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Chuck Liddell & Girlfriend Heidi Northcott Naked Workout (NSFW VIDEO):  UFC star Chuck Liddell and his girlfriend ...

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VIDEO:  Power goes out on Chavez during Bush bashing rant...

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REPORT:  Simon Cowell Engaged...

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BBC plans widespread cuts in digital radio, internet and magazines services, say sources -Financial Times

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Rites of passage...

Life is an amazing thing. As is time. They're both these things which are immune from the bonds of mortality which we're each susceptible too as people. You know, the things we try to get science to erase via nose jobs, botox and facelifts. No, life just has this way of being timeless. Time just has this way of being beyond timeless.

Some might call it living.

Anyway, this evening, in a city which commands the attention of free people everywhere, life, and timelessness, are on my mind. And they are so because of a city thousands of miles away.

Tonight, in Corpus Christi, Texas, my parents have arrived at their new home.

It's my family homestead.

As you know, if you read my ramblings, my father recently retired from his post with the Army Corps of Engineers. While I don't pretend to be a scientist, as he is, I do know he quietly and adeptly climbed the ranks of his position into this post of some quiet influence. See, unlike me, my dad is a quiet man. His work speaks for him, and his accomplishments are memorialized in medals and certificates I've only seen glimpses of since, well, allocates and honors aren't really my dad's thing. Nonetheless, I know this much:

My dad is one hell of a scientist.

Anyway, after giving of himself for the last however long, since 1992, I guess, He's decided it's time to watch the sun set on a life well lived in the world of work while the sun rises on the next chapter of what it is he's to do. Whatever that is, it's in Corpus. The city of my family. And the first order of business is that my father - as is his way - will make sure my Grandmother, Meme, rides off into the sunset in the most comfortable way imaginable.

My dad's back at his boyhood home to make sure his mom goes home... in peace.

If you know me, you know the great degree of reverence I have for my grandparents. My grandfather passed the year Lancaster newspapers named me a "bachelor of the year" and I spent my "article" paying tribute to him, his life's work and his generation's accomplishments.

That was 1999.

Over a decade later now, my grandmother is entering the sunset of her life. And with that sunset comes the passing of an amazing generation.

We think we've got it hard. We have no idea.

Anyway, as a son should, my dad - along with my mom who has stood by him for - wow 36 years now - has returned to our homestead as a family to make sure that what we are is a family lives on. And with his return, the idea of "home" has been retooled for a new generation.

Tonight, I'm thankful that Kyla will know what it's like one day soon to hunt easter eggs around the same pool I once hunted for treasures near on those mornings when the easter bunny left these eggs.

I'm thankful she'll get to know - as I do - the joy of coming down the stairs on Christmas morning to find a beautiful tree in the formal living room surrounded by presents left by Santa, who found his way down the chimney with these perfect logs which, for some reason, never seemed to move. She'll get to run down the hallways upstairs, get into trouble for reading the great history of our family as told in the keepsakes in the cedar chest in the upstairs hall closet, she'll joyride in the golf cart while learning how to drive and she'll probably sneak downstairs to grab some amazing cookies from the cookie jar which Meme made just hours earlier.

She'll commit the sins I committed in that same house while growing up... and she'll learn just how amazing our family really is.

I'm thankful that the place I've always known I could go home too - no matter what - will be waiting for her should she ever need to find the need to, well, go to a place where you're always family, and where there's always a bed, a meal, and a place to find rest at no matter what plight you might find yourself in as we travel through this life. As it has been for my brothers and me. As it has been for my parents and my Aunt and cousins. As it will be as long as life allows our family line to live on.

The ideas of 'home' and 'family' seemingly have become this disposable concept. But in reality, no matter the dysfunction, they're just as strong as they've ever been.

Tonight, I'm thankful my family - this generation at least - has been able to stake its claim and has been able to bridge the past to the present. It is the responsibility of future generations to ensure that what is now continues into what will be...

... but I'm pretty certain that will happen.

After all, we're family. That's all we've got at the end of all things, right?

Even at the end of a day. Like today. Like right now.

Here's to your family as we slip into slumber this evening.

And in closing, please, I beg of you - remember - there's nothing so wrong that can't be cured by what is right... when it comes to the unconditional love you find in a family. In any family.

God bless you...


Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Teen jailed for 15 years after using FACEBOOK to blackmail students into sex...

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Health Care... it's what we outta be talking about...

Keep an eye on what is happening in DC... finally, a bi-partisan talk is happening...

