

1) Do you look like you could be an international model, with something exotic about your look? If no, leave. If yes, go to next question.

2) Were you ever married before, divorced, are you a baby mama, or are you seperated pending divorce? If yes, go to next question. If no, leave.

3) Are your boobs fake? If yes, go to next question, if no, leave.

4) Do you have some psychotic friends, crazy family members, psycho boys you were banging before the show or ex in-laws who might want to add to the hype of our show and your presence on the show? If yes, go to the next question, if no, leave.

5) Do you mind if we exploit you and your past, and your very soul to make this show a success? If no, leave, if yes, please take your clothes off for the topless model shoot and calendar convention which is the next round of competition for the show.

Here's more.

This is the Google video that made everyone go Awwwwwwww last night during the Grande Game in Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale Florida...

Here's what it would have looked like had it been Tiger who was the inspiration...

What type are you? This is a pretty awesome online psychologist... here!

Megan Fox has TOE THUMBS... and used a model in this spot!

Check out more from Amy Grindhouse... here!

My favorite spot from the big grande game in Hollywood Florida, the place where Anna Nicole died, was this...

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