Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the .bt interview...

BT's new CD is in stores RIGHT NOW and at iTunes... He stopped by to play his first single for us, and to talk a bit about what makes BT... BT!

Check back here if you want to win an autographed copy of his new CD for the question you have to answer to be qualified to do so!

Wow that felt akward to type.

Read a great interview here, too!


  1. Amazing interview, amazing person, amazing album. This was an excellent interview, much more about BT as BT, and not about BT's music. Which is good also, but, seriously, excellent to hear. :] Congrats to BT on his new album release!

  2. love this interview... bt put a lot into his new album and it is quite an experience.

    now i'm off to record my backed up toilet (lol)!