Watch CBS News Videos Online

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Video stuff from today!

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PETA slams Jessica Simpson's plans for pet pig: #jessicasimpson #peta

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Story/video: Quick-thinking convenience store clerk foils Tampa robbery attempt

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OMG... stuff from hot/kiss and the rawwwwwwkstations...

OMG! She must be on the Alli...

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Is your family dealing with an aging parent?  We are looking for your stories!  Head to to let us know

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm choosing my words carefully...

Like many of you, I watched as CNN detailed the story of this man from my dad's hometown who flew his private plane into a building. I've seen the punditry explain it. I've read the manifesto. I've read transcripts of some ultra-radical talk show hosts which try to pin this incident on President Obama and the government. On taxes, health care and more.

The bottom line is that this man felt so exploited by the government that he felt there was no other recourse for him other than to make one last statement in life... a statement which ended in the destruction of a building and before the television cameras of the world's media which, of course, loves to televise a good disaster.

The disaster here is not that this man was obviously deeply troubled.

The disaster here is that a middle class man felt abandoned by his government, and then, felt that the government wanted to take what little dignity he had left because, well, he had it and he owed it.

Imagine what might have been going through his head...

He watched as our elected go round and round on healthcare, all the while the insurance companies raise rates even higher than ever before. He watched as people went broke as insurance companies paid out bonuses funded with the money which they essentially stole by denying genuine claims. He watched while insurance companies let patients die and our elected leaders did nothing.

Let me say that again. He watched people die at the hands of an industry which has paid our elected officials to do absolutely nothing.

Google the word 'co-conspirator.'

Imagine what he thought about Wall Street and the bailout. Executives at companies which brought our economy to it's knees were given billions and billions of dollars of our tax dollars to "shore them up" while their executives were handed millions in bonuses... while he had the IRS taking his last $10 grand.

Oh, and the companies? Big business? Corporate America? Yeah, well, they're barely paying any taxes anyway and using loopholes to lessen the burden.

After talking to DM at work about it, I read this man's manifesto. And while I do not agree with his decisions and his actions, I don't completely disagree with some of his reasoning.

His frustration and our government's inability to get anything done is shared by so many in America's middle class. It's not about conservative or liberal. It's about real needs. People need healthcare. The middle class does NOT need to shoulder the load of our nation's tax burdens. Government needs to get some work done and it needs to stop the endless cycle of rhetorical bullshit which passes as our national discourse.

Washington DC - and in particular - the inability of our politcal parties to get anything done - is the reason, to me, this man cracked and did what he did today. It's because of republicans and democrats who care more about the special interests than they do about people who are just trying to live the American dream.

I don't agree with his actions. But I understand his frustration.

This incident should be a wake up call to anyone -- regardless of party -- who is an elected representative of the people. It's not about Obama. It's not about taxes.

It's about one man from the middle class, struggling to live the American dream, who was tired of shouting for attention from his elected leaders...

... and hearing nothing in return.

We need to fix the problems in DC. It starts with making sure the elected officials actually give a damn about something other than themselves.

I'm going to watch some more CNN now. I hope we can fix this before even worse incidents happen.

We're a better country than this.

videos from the broaddddddddcasts today...

This is how to distract a free throw, ya'll...

Jay Leno is LAME.... and so are the efforts to tell us he screwed Conan...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HOT and KISS... aww yeah...

Gary Coleman... how can you not have fun with him? Here are 10 of his best video moments...

Click here to see more LOL...

Trashy chick. 800 dudes? By 15? Really? Hooker...

This dude is my hero...

The buried life... being on MTV again... and more randomness...

"What do you want to do before you die," he asked me in our makeshift studio. The Buried Life guys came to shoot their DC episode while the HOT new studio was being renovated and modernized.

I've gotta tell you - that question that day started me thinking... about so many things... and you'll get to see and learn more when you watch the show next week on MTV (the network formerly known as music television)...

I'm dozing like a mofo but I wanted to say one thing before I pass out into the matrix for a nightly recharge...

I'm thankful I've had some amazing things that I've been blessed to have been a part of. Back in the FLZ day, I was on this show called FM Nation... which was cool. Now, here we go again. I'm just so thankful. Thankful I've had some unique opportunities. Thankful that I've got a lifestyle job which never gets old, never stops being fun and mostly I'm thankful I've got a gig that allows me to give my little one the chance to have some unique experiences...

I'm really more or less thinking about Kyla... and what she'll say when she sees Daddy on TV again. I'm wondering what she'll tell - if anything - to her friends. And on some other level, I'm wondering if she'll tell her little girl one day that she was and is proud of her daddy. I'm hoping that she knows that if this whole radio-content-online-televison-thing ever fades away, that I'll still be her daddy and I'll still be the best I can be so she can be proud of me and that I'll always do my best to provide her with the stuff - the love - which can make her dreams come true.

I'm pretty sure she's proud of me. At least... well, you know...

I hope so. God knows I'm trying.

So I'm back on MTV again. This show is amazing. What do you want to do before God says it's time to leave this sphere we call Earth...

Goodnight, friends.


Videos from Valentine's Day w/ Kyla @ Disney...

Here's a glimpse of what it was like at Disney with Kyla... and you can see more at if you want :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

I be chillin but dis be my shizz...

I be ready for this movie. That's whats up. Yo.

Toy Story 3 Trailer 2 in HD

Trailer Park Movies

MySpace Video

The Day o' the POTUS...

In honor of the day of the POTUS, here are my TWO favorite POTUS moments...

2) But close to #1... Harrison Ford in AIR FORCE ONE...

1) Michael Douglas as Andrew Shepard... the SPEECH...






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Someone made some money....

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Tiger Woods Threesome Sex Tape

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

After all the snow...

... 56 degrees in Lake Buena Vista outside of Orlando feels pretty amazing right now. Like a heat wave.

I'm spending Valentine's Day with my sweetheart here in the Kingdom with Kyla... we've got breakfast with Minnie in the AM, a date at the Castle, as well. AND I'll be back in DC tomorrow night. Not enough time, I know. Cue up an INXS song...

More to follow. Video too. If she'll let me. Otherwise, it will just be sort of some Daddy Daughter time here at the place where dreams come true for a nominal charge with Steve Jobs on the board...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oritse from JLS and I have a chat...

Oritse is from the band JLS, and they're about to take the States by storm... we had a spectacular chat today about BBC dj's, some he'd like to see naked and make out with... and oh yeah, of course we talked about the music...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A dither of content from HOT/KISS/98 and Planet...

Today's blog is inspired by things which relate to the word MANLY today...

Like this manly dude for Old Spice from the Super Game...

That's manly, I tell ya... Manly...

This is NOT manly... these Hispanic dudes were busted with like 20,000 credit card numbers... Here.
THis is not manly, either. You can NOT use your VISA card to buy crack. Period. Here!

Jack might be jacked on the big screen...

The NY season is kinda blowing chunks, but the talk of putting Jack on the big screen is starting to heat up... Here's more.

Ever have problems with your signifigant other because you watch porn in the morning? Well, if so, click here and tell her you're like John Mayer and to calm down!

Meth does not make you manly.. Here.

Some people are about done with the snow....


Who is this Drunk skeezy chick doin' the drunk dialing!??! Lindsey Weber, that's who!

Here's another one of Lindsey at her best...

Here's another great drunk trick... LOL

All of the above chicks... are quite manly... lol.

This manly dude said money made him miserable... so he gave it all away... here!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hot/Kiss stuff for today (vids and more)

What is it about these Bachelor chicks gettin' nekkid???

I guess I get wanting to make some cash and be famous, but really? First that chick with the bolt ons and now this? I think ABC has been choosing some drama-beotches with coke issues, boob job issues, family drama and more lately to spice the show up a bit.

I also think they have Bachelor guidelines:

1) Do you look like you could be an international model, with something exotic about your look? If no, leave. If yes, go to next question.

2) Were you ever married before, divorced, are you a baby mama, or are you seperated pending divorce? If yes, go to next question. If no, leave.

3) Are your boobs fake? If yes, go to next question, if no, leave.

4) Do you have some psychotic friends, crazy family members, psycho boys you were banging before the show or ex in-laws who might want to add to the hype of our show and your presence on the show? If yes, go to the next question, if no, leave.

5) Do you mind if we exploit you and your past, and your very soul to make this show a success? If no, leave, if yes, please take your clothes off for the topless model shoot and calendar convention which is the next round of competition for the show.

Here's more.

This is the Google video that made everyone go Awwwwwwww last night during the Grande Game in Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale Florida...

Here's what it would have looked like had it been Tiger who was the inspiration...

What type are you? This is a pretty awesome online psychologist... here!

Megan Fox has TOE THUMBS... and used a model in this spot!

Check out more from Amy Grindhouse... here!

My favorite spot from the big grande game in Hollywood Florida, the place where Anna Nicole died, was this...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Damn!!! Another one?!!!!

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Miami Dolphins Tackle Tony McDaniel Arrested for Domestic Violence: Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Tony McDaniel ...

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From: @CelebNation
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Kendra Wilkinson Promises Hank Baskett Sex For Superbowl Win

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Tweet from: @CelebNation

From: @CelebNation
Sent: Feb 7, 2010 8:43p

RT @bayou: Megan Fox's freaky thumbs were missing from Super Bowl Motorola ad:  #sb44

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Dave Oprah and Jay...

From: @FisherOnTheAir
Sent: Feb 7, 2010 8:36p

RT @OpieRadio: Just received this behind the scene shot of the Dave Letterman, Jay Leno and Oprah commercial!

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Not again....

From: @wusa9
Sent: Feb 7, 2010 5:02p

BREAKING: Winter Storm Watch Issued For DC Metro Area

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Friday, February 05, 2010

Football Jesus... the Props... and the BOWL!

It all comes down to this weekend...

So, in the midst of snow coverage which you can see first hand at I caught up with the FBJ to talk about this weekend's HUGE GAME in SOUTH FLORIDA!

Click here... for the Super PROPS Podcast...

... and Click here for the SUPER SUNDAY podcast... with game discussion, highights and more.

Remember, if you bet your morgage, the car note and your kids college fund and lose your ass, It's not on us! LOL!

Snowgasm DC LIVE @ hot 995 studios...

Free TV Show from Ustream

Snowgasm DC: The Liquor Store is PACKED...

Here's video coverage of the SNOWGASM in DC... or SNOPOCALYPSE... or NOTORIOUS SNOW... or whatever we're calling it...

This is from the Liquor Store... the busiest place on the Pike...

Joe Daddio works JLS...

Watch a promotions pro at work... getting airplay for his artists!

Here is JLS btw....

Kyla's got a decision to make...

... about something we got from Miley Cyrus and Hollywood Records!

(thx tony and david)

Houston's latest weather report...

Get even more now...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

me. tv. on demand...

Check out this ustream Show: tkradio

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I made some resolutions before the new year.

Some I've shared with you. Some I've kept to myself.

Let me tell you about resolution #3 tonight...

I made it a resolution to write some real, physical notes...

So far, I've written President Obama. I've said thanks to some in his administration. I've blown my daughter away with cards, post cards and presents. I've sent some colleagues some notes and more.

Yeah. I've written. Sat down. With a pen. And written...

There is something pretty special about something that is actually written. You know, by hand. On a card. On a note. On a piece of paper. There is something pretty spectacular about knowing that you hold in your hand a piece of paper, or a card, or whatever, that a certain person physically sat down to write on, to share a bit of their life and heart with you. That they spend a second or a minute or an hour of their life to put some thoughts on paper, then, to put in an envelope, with a stamp, and have delivered to you via the United States Postal Service.

Yeah, it's fast becoming a lost art. In the age of the click click send or the instant text or blackberry or iPhone or whatever, sitting down, taking time to gather ones thoughts and to formulate some words and put them on paper faces the same fate traditional film in a camera did.

As Taylor Swift once said via Twitter about Polaroid Cameras... "I miss them... I want them back..."

So, like an ancient shaman commanding a technology on the brink of extinction, I've taken some time lately to send some real notes. To Kyla. To friends. To colleagues and family. To friends who are overseas and to friends who are in the next state.

Hell, last night I ripped a magazine article out of a trade magazine and sent it to a colleague. He'll be shocked I even thought of him.

But I think that's the real thing behind this dying art of writing a note.

That we think about what the person to whom we're writing is doing, about what we're sharing, and we put a bit of ourselves into what we're saying... and sending.

We hide too much behind technology.

When I got to DC, I remember this time when one of my co-workers was preparing a big box - a care package - which she was sending to this boy she loved at the time who was stationed in Iraq serving in Operation whatever-the-eff- the operation was and is that has had us there. I think it's Enduring Freedom. Nonetheless, she prepared this huge box - a care package, stuffed with goodness from home, and assembled with love.

All these years later, they're into the second year of their marriage.

Is it because of these care packages? I'm sure they played a bigger role than hitting reply to a text or an email ever could.

The most amazing thing about this resolution has been that when you stop and look back at the notes and cards YOU have received, you see the story of your life.

For instance, some of the cards and notes I've kept tell the story of me saying goodbye to Tampa when I went off on my South Carolina adventure at 104.7 WNOK. Others I've kept tell me the story of a time when I was in a relationship that was pretty special to me that I thought might be the "always and forever after..." we all dream of. Still others predict the turmoil of what might be to come as other relationships drew to a close.

All in all, these notes reflect moments in time which someone took to share with me. They're each very individual and unique, very precious, and are all very special for what they tell me even still.

Someone once said to me that you "can't put a price on what happens when someone takes a moment of their time to share with you what it is that's on their heart..."

Resolution three is me trying to once again recapture that which I've let slip away from me.

You want me to share a moment with you? Well, you're reading this, so drop me an email with your address, or DM me yours via Twitter and don't think I won't write you a quick note so that we can share a moment in time. It's pretty magical what it can do for you when you write it.

What's even more special is what it might unleash in you while you write.

Try it. You'll be surprised.

From DC, home of Ben's Chili Bowl, Donnie Simpson, the Kane Show and the last best hope of man on Earth...


Insanity from HOT/KISS today...

Hey ya'll... first, thanks for hitting the page so much this week. Wow. I got some flash traffic that visits from so many places are up so much, and I'm sure it's thanks to BT... LOL. I hope you enjoy what you see here and what you read here... and thanks for coming by!

Are you LOST when it comes to LOST??? If so you're not alone...

Did a spot today on WHITEHOUSEBRIEF on iHeartRadio. I gotta tell you I love doing this because I like getting political about things... that being said, fiscal conservatives who like SHEEP will LOVE this...

WHAT is THIS??!?!

The iPad... in less than 180 seconds... it's everything you'd ever want to know about it...

And this is a new Vacation movie? Maybe?

Lol!!!!! from: @metromixdc

From: @metromixdc
Sent: Feb 3, 2010 11:22a

Hanky Panky - now this is my kind of event, custom thongs included!

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Tweet from: @wusa9

From: @wusa9
Sent: Feb 3, 2010 8:51a

Sexting Not Just For Teenagers; Over 50 Crowd Into It Too

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Did you see this memo from the GOP poll/spin czar to the GOP?

This is scary. But it's the reality of the discourse in Washington, DC. And, while this points out in stark detail what the GOP spin against reforming the banks and the financial markets which caused the Bush recession and economic meltdown will be.

And, not surprising, it's loaded with fear, half truths and more. In fact, it's loaded with things which are designed to make you THINK you hear.

Language of Financial Reform -

If you can't read this, click here. 

Scary. And yeah, the Dems have their own spin doctors, too.

Bottom line, spin is bullsh*t. We the people have problems. Let's get past manipulating the people and solve some serious things before it gets worse.

the stuff from HOT/KISS that just won't post because the archetecture is STILL a joke...

What kind of coach HITS one of their own athletes????

Here's the baby freaaaaaaaakin' out as he goes through the tunnel...

Is YOUR kid street smart???

There's Lance Bass and Joey Fatone... they're havin' FUN!

Livin' la vida loca post NSYNC LOL... Here's more!

the .bt interview...

BT's new CD is in stores RIGHT NOW and at iTunes... He stopped by to play his first single for us, and to talk a bit about what makes BT... BT!

Check back here if you want to win an autographed copy of his new CD for the question you have to answer to be qualified to do so!

Wow that felt akward to type.

Read a great interview here, too!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Ah... the viral stuff and more that I won't fight with the station sites over...

Hey ya'll... thanks for coming.  I saw that there were some signifigant hits this morning, so thanks for coming to check out the page, and feel free to come back often!

Here's what I'm diggin' today...

FOR THE RECORD... Gaga's mosdef a woman...

It's tough to be a reporter... but this really makes the job difficult LOL...

Dude... this is from China, or Japan, or somewhere over there in Asia... but this dog... he smiles when his owner shows up. Like for real. Smiles...

Um, if you have sex like a turtle, you might not want to film it. Or you'll end up this way...

Um... you might want to ask the Nursing Home about the activities they provide for Granma and Gramps before you sign on the dotted line to commit 'em... or they could end up like this!

This just in... big boobs = advertising success on television. Duh. Read this!

I'll post this on the rock brands tomorrow... how to date a college cheerleader!

Tweet from: @CelebNation

From: @CelebNation
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JWoww Speak Out On Fake Boobs & Nude Playboy Spread:  "Jersey Shore" star Jenni "JWoww" Farley, who has some very ...

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Tweet from: @CelebNation

From: @CelebNation
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Zac Efron The New Spiderman

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